Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 6/3/15: There’s Always An Option C

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 6/3/15)

There’s Always An Option C

– There was certainly a lot of Ethan Carter III on this episode, as he was all over the opening video and segment. The over-the-top celebrations fit his gimmick, though we’re not quite sure where the barbershop quintet factor into things, but it was sort of epic hilarity to hear his theme song sung in that fashion. Continuity was also followed here since we saw EC3 finally reach his goal of being number one in the Top 5 rankings system, meaning a World Title shot was imminent. Love that TNA is basically throwing out all they can to logically postpone that from happening, as World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle came out to do, reminding us all that X-Divison Champion Rockstar Spud had “option C” of giving up his title for a chance at the World Title come Destination X, which would obviously postpone EC3’s shot. This had a great hook that EC3 would tempt Spud with an offer later on in the show, while Angle took out one of the quintet members.

– The Bobby Lashley-Eric Young match was all about Lashley seeking retribution with the deranged EY for his attack that sidelined him back on April 10. The match itself wasn’t anything pretty, but Lashley winning made sense. Chris Melendez standing on the ramp reminded us of his issues with EY and he looked good as he rushed the ring to try to get him. If that was the purpose though, maybe EY would’ve fared better by beating Lashley in cheap fashion. EY sort of lost something here, losing to Lashley rather decisively and then knowing he’ll probably get his ass kicked by Melendez at a later date.

– Spud’s backstage promo had him put over the decision of giving up 14 years of fighting for one belt to go for a higher one and he expressed his uncertainty well. He’s been a great promo when it comes to these things.

– The Dollhouse had Taryn Terrell express her excitement over taking out Kim and would give Awesome Kong her Title shot by putting the “X” in Destination X and hyped the match with Jade later on.

– Melendez’s backstage promo was very strong in establishing his hatred for EY and wanted a fight.

– The Spud-Austin Aries backstage segment was clever, considering Aries’ history and put over the option of putting the X Division belt over. Of course in hindsight, we know that Aries did this to try to talk Spud out of the match so he could cash in.

– The Jade-Brooke match didn’t have any fancy moves, but put over the cohesiveness of Bell/Jade as a duo, with Bell getting physically involved at points. Brooke looked strong by basically out-maneuvering them with wit, making Jade accidentally attack Bell, knock her off the apron, allowing her to take advantage with a pinfall victory.

– The EC3-Jeremy Borash backstage segment had him begin to put down Spud as someone limited to the X-Division, before leaving to take a phone call. Liked the awkward tension between Borash and EC3.

– The Bell/Jade backstage attack on Rebel was well-crafted and their ambush looked brutal, giving them their heat back. However, didn’t Brooke walk away mere seconds before Jade/Bell attacked her friend? Wouldn’t she have heard something?

– The Beat Down Clan-Rising six-man tag was a good, albeit short match in retrospect. They told a good story in the ring of BDC dominating Eli Drake in the ring for a long while until he was finally able to make the hot tag to Drew Galloway and then things winded down from there. The Doomsday Device finisher was all well and good for a Rising win, but what exactly was on the line here? Was this a payoff? Standing up for pro wrestling is just a lame reason to have a match. This feud has severely run its course. It says a lot about the BDC when they went from headliners to afterthoughts.

– EC3’s backstage segment had him mention the phone conversation he had was with someone that would change his life forever. This was a great way to make you want to stick around for the segment to see just who he was talking about.

– Mickie James was shown in Nashville, Tennessee for her “meetings.” James Storm met up with her when it was apparent there was nobody around. Uh oh.

– The “Option C” segment with Spud, EC3 and Angle was most memorable for the way Spud tore down Ec3’s offer to become Chief of Staff again via “Aunt Dixie.” Obviously, coming out of this, we saw another relinquishing of the X-Division Championship for the World Title shot and TNA’s best underdog will meet his biggest challenge yet in Angle, who also stood his ground yet by defending his accomplishments all the while putting Spud’s fighting spirit over.

– The Dirty Heels backstage segment was good in that it showed that Aries was thinking on a desperate level to go back to their old ways, while Bobby Roode didn’t see it that way. Being down 2-0 in a best-of-five series can make even the best guys go nuts, so this was believable.

– Interesting development with the second Mickie-Storm segment which basically saw Storm take a swing by asking Mickie to join The Revolution with her son after insulting Magnus’ abilities to provide for her, a downright outlandish offer that Mickie logically brought up, also defending Magnus and her engagement. Storm’s angry face behind Mickie’s back was the moneymaker here as he apologized for his actions.

– The third match of the best-of-five series between The Dirty Heels-Wolves followed the wave of momentum from the first two matches, though wasn’t quite as great. The near-falls here were again unbelievable as it looked like a sweep could’ve actually happened. You could tell Aries and Roode were driven to their breaking points before finally living up to their namesake to draw a fall in the series to make it 2-1. Definitely like the progress. They’re telling a story within the series.

– The third Mickie-Storm segment saw evil Storm come out in all its form, as he pushed her onto some sort of railroad track. The security footage-style camera was a little confusing considering Storm pretty much committed a crime. Someone send TNA security to take care of the issue. Actually, wait. Don’t.

– The Madison Rayne-Velvet Sky-Angelina Love segment added a breath of fresh air to a recurring angle, by having Rayne come out and cut somewhat of a shoot promo taking down the Knockouts division for not giving her opportunities and picking on Sky for not working there yet able to hop the barricade and get in the ring. Rayne was a more convincing heel here because she was angry and not afraid. Sky continues to attack and not say a word with a revamped look. It’s all very interesting, but where will it lead? Love’s promo about her being better was good heat, but that was kind of done away when she was arrested for putting her hands on a “fan,” so what exactly came out of this all? Ryan got laid out and Sky and Love both got arrested.

– So, the “real” Terrell is a vengeful, child-like grown woman scheming in her room? Right…. Well, at least the portrayal of her as an evil mastermind of sorts is on point.

– The EC3/Tyrus-Angle/Spud match was a good main event that basically saw the faces get the best of things, as Spud pinned Tyrus. The post-match development was what you came away talking about, as Aries cashed in his Title match at Destination X, to face the winner of Spud-Angle as EC3 was visibly flustered, knowing his definite title shot looms further and further away. It was a good note to end on and made Destination X sound good on paper.





Quick Results

– Bobby Lashley def. Eric Young via pinfall

– Brooke def. Jade (w/Marti Bell) via pinfall

– Six-Man Tag – The Rising def. The Beat Down Clan via pinfall

– TNA Tag Team Championships – Best-Of-Five Series – Match 3 – The Dirty Heels def. The Wolves via pinfall; Wolves lead series 2-1

– Rockstar Spud/Kurt Angle def. Tyrus/Ethan Carter III via pinfall

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