Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 5/31/15: Cliffhanger

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 

* This was PWS Wrestling’s “Season Finale” on WLNY, but future episodes will air on the company’s website. PWO coverage will continue, so stay tuned! 




(Aired 5/31/15)


– Sam Roberts’ backstage interview with Kevin Matthews touched up on his attacker, now branded as simply “Helmet.” Matthews brought the aggression and said he’d eventually get his hands on his stalker. Jake “The Snake” Roberts walking in telling Matthews to keep his eyes on the prize was a solid set-up to their upcoming one-on-one match.

– The Matthews-Roberts match was built up on the foundation of mutual respect and initially came across as so. “Shining” Edward Jackson appearing on the big screen criticizing the match all to set up The Heavenly Bodies for a sneak attack was a unique way to go about it. Given Roberts’ physical limitations, it was understandable that him and Matthews wouldn’t go all out and working a tag match would allow him to still pull off his usual spots and keep the crowd engaged. Sure enough, General Manager Mick Foley came out and booked it as such. As for that match, it was your general crowd-pleaser that saw The Heavenly Bodies assume control for much of the action until the hot tag to Roberts. Foley delivering a mandible claw to Jackson was also a cool moment. The finish here added to the current storyline as Helmet again attacked Matthews with the referee distracted, this time with an exposed turnbuckle (at least he changes it up) and giving The Heavenly Bodies a cheap victory, but one regardless.

– Having Team 3D on this show made things feel very major league. Knowing Bully Ray’s intense promo skills and an opportunity to put the PWS tag team division over, it only made sense to do so here. We knew some table justice would be served later on and this set that up pretty well also.

– The Tri-Force Tag Team Championships No Disqualification match between Team 3D, The Handicapped Heroes and The Reynolds Brothers provided some great action that was memorable for the strong crowd reaction for Team 3D, which helped The Handicapped Heroes get a rub from their spots, even partaking in it themselves at points. The Reynolds Brothers did a solid job heeling up the joint and came across as people you’d generally like to see put through a table. 3D wasn’t in it for competitive purposes, but did an excellent job in putting the current champs over with their post-match promo. It was also endearing to see Ray interacting with Hush via sign language.

– The Suicidal Six-Way Championship match between Eddie Kingston, Bobby Wayward, Matt Macintosh, Johnny Howl, Craven Varro and Habib From The Car Wash featured more of the car-crash style we’ve come to know from these matches, as everyone was fatigued on the floor at one point. Macintosh really stood out amongst the participants here and appeared to be on the brink of a win, which was cleverly captured in the finish that saw Habib pull off a pinfall. More could’ve been done on commentary to play up the Macintosh-Habib feud as that’s been a prominent part of PWS storylines, but we can assume their rivalry will only continue with that finish.

– Big Deal Craig Steele continues to entertain in the role he’s been given as an on-screen personality, putting his gear over at every chance he gets. For that matter, it was interesting to see the heel interact with Fallah Bahh and Jackson in an interview segment. Jackson brought it home with a strong promo that hyped their encounter as “the match that never happened” and that it’d be one-on-one without weapons, the way it should’ve originally been.

– Being interviewed by “Ruthless” Ray Smith backstage, Mario Bokara cut maybe his best promo in the whole TV series yet, putting over his competitor and that he stood by how he won the championship, arguing anybody would’ve done the same thing in his spot, because everyone should want to be champion in the business. Certainly can’t argue with that. He said words that came across in a heelish way, but did it in a way that also made you want to cheer him on.

– The PWS Championship match between Bahh and Bokara benefitted from the promo build up. The action was good while it lasted, showcasing both guys to go to their deepest and darkest places. Bokara impressively lifted Bahh on several occasions and it looked to be a sealed victory for the “Croatian Sensation” until Jackson hit him with a chair, which ended up causing Bokara to snap Bahh’s arm with the chair – a savage attack that was done to possibly write him off for a little while, but could also be used down the road if they plan to break the Bahh/Jackson team up.





Quick Results

– The Heavenly Bodies def. Kevin Matthews/Jake “The Snake” Roberts via pinfall

– PWS Tag Team Championships – Tri-Force – No Disqualification Match – The Handicapped Heroes (w/Hush) def. The Reynolds Brothers and Team 3D to retain

– Suicidal Six-Way Championship – Habib From The Car Wash (Champion) def. Matt Macintosh, Craven Varro, Eddie Kingston, Bobby Wayward and Johnny Howl to retain 

– PWS Championship – Mario Bokara def. Fallah Bahh (w/”Shining” Edward Jackson”) via DQ to retain 

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