Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 5/14/15: Every Man For Themselves

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 5/14/15)

Every Man For Themselves

– Actually liked the idea of the Bray Wyatt fog promo taking over the opening theme montage. Makes even a taped show like Smackdown still have that slight feeling of unpredictability. Sadly – his promo towards Ryback hyping their Payback match wasn’t all that, besides giving fair warning to the big guy that an attack was imminent.

– The first segment with Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Kane was a decent way to unveil the opening match. Ambrose cut a good “go-home”-styled promo to push the Fatal 4-Way match at Payback and you got the feeling he has emerged from dark house to favorite to win. Reigns coming down to stand face-to-face was a good continuation from Raw’s ending and pushed the “every man for himself” aspect of the match and showing that both guys weren’t backing down from each other. Kane coming into things also made sense being he tied into Payback as well, which we were reminded of, and him booking Ambrose-Sheamus got the show off on an okay note.

– The Sheamus-Ambrose match was a fun little match that allowed both men to show a lot of offense, but this gave Ambrose a bit more momentum headed into Payback and seeing that it took a bump on the ring post to make Sheamus lose also protected him.

– The Seth Rollins-Kane backstage segment was more of their usual back-and-forth we’ve been used to. What was important out of this was that Kane used his power to book the Champion against Ryback to get back at him.

– It seems WWE went above and beyond to make Rusev come off as a jerk in his promo segment with Lana to push the “I Quit” match with John Cena for the United States Championship at Payback. And it worked. Lana being forced to read a pre-written statement begging for forgiveness after “betraying her country” sounded like it was right from Rusev’s mouth and the mistreating was way too evident here, where even the broadcast team continues to point it out. Rusev also used a clip of Cena saying “I Quit” from his Raw promo and played it on a loop to portray his own message, an old tactic of his, which sealed the deal on making him look super-controlling.

– Ryback’s backstage promo to hype his upcoming match with Rollins was okay on that front, saying a win would earn him a future World Title opportunity and his addressing of Wyatt fearing him was also decent.

– The Ryback-Rollins match followed a great promo by Rollins that sold his case for the Payback match, saying the other competitors would be at each other’s throats and that he was too cunning to fall into that trap again. Wyatt’s ambush attack was done well, but all it took was a shoulder bump to get Ryback dizzy? Ryback did look tough for going through with the match and at least had this as an out to lose. It was a good match while it went on and had the characteristics of your typical Rollins dirty win.

– The Naomi/Tamina backstage segment had Naomi explain her reasoning with another well-delivered promo, but it was hard to really dissect her “heelish points” as she came off correct when she referred to the Bellas as “fake,” considering they pretty much turned into faces with no explanation, which kind of gives in to being fake – acting nice for self-gainage.

– The New Day’s heel act continues to evolve into something great as the weeks go on. Now they believe they are so good that the people need to have them around, considering everybody else to be bad people. Their reasons behind their accusations of Tyson Kidd/Cesaro being bad people was downright hilarious. Big E and Xavier Woods deserve a lot of credit for carrying the vocal load. The Kidd-Kofi Kingston match was short, yet simple action that saw Kidd make Kingston tap out to the sharpshooter, giving the challengers momentum.

– The Daniel Bryan video package was superb in so many ways. Following that up with an insensitive Bo Dallas promo was an easy way to score effective heat and welcome Neville to save the day with a squash win. King Barrett out on commentary pushing the match at Payback was decent, as his postmatch promo was probably the best he’s done since King, albeit still on the cliche side of things, but not too outlandish.

– So, Adam Rose continues to push around his Rosebuds to Rosa Mendes’ amusement with the Hot Dog the latest to rebel, all as Kane made his way to the ring. Will this lead somewhere? Anywhere?

– The Reigns-Kane “Must Be A Winner” match picked up where Raw left off, feeling like a brawl more than anything, but thanks to the use of tables and the general ringside area, it was entertaining. We knew the Spear would happen once the table was set up in the corner. The win gave Reigns some necessary momentum and Kane some uncertainty and perhaps signs of desperation. Rollins’ postmatch comments showed he was unfazed, but solidly set up Ambrose sneaking up and attacking him, leading Reigns to make his way in there. The Title standoff between Reigns and Ambrose was well-done, though Orton not being in there really made him look irrelevant to the match. You’d think Kane was the fourth competitor. Either way, great hype for the Fatal 4-Way all night long.





Quick Results

– Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus via pinfall

– Seth Rollins (w/J & J Security) def. Ryback via pinfall

– Tyson Kidd (w/Cesaro, Natalya) def. Kofi Kingston (w/Big E, Xavier Woods) via submission

– Neville def. Bo Dallas via pinfall

– There Must Be A Winner By Pinfall Or Submission – Roman Reigns def. Kane via pinfall

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