Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 5/20/15: Unlimited Heights

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(Aired 5/20/15)

Unlimited Heights

– The opening video as always, does a good job of reeling the viewer in to current issues and feuds, by using clips from weeks prior. Highlighted here were the Hernandez-Prince Puma, Delavar Daivari-Texano and The Crew-Ivelisse/Son Of Havoc/Angelico feuds.

– There’s a lot of potential regarding the Marty “The Moth” Martinez character. Digging the fanboy aspect of it definitely and he plays it very well. Once can look at how creepy he seemed standing right behind ring announcer Melissa Santos as she said his name. Also liked how the broadcast team perceived him to be a liar in bragging about being part of an Aztec family, which is something that can be revealed to be true down the road. Now, Martinez even had an out to lose here, as he was fighting Puma, the Lucha Underground Champion. Other than pulling off some offense and posing on the top rope, this was pretty much the expected squash. Liked the interaction between Hernandez and Konnan, which let things progress without ruining the match per se. Hernandez also looked like a cowardly heel, which works for him in this situation.

– Like that Vampiro’s interview segments are made out to be something more than normal. Vampiro is no pushover personality – he asks the hard questions and calls you out when you don’t approach the subject, just like we saw with Johnny Mundo here, who was his usual cocky self with more of a snarky edge. Vampiro was great at getting Mundo worked up about Alberto El Patron coming in as an outsider and getting more of the spotlight, finally making Mundo say he hoped to send a clear message that it was his world. Also liked the subtle references to El Patron’s former persona.

– Dario Cueto continues to be the most intriguing authority figure in wrestling today. That’s a point we will fight you to the death for. You can see how much faith he puts in The Crew only to be let down week after week. Only in a unique universe like Lucha Underground can you actually believe Cueto would sacrifice The Crew to angry gods.

– Given that his heel run consisted of one squash match and getting clobbered by El Patron, it’s refreshing to see Texano now hailed as a babyface of sorts without changing his character. Perhaps putting him against the rich Daivari was done by design to set out the clear “differences in poverty” between the two to make Texano more likable. The broadcast team also did a good job of painting Texano as a hard worker, as the match rolled along until Big Ryck attacked Texano, making an alliance between him and Daivari all the more obvious. The guy who fights for money is helping the rich guy. Go figure.

– The segment in Cueto’s office with him and Catrina was very direct, keeping up with her “ominous presence,” making Mil Muertes out to be a hitman of sorts, wanting another match with Fenix, this time a “death match.” Makes us wonder what Grave Consequences was, but hey – can’t wait to see it anyway.

– The stuff with Chavo Guerrero Jr. coming back to “protect” Angela Fong as she sought to fulfill her destiny in killing Cueto’s caged monster brother was an interesting development. Chavo tends to still come off as a sleaze, so we can assume that he’s playing El Dragon Azteca, but it’s cool to watch play out. We tend to notice that characters are often written out and then made to return. Keeps things fresh and entertainingly unpredictable. That said, can we expect Drago to play some kind of role down the road surely?

– The Trios Championship match between The Crew and Ivelisse/Son Of Havoc/Angelico was another six-person classic, this time involving ladders. Some spots were great, particularly Angelico leaping off Cueto’s office roof again, as it seemed even better than the first time. The story told here was The Crew dominating until a point and the faces pulling off a huge comeback, culminated by the injured Ivelisse actually pull the belts down. Boy, does The Crew suck. Should be exciting to see just what Cueto does to punish them, if at all.





Quick Results

– Prince Puma (w/Konnan) def. Marty “The Moth” Martinez via pinfall

– Texano def. Delavar Daivari via DQ

– Trios Championship – Ladder Match – Ivelisse/Son Of Havoc/Angelico def. The Crew to retainĀ 

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