Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 5/4/15: Dawn Of The Dean

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(Aired 5/4/15)

Dawn Of The Dean 

– The first segment with Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and The New Day did a couple of decent things. Necessary tension was shown between Reigns and Orton. They were never established as friends nor should they be. They weren’t exactly at each other’s heads since they had a common enemy, but both men made it clear they would take the other out to pursue their goal. The New Day coming out nobody probably saw coming, but it was a welcome change, being that the spotlight was put on younger heels that were also the Tag Team Champions. What was even better here was that New Day was given mic time for extra annoyance purposes, helping them settle in as heels more. It also had the presence of Kane without actually having him there, as it was established that he booked The New Day to fight the two faces.

– The New Day-Reigns/Orton 3-on-2 handicap match was good, as it allowed both teams to go back and forth as the Tag champs had a good showing. The crowd was hot for Orton and bought into the hot tag. The finish was a good way to progress tension between Reigns/Orton as Reigns accidentally speared Orton, allowing New Day to take advantage to get the win, keeping their own momentum going too. Only complaint here was that Kingston side-stepped too early and it looked as if Reigns intentionally speared Orton initially until he showed a look of utter shock and awry. Kane coming out to book Reigns-Orton as the main event made sense from the Director Of Operations’ perspective and was a marquee main event you could get away with since Payback’s main event involved multiple people.

– Kane did more face-heel teetering, this time leaning more towards face once WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins approached him backstage, criticizing Kane’s late efforts to make things right. Kane then used his power to book a rematch of Dean Ambrose-Rollins with J & J Security banned, all to piss Rollins off.

– Ryback’s promo in response to Bray Wyatt’s attacks was decent, though he didn’t necessarily connect with the crowd, as much as he tried to acknowledged them and the fact. He’s lucky he’s got the “Feed Me More” chant going for him. Wyatt’s fog promo had purpose since we knew who it was about, but this feud just isn’t clicking the way you’d think. Does anybody even really want to see these two go at it?

– The Tyson Kidd/Cesaro-Ascension match followed another Legion Of Doom-wannabe boxed promo by The Ascension. The match rolled along pretty lull until Cesaro woke the crowd up with a literal minute of his Irish Whip-Uppercut combo. Once that happened, the crowd ate it all up. It was hard to believe the Ascension was a real threat here despite the broadcast team’s attempt to build them up, but this was a necessary win for the former tag champs. At the least, they could choose to build The Ascension in the future if they wish, not completely squashing them.

– Rollins’ promo was short and to the point with him saying there was no point of the match and that Kane was a moron. Though to be fair – didn’t he give his reaction when he personally heard about the match happening from Kane?

– Definitely loved the idea of Kane adding stipulation after stipulation to the Ambrose-Rollins match, as right before things got underway, he gave Ambrose the chance to get in on the Payback main event. This kept the crowd engaged and was a nice treat for them. Rollins’ response promo was his usual complaint-turned-to-gloating as he sold it all well. Ambrose even stood his ground well as he gave a short line about being happy. As for the match, it was excellent in so many ways. This felt like a mini main event in of itself. The crowd was fully behind Ambrose and it was just a good bout all-around, seeing Ambrose tough it out with the WWE Champion. There were points where it looked like Rollins would scheme or dominate his way out of trouble (we’re looking at the vicious barricade powerbomb particularly) but Ambrose fought back in a convincing enough fashion to make everyone believe he earned his Payback Title shot. J & J Security coming down initially had the stench of a dirty finish, but their botched interference only made Ambrose getting the surprise pinfall all the more of a great moment.

– Rollins trying to attack Kane backstage being held back by J & J Security was understandable. Kane again tried to back it up saying he was trying to make Rollins a man, which nobody bought. The Kane intrigue continued on.

– Lana’s backstage segment with Fandango had the dancer sell the WWE Universe’s adulation as something special to hold on to while Lana downplayed the crowd within Rusev’s earshot. Even a little backstage segment like this helped make the match feel a little bit more important.

