Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 5/17/15: O Katafertzis (The Hustler)

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 5/17/15)

O Katafertzis (The Hustler) 

– The pairing of Larry Zybyszko and The Abominable CPA was an odd, yet interesting one to say the least. Their match against The Aesthetic Enterprise revolved around the spectacle of everyone’s favorite socially awkward tax accountant teaming with the pro wrestling legend. Even the young up-and-coming heels got to display a wide array of offensive maneuvers, but nothing too saucy, as they came out with the win – Damian Gibbs pinning Zybyszko to be exact.

– Liked the storyline of Brian XL’s new mean streak headed into the Tri-Force match with him, The Amazing Red and Shynron. XL can be a big player if given the opportunity to shine. Despite his impressive athleticism, he tended to fade in the background as a babyface. As a heel, he can truly excel (no pun intended). Much like you’d expect, the action here was quick and excitable, with Shynron emerging the winner, pinning Red, which protected XL in the process. All the focus on XL during the match almost made it sound like it was setting up a victory, but this actually made more sense for him to lose, to further cement his anger.

– Nikos Rikos continues to create comedy gold with anything he’s given with this hustler gimmick. He seemed like a random insert in the match with Team Espana and Phillip Simon II anyway, so it fit his character to try to sell his spot away to anybody who’d shell out big bucks – the perfect cue for Sandy Mann to make his way down. As for the match itself, it wasn’t much, despite Team Espana getting their first-ever victory, celebrating in over-the-top fashion. Their characters are still a little too one-dimensional for us to buy this as anything groundbreaking.

– It appears the long road to building Dan Maff as a contender to the PWS World Heavyweight Championship is underway. His “no more Mr. Nice Guy” act now appears to be in the babyface direction again, which works better for him anyway on top of the card. People genuinely want to root for the Boricua Beast, so why not? His match against the debuting Brian Cage (in PWS anyway) was par for the course as far as your “big guy” matches go, with a subtle spoonful of aerial offense. In the end, Maff got the win and we wonder what’s next on this long road for him.

– Seeing Rikos continually ripping Adams off when he orders from his restaurant is downright hilarious – this week stooping as low as promising him “a big Greek dinner with two beautiful Greek women for $90” and instead delivering a half-eaten Pizza pie and Team Espana with their hair down to appear like women.

– Super Motorcycle Helmet Man’s creepy, cryptic, static-filled, stalker-esque promo was a cool way to close the show, as we got more backstory on him following Kevin Matthews around and promising to “bury him.” Just who is this mysterious man? Guess that’s for us to find out at a later date, isn’t it?





Quick Results

– The Aesthetic Enterprise (w/Jay Enterprise) def. The Abominable CPA/Larry Zybyszko via pinfall

– Tri-Force Match – Shynron def. The Amazing Red and Brian XL via pinfall

– Team Espana def. Phillip Simon II (w/Brother Jesse)/Sandy Mann via pinfall

– Dan Maff def. Brian Cage via pinfall

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