Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 5/15/15: Hardcore War

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 5/15/15)

Hardcore War

– The opening video hyped the 10-man Hardcore War gauntlet match between Team Kurt Angle and Team Eric Young, promising elevated violence, or something like that. This sort of felt randomly strung together, huh?

– It was slightly relieving to hear Mike Tenay back at commentary with Josh Matthews. If anyone could carry a TNA show, it’s Tenay. Hard to determine if it will be long-term, but for at least this show, it was a welcome change.

– The first segment with Angle, Sergeant Chris Melendez, The Rising, MVP, Kenny King, Low-Ki and Bobby Lashley laid in solid hype to the main event and set up the next chapter to the Young-Angle saga as the next match we’d see between them two would be an “I Quit” match for the World Heavyweight Title. Lashley coming out to be the last man of Team Angle once the Beat Down Clan members did their thing made sense. The segment went over well, but it still sort of felt like the latest installment of overbooked faction warfare.

– The Dollhouse coming out to Hole’s “Doll Parts” was awesome. Wonder if Billy Corgan had any say in that? Will their theme song change every week though? The Jade/Marti Bell-Brooke/Rebel match was too short to be memorable, but The Dollhouse at least had a decisive victory. Terrell’s postmatch promo hyping her interactions with Gail Kim’s family was a decent hook for later.

– The MVP/King/Low-Ki-Young backstage segment continued to show the minor tension between the two, especially with King not trusting Young, but it set up the hook of Young having someone in his back pocket. Also asked here was the status of Homicide, who just seems irrelevant to the BDC at this point since joining.

– It was interesting to see Matthews now advocate for Ethan Carter III in his latest “conspiracy rant.” Granted, his points were valid, but given his “family lining,” couldn’t EC3 simply pull some strings to get his way? We all knew this was just another way to bring Mr. Anderson back into the fold and continue their program, by having him go after Tyrus. At the least, his calling of Tyrus as a “bitch” was humorous. The Tyrus-Anderson match wasn’t special, but gave Anderson the win necessary to face EC3.

– Also announced was the move of Impact Wrestling to Wednesday nights beginning June 3rd, making Wednesday a night for 3 programs now: NXT, Lucha Underground and now Impact Wrestling.

– It seemed as if Magnus calling out James Storm was the next chapter to their feud. Abyss coming out to defend his leader was expected, as this turned into a hardcore brawl of sorts, and the other Revolution members in Khoya and Manik joined in. The beatdown segment was solid as Magnus was left laid out and that would’ve been a good way to paint Storm more as a heel if he sent out The Revolution to do his own bidding, but of course, it’s TNA.

– The first match in the best-of-five series between The Wolves and The Dirty Heels was a good match with some entertaining action. Nothing fantastic, but the athleticism was put over well. The Wolves getting the early advantage was a good start.

– The backstage segment with Team Angle saw Galloway pick Mika over Eli Drake and things felt even more dramatic once Angle showed up with the other members and said they needed to win. This felt like a big deal. Finally.

– The Dollhouse “pillow talk” segments could be something fun down the road if they are the recurring kind… Terrell talking about wearing something special for Gail Kim’s husband Robert Irvine was an okay idea, but if you follow Irvine on the Food Network, he doesn’t really scream “ladies man” and you wonder how he fits into this at all really.

– Of course we feared that they would go the route of “Storm never sent The Revolution out to beat Magnus” and sure enough, they did. If the goal is to paint Storm as a manipulative heel, why would you backtrack on it? This makes it look like a face turn is in the works for Storm, despite his infatuation with Mickie James.

– The Dollhouse-Kim segment was good, as The Dollhouse drew big heat when they were out by themselves. You could barely even hear Terrell speak at times. Her claims of playing “games” with Kim’s family was okay in terms of a mental advantage to make things personal and Kim brought the fire necessary to sell it as such, getting the best of The Dollhouse in the ring.

– The Jesse Godderz-Robbie E stuff looked to be a pure mess with the whole “Robbie E beats Jesse three times and Jesse makes excuses” thing, but it turned out halfway decent once Jesse went all Heel Undertaker circa 2002 with the chair attack. If the goal was to paint Jesse in a more violent light, then it worked. This “rivalry” though? It reeks. Move Jesse on to something else please.

– Why is Mr. Anderson building a cage for Tyrus? Just – ugh.

– Mr. Anderson’s backstage promo had him say he was sick of Tyrus and he had someone building something for Tyrus. Oh god, a cage?

– The Hardcore War gauntlet match was entertaining and made full use of the stipulation. Bram being a part of Team Young was predictable, but made sense. The action down the stretch with all the outside dives was well-done. Also loved the idea of Young getting the win for his team by delivering a piledriver to Melendez, ripping off his prosthetic leg and using it as a weapon to hurt Angle, all for mega heat.





Quick Results

– Jade/Marti Bell (w/Taryn Terrell) def. Brooke/Rebel via pinfall

– If Mr. Anderson Wins, He Gets To Fight Ethan Carter III – Mr. Anderson def. Tyrus (w/Ethan Carter III) via pinfall

– Match #1 of Best-Of-Five Series – The Wolves def. The Dirty Heels via pinfall to gain 1-0 series advantage

– Robbie E def. Jesse Godderz via pinfall three times

– Hardcore War Gauntlet Match – Team Eric (Eric Young, MVP, Kenny King, Low-Ki and Bram) def. Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Drew Galloway, Mika, Chris Melendez, Bobby Lashley) via pinfall

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