WWE In Your House 1 Reaction

In_Your_House_1By Nicholas Jason Lopez

When you look at a show like this, it had all the characteristics of a typical mid-90’s WWE show: cartoonish gimmicks, cheesy promotions and a solid push of main-eventers.

This was the first installment of the “In Your House” monthly Pay-Per-View shows and for a first time, things were pretty good in terms of entertainment, as you had some decent storylines headed in, particularly the feud between Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler that was prominent here.

That said, we present this as the “Throwback PPV” of May 2015.



 (Aired 5/14/95)

The Breakdown

– The opening video hailed the show as a “spectacular” and did a quick run-through of the card.

– Hakushi sure looked a lot like Raiden from Mortal Kombat when he came out of the curtain in his get-up. Oddly fitting for the time. Shinja, his silent but evil manager, made for a decent ringside presence. The Hakushi-Bret Hart match was actually a really good opener when you take into account the rest of the show. This was Bret’s first match of the night and that aspect was pushed well throughout this bout. Both men worked well together and actually got to tell a story in the ring of both Hakushi’s ruthlessness and Bret’s comeback mentality. Lawler watching from backstage also made the match feel important and hyped their match for later on. The finish captured Bret’s comeback spirit well by having him a second away from being counted out to pulling out a surprise pinfall a moment later. Bret limping out of the ring caused a scare that made viewers question his health status for later on.

– You really had to love heel Lawler in the 90’s, as this guy would stoop to the lowest of lows to get what he wanted. Really makes you wonder just how soft he has gone on commentary these days. On that note, it’d actually be a little cool for WWE to try to have PPV match winners go on a 30-minute Twitter “live tweet” with fans or something of that sort. That kind of interaction is always priceless with fans and they are most invested during PPV shows.

– The Jeff Jarrett/Roadie-Razor Ramon 2-On-1 Handicap Match followed the script like its predecessor, telling a story with Ramon fighting back against two enemies with plenty of time given. Interweaving 1-2-3 Kid’s promo by phone also upped the match’s importance as it emphasized that him and Ramon were still a unit at the time. Ramon was quite over at the time (obviously) and they reacted big to the Razor’s Edge finisher. The postmatch stuff was okay, as Aldo Montoya (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lookalike) failed to make the save and we saw an audience member (really Savio Vega) help clean house.

– The King of the Ring Qualifying match between Mabel and Adam Bomb was essentially a short squash for Mabel, despite Bomb’s oh-so-valiant offense. The amount of times Vince McMahon shouted “Adam Bomb!” too was just ugh.

– Ramon’s backstage promo introduced Vega to the people, as he gave a heavily-accented statement that he had to defend Razor, an old friend of his. The two had good chemistry on-screen so it all looked promising for the time.

– The Tag Team Championship match between the Smoking Gunns and Owen Hart/Yokozuna was pretty good with an upbeat pace, that saw the heels come out on top by pinfall.

– Diesel’s backstage promo was an obvious attempt to get more fans behind him, as he told a story of celebrating his first Mother’s Day without his mother and he also spoke of his bond with Shawn Michaels. How could you hate a guy like this? Better yet – he delivered his lines very well. You could easily see why he was painted as “the guy” at the time.

– Lawler having a young lady pose as his “mother” was sort of hilarious and even Bret had his own moment when he revealed he was “playing possum” with the leg injury to surprise Lawler. The rest was pretty standard, but the ending, which saw Hakushi and Shinja assist Lawler by attacking Hart, was great. Hart at least got the last say by knocking out Shinja.

– Sid’s backstage promo was final hype for the upcoming match as he gave a rant that he’d be crowned new Champion and master of the universe and all that mumbo-jumbo in a camera angle that was just way too close to his face.

– The WWE Championship match between Sid and Diesel was pretty formulaic, as it told the story of Sid dominating with Diesel holding on. The match never really went on to become anything special, as Tatanka and Dibiase attacked Diesel once he was about to finish Sid off, causing a disqualification, and Bam Bam Bigelow made the save. The DQ finish had to be disappointing for a PPV, but we all knew this was all to push the King Of The Ring show a month later.






– Bret Hart def. Hakushi (w/Shinja) via pinfall

– 2-On-1 Handicap Match – Razor Ramon def. Jeff Jarrett/The Roadie via pinfall

– King Of The Ring Qualifying Match – Mabel (w/Mo) def. Adam Bomb via pinfall

– Tag Team Championships – Owen Hart/Yokozuna (Champions) (w/Jim Cornette, Mr. Fuji) def. The Smoking Gunns via pinfall to retain

– Jerry Lawler def. Bret Hart via pinfall

– WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Diesel (Champion) def. Sycho Sid (w/Ted Dibiase) via DQ; Diesel retains 

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