Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 5/13/15: The Shot Heard Around The Mundo

Lucha Underground

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 5/13/15)

The Shot Heard Around The Mundo

– The opening video highlighted Alberto El Patron’s victory over Johnny Mundo last week to get the right to face Hernandez in a number one contenders match on this episode. Seemed insignificant, but loomed large by the conclusion.

– Lucha Underground’s writers do a swell job of creating this compelling “universe” where we can buy into slightly outlandish storylines like the one with Dario Cueto’s brother being a caged monster and the story behind the seven Aztec Medallions “creating a force” when united together. It makes for great television and also promises solid in-ring action.

– Nice to see Jack Evans the latest to debut in LU, which in of itself is pulling together a nice roster mix of ex-WWE and Indy talent (like TNA) and leaving the overbooking out (unlike TNA, thankfully) and his match with Aerostar followed that same route. Evans has the aerial repertoire of a babyface, but amped his personality with a cocky attitude and played the heel well, as we saw. Speaking of Evans’ athleticism – how about that 450 Splash off the top of the barricade? Nevertheless, this was a solid back-and-forth opener that had a worthy finish. What was almost smart about it was that Aerostar had to hit his finisher from the top rope to finish off Evans, which puts both men over in the process.

– Liked the scene between Big Ryck and The Mack, which set out to show Ryck’s true intentions to do whatever he could for money, not taking the art of professional wrestling seriously like his fellow “family” member. It seemed to paint Ryck as a clear heel and Mack as a tweener who showed face tendencies with his impressive athleticism.

– Give LU credit – they continue to throw up innovative match concepts. The 7-way match to decide the winner of the first Aztec Medallion between Sexy Star, Mack, Pentagon Jr., Cage, Fenix, Killshot and King Cuerno was almost the best of both worlds. The action was entertaining with a careful dose of chaos, but everybody had time to shine and storylines/feuds were seamlessly woven into the match. Pentagon’s Spinal Shot/Piledriver spot on Sexy Star/Fenix was downright brutal. Fenix winning made sense because it gave him another notable victory, as it seemed he was on the decline after the momentum he gained from Grave Consequences.

– The interaction with Cueto and the Trios Champions Ivelisse/Angelico/Son Of Havoc in his office was a solid way to hype next week’s ladder match with the Champs and The Crew, who Cueto felt earned a shot for with their win last week. We also saw another glimpse of Cueto’s ruthlessness in booking a ladder match knowing Ivelisse’s injuries. Seeing the dysfunctional team on board to fight was nice to see though.

– So, the storyline between Mil Muertes and Fenix isn’t done yet apparently. No complaints, as Catrina revealing to Fenix that he fell into her trap and used him to make Muertes stronger upon his imminent return provided a good twist. The cinematic effects made it look like it was a figment of Fenix’s imagination, but yet still felt genuinely real.

– Obviously, the events of Mundo throwing El Patron through Cueto’s office window during the number one contender’s match with Hernandez overshadowed the match (which wasn’t much to begin with) but was excellent in terms of the apparent heel turn and made you wonder just what happened to make him help Hernandez and look so angry out there. Cueto looking at El Patron slouched over his broken window with a smile on his face and whiskey in his hand was a great visual. So now we wonder if Cueto had a hand in this or if Mundo was truly fed up. Also liked that this brought the opening video around full-circle.




Quick Results

– Aerostar def. Jack Evans via pinfall

– Winner Receives Aztec Medallion #1 – 7-Way – Fenix def. Pentagon Jr., The Mack, Sexy Star, Cage, Killshot and King Cuerno via pinfall

– World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender’s Match – Hernandez def. Alberto El Patron via pinfall

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