Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 5/24/15: Quarterfinal Quarrels

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.



(Aired 5/24/15)

Quarterfinal Quarrels

– Big Deal Craig Steele was quite entertaining on this episode as a co-host of sorts with David Adams; offering the most top-notch of fashion advice.

– The TV Title Tournament Quarterfinals match with Anthony Bowens and Chris Payne showcased good physical action from both men, as this could’ve gone either way. These two had great chemistry in the ring and kept the action fresh with twists and turns. Payne’s use of Bowens’ own momentum against him to get the pin was a decent finish, and gave Bowens an out to complain. Seems as if the dissension storyline within The Untouchables has been dropped? Could’ve seen Bobby Wayward coming out to cost Bowens the match, but maybe that’s something they’ll revisit down the road. Payne was the better pick to go over either way.

– The TV Title Tournament Quarterfinals match between Delroy and Starman saw some decent action, though not quite as exciting as the previous match. With the recent addition of the always controversial New Jack to the upstart heel Delroy’s act, it seemed as if the road to a Delroy win was certain. Beating someone the likes of Starman would’ve also really been an accolade, but PWS cleverly used this as a way to paint Delroy’s personal frustrations as an out to lose. Can’t help but think the one guy who could’ve benefited the most from a TV Title reign would be Delroy, but alas, the plan perhaps calls for a New Jack-Delroy feud? Starman got the win and it appears the tourney semifinals will go for crowd-pleasing competition between faces.

– The TV Title tournament Quarterfinals match between Brian Myers and The Drunken Swashbuckler was predictable in the sense of watching the overconfident Myers take on a drunken competitor. Hilarious to see Myers actually bring his dog Piper to the ring. It takes a true heel to get heat even after bringing an adorable dog to the ring. The only memorable spot here came in the very beginning with the “sword fight,” as this was pretty much a Myers win from the get-go, despite TDS pulling off some convincing offense. Also liked the sleazy way that Myers spit the beer into TDS’ face to blind him before hitting his finisher.

– The Quarterfinals TV Title Tournament match between The Lifeguard Mike Del and Devon Moore was good for what it was – not exactly predictable- but you could see a clear push for Lifeguard coming via the tourney. Loved how he used his own whistle as a weapon to take care of Moore and move on in the tournament.

– Next week’s show sounds absolutely loaded as Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Kevin Matthews, Habib From The Car Wash defending his Suicidal Six-Way Title against Matt Macintosh, Bobby Wayward, Eddie Kingston, Johnny Howl and The Drunken Swashbuckler and a Tri-Force Tag Team Championships match with The Handicapped Heroes vs. The Reynolds Brothers vs. Team 3D was announced. Get us there already.

– As always, the “wrap up” video segment showcased more PWS shenanigans. Payne’s pool-related promo towards Lifeguard was cheesy but effective. New Jack’s promo on a displaced Delroy was solid stuff as well, making us wonder where the young man is at. Lifeguard did another great gloating promo. The Aesthetic Enterprise provided more charismatic banter on The Abominable CPA not being able to beat the three of them. The most memorable portion of this segment also got the most time, as “The Brady Bunch” struck again, with Adams catching bad luck from authentic “good luck” memorabilia sold to him by Nikos Rikos for $400 – choking on a cough drop that Phillip Simon II helped dislodge, getting run over by Team Espana after finding their ball in the parking lot (quite hilarious they were only concerned for the ball) and CPA only offering a tax reminder as help. Gotta give PWS credit – they always find new creative ways to showcase their characters.





Quick Results

– TV Title Tournament – Quarterfinals – Chris Payne def. Anthony Bowens via pinfall to advance

– TV Title Tournament – Quarterfinals – Starman def. Delroy (w/New Jack) via pinfall to advance

– TV Title Tournament – Quarterfinals – Brian Myers def. The Drunken Swashbuckler via pinfall to advance

– TV Title Tournament – Quarterfinals – The Lifeguard Mike Del def. Devon Moore via pinfall to advanceĀ 

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