Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 5/8/15: Live From Orlando, It’s Friday Night

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(Aired 5/8/15)

Live From Orlando, It’s Friday Night 

– Much to TNA’s credit, they managed to stir some buzz concerning the show’s opening five minutes and for the most part, delivered on that front. Eight months isn’t exactly a quick vacation and is close to a year, so it made sense to hype the return of Bully Ray as something big. Better yet to have it happen at the demand of Eric Young, who was great with his “everybody owes me everything” schtick. Bully’s short promo was delivered with good timing and established his role as Special Guest Referee for the main event. Of course, this left us to wonder if he was back for the long run or a one-off appearance, but given his high status in the company, if he was going to appear, some sort of deal was likely struck.

– The Ethan Carter III-Mr. Anderson Falls Count Anywhere match, as voted in an 85-15% margin, was a pretty good opener. The promos beforehand were basic and formulaic and things didn’t pick up until the action did. It wasn’t too long, but was entertaining with a sheer dash of brutality with chairs on the ramp. EC3 winning with Tyrus’ help wasn’t shocking and it’s likely this feud continues. As far as commentary, you couldn’t hear a damn thing Josh Matthews said. Audio troubletroubletroubletroubletroubletroubletrouble…

– With Bully’s return, it was easy to cast doubt upon his “code of neutrality,” as they had Kurt Angle do backstage when he approached Bully. A heel turn costing Angle the title was very possible and it made sense for TNA to acknowledge this possibility and play it up as much as possible.

– It was pushed well that Gail Kim and Awesome Kong – mostly Kim – was into the idea of working together to protect the Knockouts Division from the mockery it became due to Champion Taryn Terrell. We had to know Kong wouldn’t say anything, but assume she was on board too.

– The Beat Down Clan sure look liked pirates during their entrance. Not the cool kind of pirates either. MVP led the charge with a promo, saying that Homocide was injured outside a Bronx bodega and speculated it could be The Rising. Political references and comparisons? That doesn’t seem very “BDC.” His promo was going for shock value but was just eh, pretty much like this whole feud. The BDC has lots of star power on paper and they’ve shown it at times, but this feud with the Rising reeks of a WCW circa 2000 storyline. Drew Galloway’s response promo said he didn’t have anything to do with Homicide’s injury and tried to shift blame among the BDC. MVP’s response to that was at least passionate. The match that followed between MVP and Galloway was okay, nothing special, despite Galloway getting the pinfall victory. Young attacking The Rising after the match with a chair was an interesting development, sending a message towards the main event and it could’ve also been speculated he hurt Homicide to take his spot.

– The segment with James Storm, Magnus and Mickie James continued their storyline in decent fashion, this time with the Cowboy bringing Mickie a gift in the form of a customized guitar. Storm’s banter got the crowd into it, though some of it was confusing. He said his mother taught him right and wrong, yet he was practically a heel cult leader? The “selfie” mount including the crowd was almost laugh-out-loud stuff. Magnus came across as a heel when he came out and looked to escort Mickie to the back, not finding Storm’s jokes about his old “Brutus” helmet funny. Storm’s true colors showed through a bit once he made the remark about Magnus’ son and his sadistic grin after being knocked out with the guitar was what we needed to see more of. It’s easy to make Storm look despicable, but they also need to make Magnus look like a family man hero, not someone who is jealous.

– Eric Young sold his desperation in wanting the BDC’s help in the main event, claiming they made good business partners, which was what MVP wanted to hear. Having King still cast doubts on the deranged one was also good too. Sometimes you wonder why they don’t just have EY join the group.

– TNA obviously tried to blend kayfabe into reality with having Kim and Terrell interact at Kim’s husband, Robert Irvine’s public event, and it sort of worked but sort of didn’t. Halfway decent. As for the Dollhouse-Kim/Kong match, it was first nice to see new, less weird music for the strange team, as it worked better for them. The match itself was pretty good, though you’d wonder why Brooke wasn’t in on the competition, but if the story was her selling last week’s attacks, then it made sense. Things got needlessly chaotic towards the end, but at least Dollhouse came out on top, albeit through dirty tactics. The faces got some form of revenge as Marti Bell took an Eat Defeat and Implant Buster. Poor Scary Spice.

– You have to feel for the Hardys, with Jeff’s legit daredevil injury putting him on the shelf, causing an emotional effect on Matt and his caring for the belts. That was portrayed excellently on this night.

– The Magnus/Mickie backstage segment showed some dissension between the couple as she felt disrespected by him while he claimed Storm disrespected his family. Is this Mickie falling into the Cowboy’s trap? Intriguing.

– TNA lucked out great, by having Eddie Edwards back from injury just as the Hardys were forced to vacate the Tag Team Championships. It was presented as a nice surprise moment, also getting across Matt’s feelings of dejection. The Dirty Heels also fared well in this segment, though it made us wonder just how exactly these guys had the authority to book a best-of-five series, but that aside, it was a smart way to build interest in the tag team division and should keep things active through the next set of TV tapings.

– Galloway approaching Matt backstage was interesting though incredibly random as he tried to paint their similarities, which confused Matt. Probably everyone else too.

– The Angelina Love-Velvet Sky segment was handled pretty well, if you could suspend your disbelief that security took a whopping five minutes to get to the ring to escort a past-fired employee out of the ring as they attacked a current employee. Only in TNA. The positives – Sky’s new hair color and stone-faced demeanor was something we could buy into and it should be a good program, but the lack of continuity of the “Feast or Fired” stipulation is a head-scratcher. What’s the point of it all then?

– The Young-Bully backstage segment fed more into the “Will Bully call it done the middle?” speculation brought about and it made sense to play up.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Angle and Young was a good main event with the entertainment value of the match itself, but TNA being TNA, this was incredibly overbooked as we got run-ins from BDC, The Rising and Chris Melendez. Unless they use it later on in a storyline, wasn’t it also quite odd that Bully never responded much to Young’s blatant lowblow besides the backdrop? The story here was that Bully mostly called it down the middle and ultimately wasn’t too much of a direct factor in the decision, but it was also good that you could argue he was. You also have to wonder who will get the next World Title shot.




Quick Results

– Falls Count Anywhere – Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) def. Mr. Anderson via pinfall

– Drew Galloway (w/Eli Drake, Mika) def. MVP (w/Low-Ki, Kenny King) via pinfall

– 3-on-2 Handicap Match – The Dollhouse def. Gail Kim/Awesome Kong via pinfall

– TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Bully Ray as Special Guest Referee – Kurt Angle (Champion) def. Eric Young via submission to retain 

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