Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 5/29/15: Last Friday Night

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 5/29/15)

Last Friday Night

– The cold tension between Eric Young and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle was captured excellently on this episode form start to finish. Starting things with a random cameraman in the passenger seat of Young’s car made us wonder just what was going on in the first place, but was used as a set-up to the apparent parking lot brawl that ensued seconds later since Angle was already waiting for him.

– Okay, we’ll admit: the first time The Dollhouse came out to Hole’s “Doll Parts,” it appeared to fit their image, but for some reason, it didn’t work the second time around. The song is depressing sounding while the characters are upbeat, strange child-like BFFs. See the confusion? They actually kind of came off as undeserved 90’s rock band groupies here. Would’ve also been nice had the cage match stipulation itself been hyped since this isn’t normally what we see from the Knockouts. The match itself wasn’t terrible, but nothing memorable either. Predictable finish that saw Terrell’s Dollhouse mates knock Kim off the top of the cage to set up her finisher. The Earl Hebner attack was cheap heat on the girls. They can do better than that, surely. As for the stuff with Awesome Kong coming out for a failed save attempt, we can’t help but wonder just why wouldn’t Kong you know… at least try to climb the cage once? Even if she made it over and was beaten down after, there was three against one, so it would’ve been buyable, but having a beast stand there and get outwitted by a gate and a key made her look stupid. We can understand the backstory reasoning for Terrell stealing Kim’s wedding ring, but don’t overemphasize the finger injury itself as that is the weaker part of the angle.

– The Mickie James-James Storm in-ring segment provided the next chapter in this supposed friendship/FWB potential angle with James standing up for her fiance’s arguments against Storm and falling for Storm’s every answer. From Storm’s perspective of trying to win Mickie over, it made sense he’d try to help her music career out. Only problem here was that Matthews, who reminded us consistently of Storm’s manipulative tendencies, suddenly advocated for the Cowboy, which made us wonder if that’s the right road to take. Doesn’t TNA want to get fans behind Magnus? This painted Storm as if he actually was turning face. Unless that’s the goal of this angle which doesn’t seem likely being the seeds were planted for a Magnus-Storm showdown, then this is a convoluted way of getting there.

– Kenny King’s backstage promo was very strong in delivering his confidence and eagerness to get out there and fight, albeit taking the match because he’d come out last after all the other competitors destroyed each other.

– Liked the isolation angle between Kurt and Eric to keep them away from each other, with EY actually breaking through the glass. This kept up their tension from the opening segment.

– The X Division Championship Gauntlet match between Manik, Rockstar Spud, DJ Z, Mandrews, Argos, Tigre Uno, Crazy Steve and Kenny King was your general athletic spot-fest. It was advertised as a gauntlet match, but it was actually a Battle Royale. The word “Gauntlet” made it sound like a pinfall/submission elimination style match. The last two competitors came down to a one-fall affair, which quickly ended as Spud pinned the Champion in a surprise pin. The story here was told well as Spud made the perfect underdog. Please TNA, let Spud hold the Title longer this time.

– The second match of the Best-of-Five series between The Dirty Heels and The Wolves turned out to be even better than the first. Just downright quality tag team wrestling. The near-falls and false finishes towards the end were almost nerve-racking to watch, but all four men sold it brilliantly. This looked like an all-out war. Liked Aries’ promo beforehand to push their effort to tie up the series and that the series trajectory is straying from the usual by having The Wolves go up two falls to none.

– Angelina Love’s promo on Velvet Sky was a good set-up to their following segment.

– King’s backstage promo had him desperately trying to reach MVP, pissed off about losing.

– There is potential for a Sky-Love feud, as we’ve seen furthered on this show. They repeated the angle of silent, stone-faced Sky getting the best of Love with the new twist of Love having her own security team. Where will this lead?

– Mr. Anderson had him hype up his match with Ethan Carter III and introduce Tyrus’ “new home.” Okay… whatevs.

– The EC3-Anderson match was good for what it was, nothing too special, as Carter got the final pinfall and kept the streak going. EC3’s handshake refusal wasn’t surprising, but came across well for his snarky character.

– Spud’s backstage promo addressed his gratitude over having the X-Division Title once more and rightfully put over past Champs. Interesting to see him also put in the infamous “Destination X” position to give up the newly won Title for a World Heavyweight Championship match opportunity. A Spud-Angle Title match would be a fun match definitely.

– The I Quit match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship between Eric Young and Kurt Angle was yet another dose of exciting action from these two. Liked that both guys wanted to put their hands on each other badly from the get-go and just worked on breaking each other down, resorting to desperate tactics at times to do so. The predictability factor went to Angle though, as this just felt like another time Young would come so close, but yet so far.





Quick Results

– Knockouts Championship – Cage – Taryn Terrell (Champion) (w/Marti Bell, Jade) def. Gail Kim via pinfall

– X Division Championship – Gauntlet – Rockstar Spud def. Kenny King (Champion), Tigre Uno, Argos, Manik, Crazy Steve and DJ Z to regain Championship 

– TNA Tag Team Championships – Best-Of-Five Series – Match 2 – The Wolves def. The Dirty Heels via pinfall to gain 2-0 series advantage 

– Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) def. Mr. Anderson via pinfall

– TNA World Heavyweight Championship – I Quit Match – Kurt Angle (Champion) def. Eric Young to retain 

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