Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 5/13/15: Over The Shoulder

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(Aired 5/13/15)

Over The Shoulder

– The opening video did a good job of making Sami Zayn’s main roster debut come across as a big, breakthrough moment for the former NXT World Heavyweight Champion in his hometown, taking John Cena to the limit in the United States Championship Open Challenge. Smartly emphasized here was his will to fight through the sudden shoulder injury and made his health status a hook for the episode.

– Oh, so that’s where Solomon Crowe went. Nice to see him back with a little bit of a new hairstyle – looks more punktastic. His match against Baron Corbin couldn’t possibly mean good things for him. Corbin had a clear feud with Rhyno headed into TakeOver: Unstoppable and he didn’t. For what it’s worth, he had the most competitive (albeit sloppy) match with Corbin to date, but even that was all undone when the broadcast team suggested Corbin “toyed around” the whole time. The postmatch brawl between Rhyno and Corbin dished a nice dose of tender physicality, that was necessary to want to see these two go at it again. The gore is definitely over with the fans.

– Finn Balor’s backstage promo wasn’t lightning-hot, but it did put over his budding triple threat match competitors in Tyler Breeze and Hideo Itami, as well as putting both NXT World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Owens and Zayn over for their high-card status. Will we see the “demon” come out? Who knows.

– Liked the no-nonsense attitude of Breeze’s backstage promo, as he solidly delivered his lines and you believed he was a genuine threat.

– The Sasha Banks-KC Cassidy match was an obvious squash to give the Boss momentum headed into her NXT Divas Championship defense against Becky Lynch. Her promo before the match was a true, sassy-to-the-core “warning shot” of what she deemed would happen at TakeOver, as she again reminded us she made Lynch. Is Cassidy now known as “Black Shoes” as per the crowd chant? How hilarious would a Blue Pants/Black Shoes tag team be? They could call them The Clearance Rack. Anyways – Banks winning by submission with the Banks Statement was a good way to show off her technical prowess to match Lynch in that department. Her mocking of Lynch’s headbang was also great.

– The Charlotte-Dana Brooke and Bayley-Emma feuds have simple storylines, yet feel like something is missing in the form of a personal edge. The feuds are over a TapOut commercial and stolen headbands. Really? This was captured in full effect as Charlotte-Bayley sort of shrugged their shoulders and essentially made a challenge for a tag match you could see coming a mile away for TakeOver. Just felt strung together and not a lot of chemistry was there, which is surprising.

– Uhaa Nation continues to come across as an established star looking to prove himself elsewhere, as the hype video showed him embracing Crowe in the performance center and running the ropes. They’re taking the slow-build approach, with still no official NXT ring name. However – keeping this aura of mystery works when done like this.

– The Carmella-Alexa Bliss match continued off of their previous confrontation where Carmella slapped Bliss backstage. It wasn’t a shock to see the Tag Champs Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy out to cause trouble for Carmella, distracting her to make her lose. It seems they look to turn Carmella more face, as she gave a pep talk for the crowd to go along with a dry “SAWFT” routine and pushed that “her boys” would become new Champs at TakeOver. On another note – what is Blake’s new haircut? Looks like a pile of garbage landed on his head and he decided to let it settle in.

– Seeing Itami target Owens in his backstage promo to hype the TakeOver triple threat was cool to see, but obviously with his sidelining injury, it’s only wishful thinking at this point. Sad thing is that was likely to be the latest Title feud. Sigh.

– The Emma/Brooke backstage promo was basically them accepting the challenge with nothing fancy here.

– The Adam Rose/Breeze-Itami/Balor match saw a Balor/Itami reunion as they pushed the triple threat match. Also cool to note that Rose/Breeze actually made a good pairing. The story told was a simple one where Breeze took advantage of Balor/Itami arguing over who’d get the pin and stood tall for a second time above everyone, even Rose, giving him good momentum.

– It seemed the goal of showing Zayn’s postmatch comments after losing to Cena was that he didn’t know the severity of his injury, but was still determined it get to Owens, making the match definite. Whew.

– The Zayn-Owens face-to-face segment dove right into the playbook of their past emotional segments, where it’s not hard to get caught up in it all. This is especially true for indy fans who’ve known these two guys as a team for a long time. This gave the feud one last dose of personal emotion, as Zayn begged for the truth, mentioning Owens’ own son looked up to him more. Owens’ silence worked for the first few minutes, setting up a perfect, typical Owens-like response, saying he knew the real reason Zayn took time off and looked to finish the job and that there’d be no return for him after TakeOver. Solid way to end things.





Quick Results

– Baron Corbin def. Solomon Crowe via pinfall

– Sasha Banks def. KC Cassidy via submission

– Alexa Bliss def. Carmella via pinfall

– Tyler Breeze/Adam Rose def. Finn Balor/Hideo Itami via pinfall

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