Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 5/28/15: Plan B 2.0

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 5/28/15)

Plan B 2.0

– As far as the opening segment, it made sense for Dean Ambrose to come out and rave about outsmarting The Authority once again. He also mentioned Roman Reigns being his only friend and brother, which could be a seed planted for a later feud. Also a bit risky to draw attention to Seth Rollins’ online mishaps, but it was handled okay in the context of the feud itself. Ambrose’s words were solid hype but it made us think maybe a segment of him in the jail cell on Raw would’ve helped his imagery.

– The tag team lumberjack match between Tyson Kidd/Cesaro-The Lucha Dragons with The Ascension, The Prime Time Players and Los Matadores as lumberjacks was an easy way to hype the Tag chamber match. The action was entertaining as the two teams meshed very well together, ending with the Lucha Dragons getting the pinfall thanks to an indirect interference by Xavier Woods of New Day.

– The backstage segment with Kane, Seth Rollins and J & J Security reminisced about Ambrose getting his way and Jamie Noble hilariously brought up his family history. This hyped the main event on an okay level.

– The R-Truth boxed promo put over the danger of the chamber and not worrying about it. Meh. His match against King Barrett (whose boxed promo was more cliche royal banter) was okay for what it was, only notable for Truth getting a win. Sheamus coming out to Brogue Kick both men put over well that he was all in for the Title.

– Lana’s backstage promo was strong in putting over how she felt stupid for falling for Rusev again, and addressed Dolph Ziggler as no relationship and that he’d wrestle on Sunday. How she addressed Rusev when he came over was also great. Rusev was more confident this time around, but obviously put up a front.

– The Ryback-Rusev match was good while it lasted, as we’ve seen from the past by these two. The lame DQ finish involving the ring post was disappointing but at this stage, you expected some kind of faulty finish. Put over well was Ryback surviving Rusev’s worst assaults, as he was a man broken, irate and focused.

– The Paige-Naomi match was the “payoff” of their singles feud which carried since Naomi first turned heel. Paige’s boxed promo was actually very good in expressing her desire to get payback. Naomi’s boxed promo was good at showing her confidence and no remorse for her actions. The action didn’t last too long but wasn’t bad either. As you’d expect, Paige got a clean win after taking out Tamina. Good to see The Bellas on the stage with the Championship to see what the battle was all about.

– The Kevin Owens-Michael Cole interview segment saw more fantastic mic work from Owens as he continued to confidently put over his ruthlessness and sold final hype for his match with John Cena. Some of his lines were downright hilarious too, but he’s a “heel’s heel” in the Internet age and is great at pushing anything given to him.

– The Ambrose/Reigns-Rollins/Kane tag team main event was predictable, but very entertaining, especially once it came down to Reigns and Rollins. Almost makes you want to see a Reigns-Rollins one-on-one Title match. Of course, this led to the DQ finish as J & J Security stopped the pin after Reigns hit the Superman Punch. The post-match development involving The New Day was interesting, though it only led for more bodies for the faces to take out. Sort of rare to see the heel get the advantage headed into the PPV match he’s sure to win, but it was a welcome change.





Quick Results

– Tag Team Lumberjack Match – The Lucha Dragons def. Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya)/Cesaro via pinfall

– R-Truth def. King Barrett via pinfall

– Ryback def. Rusev via DQ

– Paige def. Naomi (w/Tamina) via pinfall

– Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns def. Seth Rollins (w/J & J Security)/Kane via DQ

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