WWE Payback 2015 Preview/Predictions

PaybackLooking at this year’s Payback card, nothing truly stands out, but at the same time, nothing looks awful either.

At the moment, WWE appears to be in a creative holding pattern of sorts, as none of the Championships seem in danger of changing hands. They even have a vacant one to do something with.

We’ll go into a rundown of the card with predictions just slightly below.





The Card

– Pre-Show –

– The Meta Powers vs. The Ascension: So the story for this seemingly last-minute match has been the sudden teaming of a guy who impersonates Hulk Hogan (AxelMania) with another who impersonates Randy Savage (Damien Mandow). Better yet, the team they are fighting is The Ascension, who come off as Road Warrior wannabes. This almost looks like a bad reenactment match, but it should provide some light-hearted entertainment. We thought we’d see bigger and better things for one Damien Sandow after the feud with The Miz, but alas, it looks like an impressionist is all he’ll ever be. We haven’t seen much of the Meta Powers in tag team action and don’t know what they’re capable of, but against the weakly-built Ascension who’ve just recently been back on TV, it’s hard to believe the Meta Powers won’t go over.

Prediction: The Meta Powers



– King Barrett vs. Neville: One of the past month’s biggest highlights has been watching these two go at it in a series of competitive matches. Neville beat Barrett at Extreme Rules, while Barrett had the King of the Ring win over Neville. The two have since gone back-and-forth in a game of oneupmanship. Barrett’s promos since being King have been full of cliches and it just feels like he is impersonating a King instead of being one. Having nothing on the line in this match also hurts the entertainment factor, but with the vacant Intercontinental Championship, you have to believe these two guys are in the running. Neville will come close to another win just to run into a Royal Bull Hammer (as the move appears to have been renamed) and that’s okay. The one thing that the KOTR accolade has brought Barrett is a winning streak and well – why stop the momentum now? Neville’s whole main roster run thus far has had the broadcast teams emphasize his impressive athleticism and that cleverly overshadows his losses. This will be another case of that.

Prediction: King Barrett



– Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler: Just like the above match, this is another case of a match put on the card solely for the purpose of quality wrestling. That’s all fine and good, but it still feels kind of empty considering there’s nothing being fought for. The same IC Title contention comment could also be said for these two guys, so it’ll be interesting to see how things develop on that front. This match hasn’t really had a storyline besides the whole “Kiss Me Arse” thing from last month that wasn’t delivered on. Sheamus has cooled off a tiny bit in his heel act, but can get heat back almost immediately, so that’s not a concern. Ziggler could use a convincing win here and we’re confident this is where it happens.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler



– Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt: Just recently added to the card, this has been a feud that has tried to be about the mind games for Wyatt and domination for the big guy. The problem here is that both guys come into this needing a win and well – Wyatt’s feuds tend to last forever. This doesn’t have the feeling of a long-term feud, nor should it be one, but you look at a guy like Wyatt and wonder why he isn’t a player at the top of the card. He can come off as the most clever guy, but hasn’t had the proper opportunity to flourish. He had more momentum when he had his Family stable and we can only hope that with the reunion of Luke Harper/Erick Rowan, they go all the way and make these three raise hell once more. We know Wyatt could really use this win, but with his most recent attack on Ryback on Smackdown, it’s likely the big guy goes over.

Prediction: Ryback



– The Bella Twins vs. Naomi/Tamina: This match is a necessary latest chapter for the Divas and will likely be set up as a triumphant victory for the Twins. Naomi/Tamina have been pushed well on TV and can be bought as convincing heels, but their logic twists them out to be the voices of reason; as the Bellas never had a definitive turn despite now being faces. Naomi calls the Bellas “fake” and if we know what “fake” is, it’s acting nice for self-gainage. This actually hurts the Bellas and they need to do more to paint them as babyfaces or at least give a reason behind the attitude changes. WWE does this so much with the Divas, it’s almost damn insulting to the fans’ intelligence.

Prediction: The Bella Twins



– Tag Team Championships – 2-Out-Of-3 Falls – The New Day (Champions) vs. Tyson Kidd/Cesaro (w/Natalya): In what’ll probably steal the show, this feud has actually been helped by the full babyface turn of Kidd/Cesaro to coincide with New Day beginning to find their niches as heels. Their act now consists of them being overbearingly positive and believing they are the change that people need to see. Xavier Woods and Big E deserve a lot of credit for their hilarious mic work to make these three come off as annoying as possible, and then it’s just cool to see Kofi Kingston as a heel. Kidd/Cesaro continue to impress in the ring (especially with Cesaro, who got the crowd on their feet a couple weeks back on Raw with a simple Irish Whip/Uppercut combo) and we know it’ll go down to the final fall with the match being dragged out as long as possible. Given the typical New Day victory of cheating, it’s hard to believe these guys won’t go to that well once again. The New Day are finally settling in as Champions and it’s too soon to take away their gold mojo.

Prediction: The New Day, 2 Falls to 1



– United States Championship – I Quit Match – John Cena (Champion) vs. Rusev (w/Lana): When you think of the Cena-Rusev feud, it actually sort of has brought the United States Championship some importance. Sure, the feud has dragged out since February, but their matches are entertaining and they always know how to make minor tweaks here and there to keep things fresh. The open challenges continue to be a highlight of Raw, but thankfully, Creative finally caught on to Rusev staying close to his enemy and taking out anybody who could potentially get in the way of his old gold. Also woven into this storyline now has been Rusev’s mistreating of Lana. It’s almost like a rehash of the Marc Mero/Sable storyline, but it’s been handled well thus far. Fans are responsive to Lana and a babyface turn should be fun – at least for a little while. The trick will be the followup. Given the recent storyline circumstances, we can actually see Lana playing into the finish, causing Rusev to get pinned after standing up to him when he again tries to eject her. We know the next chapter will be a Rusev-Lana feud of sorts, but what title can Rusev go for next? The World Championship is sort of off-limits for now while Rollins has it, but there’s a new vacant title out there. Just saying.

Prediction: John Cena



– WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Fatal 4-Way – Seth Rollins (Champion) vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose: In what has been the best pushed match on the show (as expected), we’ve explored the stories of every competitor here, especially Ambrose, who has picked up a lot of momentum since being added to the match. Reigns has been kept strong as well, but we don’t expect him to win here. Orton has also been strong when on-screen, but has been a minor player in the build. He wasn’t even involved in the Smackdown go-home backstage segment. Horrible. Also put in here was an unofficial stipulation of Kane being out as The Authority’s Director of Operations if Rollins were to lose, which makes Kane’s actions another aspect of the main event match for a second straight month. Ambrose actually has the most momentum now out of anybody and a short little World Title run wouldn’t be unheard of, but given the company’s long-term plans with the Championship. we just can’t see them going against it. We still believe the plan is for Rollins to keep the Belt at least until SummerSlam, when Brock Lesnar comes back for his rematch clause. In that amount of time, Rollins will pull out gutsy wins with the help of his Authority-mates over notable contenders, like the other three guys in this match. With Rollins likely going over here, that also means Kane keeps his job, but the question is how they go about the finish. Kane will probably try to cost Rollins the match, only for it to backfire. Either way, Rollins wins here. No doubts.

Prediction: Seth Rollins

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