Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 6/3/15: Destination America

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent televisions shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 6/3/15)

Destination America

– Made sense for ROH to boast about “creating excellence” with the influx of talent that has gone on to do great things in WWE, like the former Tyler Black, CM Punk, Samoa Joe and Kevin Steen.

– The Briscoe Brothers opened the show on a good note with an upbeat promo hyping the main event match against The House Of Truth and calling out ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal for ducking out on them. They definitely came across as themselves, which would be redneck badasses, to say the least.

– The product as a whole came across very slick and professional in terms of the lighting and camerawork. The commentary team of Kevin Kelly and King Corino almost bounced off the crowd’s energy and led right into things with great chemistry. Granted – a lot of this show had characters and angles coming at you from left and right, which could be confusing for a casual viewer, but if you know ROH, this is exactly what you’d expect in terms of pacing. If anything, the athleticism in the matches spoke for itself and that was the most memorable part of the show.

– The Will Ferrara-Kushida gave us the latest chapter of “ROH vs. New Japan” as this was probably going to be a fast-paced match based out of mutual respect. Loved the “tale of the tape” feature as this came across very much like a sports fight. The two worked pretty well together and the pace of the match was quite excitable, which served as an appropriate opener. Could’ve watched these two fight for a whole hour. As things progressed, Kushida was more over with the fans and looked good with the submission victory. The slow-motion instant replay highlight reel felt very WCW Monday Nitro-esque, but in a good way.

– One thing coming out of this show was that the June 19 “Best In The World” Pay-Per-View was pushed very well, especially for the “Champion Vs. Champion” match between ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe against Lethal.

– The Addiction – Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian, for those who don’t know – cut a promo that very much fit their style, by hijacking the broadcast and saying Kyle O’Reilly/Bobby Fish (reDRagon) would only get one title shot the following week. Short and to-the-point.

– The “Last Real Man” Silas Young-Watanabe match had some backstory on it being two former partners until Young turned on him. The action was quick and went outside the ring for a few minutes, where Watanabe gained the upper hand. Young’s aggressive anger and attitude was a highlight here and his overness was captured with all the fan signage. The sign with the “Friends” reference was utterly hilarious. The finish was great as this made Young look strong as he cleanly pinned his old partner with his brutal finisher.

– The Colby Corino-Moose match was definitely a lot to digest for a squash. BJ Whitmer came across strong in this segment, being a coward by backing out of the match against Moose only to insert one of his young recruits – King Corino’s own son, Colby. Knowing that this would now be a squash since Colby was 18 and was outmatched, this made Whitmer look despicable. King Corino on commentary definitely sold the moment as being too shocked and surprised to have any thoughts, but it’ll be interesting to see if there is any retaliation in the future. Colby sold the squash quite well, as a lot of it was Moose decimating him with the ringside barricade, following Scott’s orders. On another note, doesn’t The Decade logo look a bit too much like The Ascension’s?

– The segment with Lethal and Truth Martini gave a tease as to how Martini had taken care of things for the main event, which we’d shortly find out.

– The House Of Truth-Briscoe Brothers match had the twist of Martini replacing Lethal in the match with J. Diesel. The match itself was hard-hitting and fast, as you’d expect from a Briscoes match. Lethal talking on commentary hyping the 6/19 match was great, as he’s really found a niche in ROH as a top heel and had a strong presence at the booth. The postmatch stuff was also very good, which ended up leading to a Jay Driller on Lethal to close things out.





Quick Results

– Kushida def. Will Ferrara via submission

– Silas Young def. Watanabe via pinfall

– Moose (w/Veda Scott, Stokely Hathaway) def. Colby Corino (w/BJ Whitmer, Adam Page) via pinfall

– The Briscoe Brothers def. The House Of Truth (w/Truth Martini) via pinfall

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