Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 6/3/15: Too SAWFT For The BAMF

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 6/3/15)


– Rightfully so, the opening video highlighted NXT Champion Kevin Owens’ stellar match with United States Champion John Cena at Elimination Chamber. Disappointingly so, besides the mention of Owens’ NXT Championship open challenge on Smackdown, he was nowhere found on the show he currently represents. Hell, even a backstage promo would suffice.

– The Tyler Breeze-Adam Rose match was different from the usual, as the pairing suggests maybe Creative os considering working Rose as a straight-up face, as Rosebuds were nowhere near to be found. The two worked pretty well together, with the back-and-forth action pretty believable, especially as it winded towards the finish. Rose got in a good flurry of maneuvers, with the Mick Foley-styled elbow drop onto the floor standing out. This was a good showing for Breeze and it was expected he’d go over. Something about this match screamed “filler” though.

– Solomon Crowe’s backstage segment was good, short stuff that followed up on last week, defending his decision to speak his mind and confront Owens in the ring, not regretting a thing that happened. His character should look to get another shot at him and thankfully, that’s how he ended the promo.

– What the hell was WWE thinking sending Eva Marie out to cut a promo to put over the NXT Divas? Most of that crowd already knows of Marie’s shortcomings in the ring and this came across rather flat. The negative chants were so loud that Marie had no choice but to play off of them. Is Marie going to grace NXT television with her presence? Lord help us all.

– The idea of a WWE Network live event special on July 4 in Japan is already crazy awesome. Having the NXT Championship defended between Finn Balor and Owens made it come off as an even bigger event, given Balor’s history in the country. General Manager William Regal basically announced it in a press conference and hyped it up big. Only little problem with this is that it makes Owens’ open challenge on Smackdown seem unimportant since the big match with Balor is on the horizon.

– The Carmella-Alexa Bliss match was the next chapter of the headlining tag feud with the ladies taking on each other. The majority of the match had Bliss in control via rest holds and once Carmella started to come back, Bliss pinned her using the ropes for leverage. Fair enough, but eh.

– Rhyno’s backstage segment had him mention he was there to get to the top of the best place in the industry and put over Finn Balor but said his mind games wouldn’t faze him or his gore. Good promo.

– Sami Zayn’s injury surgery vignette mentioned his determination to get back to the ring and was very well put-together. You really have to feel for the guy, as his time on the main roster was finally coming, but if anything, this should get fans even more behind him.

– The Vaudevillains-Jason Jordan/Marcus Louis match set two things straight: this was made to establish the returning Vaudevillains as more of faces than usual and reveal Jordan’s new partner that was obviously a bad pairing from the get-go. An okay match that progressed things on both ends. As for Louis, what was that deranged face he had the whole match? Was that by design?

– The NXT Divas Champion Sasha Banks hype video described her in a nutshell. Very good.

– Finn Balor’s promo had him out over his success in Japan and Owens. He also established his match with Rhyno as a step on the road as he looks to unleash the demon July 4. Good stuff.

– The Balor-Rhyno match was a pretty good main event – while not fantastic or over-the-top, told a decent story of Balor fighting through everything Rhyno dished out through his strength. The finish also somewhat protected Rhyno in that he wasn’t hit by the finisher and was rather caught by surprise. Rhyno’s gore across the stage was a solid finish. Rhyno showed heel tendencies here and this sort of just confirmed it all.





Quick Results

– Tyler Breeze def. Adam Rose via pinfall

– Alexa Bliss (w/Wesley Blake, Buddy Murphy) def. Carmella (w/Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady) via pinfall

– The Vaudevillains def. Jason Jordan/Marcus Louis via pinfall

– Finn Balor def. Rhyno via pinfall 

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