– The Rusev-Fandango match brought yet another moment of Lana acknowledging the fans’ acceptance, even resorting to Fandangoing – something we never thought we’d ever type. Marc Mero – er, Rusev again ejected her from the match and made quick work of Fandango as he made him tap out to the Accolade.

– The Stardust-R-Truth match was the King of the Ring rematch that nobody wanted to see. With Stardust’s cosmic banter boxed promo beforehand, it was obvious the goal was to rebuild Stardust in some sort. They tried to create some intrigue by alluding to a black bag with something inside, but of course it only turned out to be plastic spiders. Lame.

– When it came down to it, Sami Zayn had a memorable main roster debut. Everything was set up beautifully by John Cena, who deserved props for turning a tough Montreal crowd in his favor by dropping the right lines and he hyped up the Open Challenge perfectly all the while saying he was ready for Rusev when the time came to face him. It seemed every time WWE comes to Montreal, Bret Hart is always involved and that was no different here. It’s crazy to see just how over he is there and Hart had the perfect role as it turned. Heath Slater’s brief interruption only to get bonked out with a microphone was forgettable, though sort of funny. Either way, the place came unglued once Zayn came out. You could question WWE’s strategy of presenting Zayn as someone already established from NXT as opposed to a new underdog, sort of like how Neville is currently portrayed, but to us, it makes sense. After all, it sells NXT and the guy also happens to be in a marquee TakeOver NXT Championship match against Kevin Owens. The match itself was good, as Zayn displayed a taste of his upstart offense, though his apparent shoulder injury slowed some of that up. Ironically, him fighting through it just made him more of an underdog and gave him an out for a loss despite already having one fighting the face of the company. He turned his signature turnbuckle DDT spot flawlessly and he even got to kick out of the Attitude Adjustment and had a great near-fall with his own finisher executed. In the end though, we knew the inevitable would happen and Cena came out on top, but the sportsmanship displayed afterwards just sold the great moment that was Zayn’s debut. Of course, follow up is key and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

– The idea that The New Day stood in the same spot backstage celebrating their win all night long was ridiculous, yet kind of hilarious at the same time. They took the spotlight as Kingston gloated and they all sang. Kidd/Cesaro/Natalya were the people to step in and give them a reality check while New Day walked away angry. Decent stuff. At least it’s not Prime Time Players campiness.

– Naomi and Tamina made a quick yet solid statement by attacking the Bellas. Tamina always works best as a beastly bodyguard and she could do Naomi a lot of good as her enforcer. Naomi’s brief line, “This is what family is about” was something that surely lingered, as it referenced Tamina’s relation to Naomi’s husband, Jimmy Uso, tying them all together.

– King Barrett’s promo was cliche and basic, as any heel would’ve said the same thing with the King title. Oh, Barrett is British, so he had to mention the Royal Family of course. Sigh. That’s nit picking though, because the match that followed with him and Sheamus against Neville/Dolph Ziggler continued the trend of good matches from the upper midcard. Everybody had some time to look good. Giggler’s boxed promo was decent, but nothing special and Neville did his thing, only to again come short against Barrett, giving the King just a little bit of momentum with his Bull Hammer Elbow.

– The Reigns-Orton match had The Authority minus Triple H and Stephanie McMahon announce that they had sudden special ringside roles for the match. The match was okay while it went on, of course until Kane and the Authority got physically involved, drawing out Ambrose to make the save, which the crowd dug. Three-hour burnout was evident by this point, but at least Ambrose looked good here, as it made sense to have the newest contender stand atop a fallen Orton and Reigns.





Quick Results

– 3-on-2 Handicap Match – The New Day def. Roman Reigns/Randy Orton via pinfall

– Tyson Kidd/Cesaro (w/Natalya) def. The Ascension via pinfall

– J & J Security Banned From Ringside/If Dean Ambrose Wins, He Is Added To Payback WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins via pinfall

– Rusev (w/Lana) def. Fandango via submission

– Stardust def. R-Truth via pinfall

– United States Championship – Open Challenge – John Cena def. Sami Zayn via pinfall

– King Barrett/Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler/Neville via pinfall

– Randy Orton and Roman Reigns to a No-Contest

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