Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 5/6/15: A Two-Man War

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(Aired 5/6/15)

A Two-Man War

– If you’ve been keeping up with the product lately, then the opening video wasn’t anything riveting, as it mainly hyped the initial moment when Alberto El Patron and Johnny Mundo met, and looked back at when The Crew lost to Angelico/Son Of Havoc/Ivelisse for the Trios Championships, subjecting Dario Cueto to threaten them with his literally caged brother if they lost again.

– El Patron and Mundo were obviously at odds on this episode, agreeing that they were both contenders for the World Championship – more deserving than Hernandez. This made them go to Cueto’s office and voice their demands. Cueto did his thing, showered both men with praise and booked them both to fight with the winner taking on Hernandez to get the Title shot. Perfect main event and it gave the viewer something to stay tuned in for.

– The Cortez Castro/Mr. Cisco-Angelico/Son Of Havoc match was a good continuation of their program – this time with Ivelisse among the crowd shouting orders or motivating, depending on which side you’re on. Angelico/Havoc showed signs of working well together, but the story was that The Crew came out on top, overcoming Havoc’s hot tag momentum. This was all well and good as The Crew needed this win and also allowed further tension among the Trios Champions, which in of itself wasn’t hard to accomplish.

– Delavar Daivari came off like a social media-obsessed jerk while in the office with Cueto, not even paying attention to him, only saying he liked to inflict violence, not witness it. Cueto booked him against Texano and we had that to look forward to.

– Hernandez continued to show heel tendencies and Prince Puma should’ve been as angry as he was backstage, needing Konnan to hold him back. Konnan was good in his questioning of Hernandez, where one could easily see his point being made. Let’s not forget that Puma already knew that Hernandez didn’t care much for him, as he heard Hernandez say it himself last week in the locker room. Cueto coming over and announcing the new plans for Hernandez of course upset the current number one contender as he then booked both of them against King Cuerno/Cage, which would showcase their tension in the ring.

– The Delavar Daivari-Texano match was more like a brawl, as Texano rushed the ring, attacked Daivari and shoved the referee down, causing him to get disqualified in about 20 seconds. That was way too fast to really digest and it was hard to distinguish who we were supposed to root for.

– The King Cuerno/Cage-Hernandez/Puma match was all focused on the strange relationship with Puma/Hernandez, making it very known they didn’t like each other. Loved that Hernandez purposely blocked Puma from taking a dive to the outside. Things furthered even more once Hernandez purposely pulled Puma into harm’s way, leading to more physicality, which was good, as Hernandez laid Puma out and abandoned him, letting Cage get the pinfall. Konnan showed good fire as he charged at Hernandez with his cane. Still have to wonder if Konnan and Hernandez are in cahoots with each other, but Hernandez is definitely painted as a heel now.

– The segment with Angela Fong and El Dragon Azteca pulled more out of the Quentin Tarantino playbook, which was a good thing as far as the cinematic aspect of things, showing Fong’s progress and influence by Azteca on her.  Where does it all lead and when does she come to the Temple? Remains to be seen, but the ride thus far is good.

– El Patron and Mundo started off very strong out of the gate and remained that way throughout. Was it the greatest match ever? Not exactly, almost quite formulaic, but very well-crafted and enjoyable. Fans were almost split, though El Patron was more of the favorite here. Loved the emphasis on the broken steps courtesy of Mundo and the dive to the outside by El Patron that followed that was well-done. Great near-falls down the stretch that saw El Patron get the victory after a swift kick to Mundo’s noggin, giving him the right to earn Hernandez. This was the right way to book this and we got a great match out of it, definitely the best in a while as far as main events.

– So, the biggest development coming out of this show came in the form of a resurrected Mil Muertes via Catrina, who had a hand in putting him to sleep to begin with. The obvious question is why she did it and where Fenix falls in the equation, but that’s the art of the cliffhanger, folks.





Quick Results

– Cortez Castro/Mr. Cisco (w/Bael) def. Angelico/Son Of Havoc (w/Ivelisse) via pinfall

– Delavar Daivari def. Texano via DQ

– King Cuerno/Cage def. Hernandez/Prince Puma (w/Konnan) via pinfall

– Winner Fights Hernandez In Number One Contender’s Match – Alberto El Patron def. Johnny Mundo via pinfall

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