Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 5/6/15: Stamp Of Approval

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(Aired 5/6/15)

Stamp Of Approval 

– Good to see Emma trolling the crowd this time around, donning Bayley’s t-shirt and headband. The match between her and Charlotte was good for what it was. A lot of attention was focused on Emma’s newer aggressive style – more rough and gritty. Of course, that was all kind of done away as Charlotte finished her off with a Natural Selection, albeit on one leg. Bayley coming out to turn a hug for Emma into a Bayley-To-Belly was a nice change of pace, though it came off a bit heelish, but the crowd was fully behind her, so it was good.

– There was a good job on this episode of pushing Becky Lynch as a credible contender – telling her history of looking up to past wrestlers and her journey of traveling to several continents, honing her craft. It was a good glimpse into her career that also talked about the reasons behind her more aggressive attitude as of late. Though Lynch is a tweener, it’ll be easier to push her like this against the heel NXT Divas Champion Sasha Banks.

– Michael Cole’s sit-down interview with NXT World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Owens was fantastic with very strong work on both ends. Cole was aggressive enough in his questions to Owens about his attacks on Sami Zayn and saw through his lies, while Owens tried to portray himself as a family man and wanted to avoid anything related to Zayn. There were some points of truth in Owens’ remarks about not being treated as the Champion he was and the tension between the two was played perfectly. They should bring Cole to do these more often.

– The Rhyno-Bull Dempsey match was a squash for the man with the Gore. Dempsey remains a sad man in a singlet. Rhyno’s post-match promo had him challenge Baron Corbin for NXT TakeOver, which was decent.

– Sasha Banks’ promo was solid work as she came across as the boss in true fashion. It was short and sweet as she also spoke about Lynch and how she made her and could make people forget her just as quickly.

– The video package for the independently known Uhaa Nation was well-done, as it showed him signing his NXT contract and going to the Performance Center. The video package was a decent glimpse into his stardom thus far. No name was given, so we’re left to wonder what his ring name will be, but things show promise off the belt. Is it stereotypical to see he looks a bit too much like a young Bobby Lashley?

– It was a solid twist to have Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy attack Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady backstage to the non-enthusiastic cries of Carmella, pushing the Tag Team Champions’ agenda to eliminate the number one contenders. Solid stuff, though it must’ve been awkward for the new heels Scott Dawson/Dash Wilder stuck in the ring with nothing to do.

– Cole’s interview with Zayn sold the personal rivalry with Owens and his emotionality within the feud, pushing the mystery of why Owens wouldn’t reveal his actions. Zayn set it up well, telling Owens to come out next week and explain his actions face-to-face. Passionate stuff, as it also mentioned Zayn’s main roster debut from Raw against John Cena. With the show being taped, you had to wonder if this would be addressed, but luckily it was. Zayn’s health status being in question will be something to look for going forward and how it might directly affect TakeOver.

– The Regal-Banks-Lynch contract signing segment had its moments. Lynch gave an in-ring promo of what was already established in the hype video, while Banks did the same, allowing us to see her own personal stamp for autographs. The physicality wasn’t surprising, though it was handled well. The image of Banks atop Lynch on the table was memorable and Lynch got to fight back, making Banks tap out, solidly hyping their match.

– It would’ve been stupid had WWE not acknowledged the “Thank you Owens” chants once Owens took Alex Riley out last week. Riley’s taped message promo pushed on this and made him come off as somebody jealous of Zayn and miserable for failed risks, planting the seeds for a heel turn down the road. He honestly works better as a heel anyway.

– Dana Brooke’s backstage promo had her complain about not being picked for the Tapout commercial. She’s like the white Sasha Banks almost, as far as charisma. In the ring, that statement isn’t the same.

– The Hideo Itami-Tyler Breeze match (who has kept count this year of their matches?) wasn’t fantastic by any means. You could actually say it was on the lower rank of their bouts, but the hype for the three-way match at TakeOver was decent, as Finn Balor being there at ringside also helped this. The spot with Itami kicking Balor through the barricade also helped this. Itami looked good with the victory, while Breeze got the final kicks, standing atop both men laid out, which was a good way to close things out.





Quick Results

– Charlotte def. Emma via pinfall

– Rhyno def. Bull Dempsey via pinfall

– Hideo Itami def. Tyler Breeze via pinfall

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