Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 5/10/15: Hands On The Merchandise

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(Aired 5/10/15)

Hands On The Merchandise

– Starting things off with The Jackson Family outside a restaurant making light of their opponents in the Tag Team Championship gauntlet match that was 24 hours later (The Reynolds Brothers, Team Espana and The Handicapped Heroes) set the point that they weren’t focused on the goal at hand and just wanted to party. As usual, “Shining” Edward Jackson delivered impressive rhetoric that bordered on offensive when it came to Team Espana, but that was the point. Heels doing their heel thing.

– What made the gauntlet match work so great was the story told throughout, with The Reynolds Brothers in all three matches, seemingly continuing their dissension, as Alex resorted to cheap tactics for victories, while Kyle was conflicted with that strategy. The broadcast team bringing up the difference in ring attire between the brothers was also an insightful selling of their issues. Even the little things can play a big part when you point them out right. Perhaps the opening segment should’ve focused on the Reynolds and their ongoing problems, as it would’ve been presented more thoroughly in the match. Evidently, The Heavenly Bodies barely mattered in the match, but showing that they “partied” the night before sort of gave them an out here. It was telling that a low blow was used for the first two decisions, prompting the Reynolds to face the tag team Champs – a great final chapter. Loved the finish with Hush getting into the ring to stop Alex from using the belt as a weapon. This also helped further establish Alex as a frustrated heel of sorts, as he shoved Hush to the canvas, drawing good heat. The Heroes kept their credibility with the win, but the Reynolds stole the match. The development with Kyle “seeing the light” was a welcome twist, as many expected a program between the bros, but them staying as heels gives the division new life.

– The Handicapped Heroes’ backstage interview segment had them sell the emotional impact of Reynolds’ attacks, especially on Hush. Both guys are solid promo-cutters and natural babyfaces, given what their real-life gimmick entails.

– The Abominable CPA character continues to develop little by little with every episode, this time taking The Scranton Strangler from the safe confines of his tax preparation office to the ring, showing ounces of fearlessness by going to the second rope and signs of breaking out of his “shell.” The match felt a tad too long, but the pace was passable in that it topped off with CPA pulling out the pleasant surprise win. Where will things lead next?

– The “promo exchange” between Monster’s Island and The Aesthetic Enterprise did its job in further establishing the feud. As suspected, we saw an alliance between Monster’s Island and Balls Mahoney, taking on somewhat of a protege/mentor relationship, which works for them. Who knew Hellbilly Jo could cut such a good promo? They should’ve let him talk from the get-go, though given the whole “monsters” thing, it’s understandable why they held off, but he has a voice that demands attention. For that matter, Doomsday was good too. Promo cutting brings a whole new aspect to the group that we hope only gets further exploited. As for The Aesthetic Enterprise, the charming Beefcake Charlie spoke fierce words through a sandwich in his mouth, something you’d only expect from the lovable loser.

– The Kevin Matthews-Eddie Kingston Falls Count Anywhere match had a simple storyline, yet was still enough to pull out great emotional mileage in terms of how they told it. Obviously, the stipulation came into full play, spanning the bleachers and even the merchandise stand, showcasing trash can brutality at its finest. There were times that the bout bordered on “lazy hardcore spectacle” rather than “blood feud hardcore,” but things bettered, especially towards the end. That piledriver spot through the chairs was solid. The second appearance by fireball-spitting Super Helmet Motorcycle Man confirmed it wasn’t Kingston and gave Matthews another loss, as speculation ran wild of Monster’s Island behind things. Matthews sold the attack well, though given it was a fireball, that shouldn’t have been hard.

– The “Double Trouble Rumble” with 30 men and the winner getting the On-The-Spot Title Shot medallion announcement sounded like something good to look forward to. It seems as if the medallion will be a constant factor in PWS, as opposed to yearly like other top wrestling companies, but it’s well-done in terms of keeping the main event scene unpredictable. You never know when a cash-in will happen.

– The “Where are these PWS Stars From?” video package offered pop culture and a fair glimpse into the backgrounds of beloved PWS talent like PWS World Heavyweight Champion Mario Bokara (Croatia), Habib From The Car Wash (Pakistan), Chris Payne (Staten Island – NYPD), Nikos Rikos (Greece), Starman (Rahway, New Jersey), Big Deal Craig Steele and Monster’s Island (Parts Unknown). Probably the funniest bit of the bunch was Rikos hustling David Adams big money in exchange for his delivered food and 1/16th of a mountain in Greece, “certified” on a random piece of paper. Also fitting for Habib to be a man of so many words. As for the final scene which showed Super Motorcycle Helmet Man stalking Adams and Matthews as they left a hotel in a car? It’s a perfect cliffhanger. Will there be a Rahway Backlot brawl? Guess we’ll find out next week.





Quick Results

– PWS Tag Team Championship Gauntlet – The Handicapped Heroes (w/Hush) (Champions) def. The Reynolds Brothers, Team Espana and The Heavenly Bodies (w/”Shining” Edward Jackson) to retain 

– The Abominable CPA def. The Scranton Strangler via pinfall

– Falls Count Anywhere – Eddie Kingston def. Kevin Matthews via pinfall

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