Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 5/3/15: Coming To America

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(Aired 5/3/15)

Coming To America

– It’d be a crime if last week’s epic three-way hardcore match for the PWS World Heavyweight Championship between Fallah Bahh, Mario Bokara and Dan Maff wasn’t shown in some sort of video package. That was the company’s biggest happening on the TV show to that point and deserved every second of glory. It really allowed for viewers to digest the story watching the highlights back – as Maff coming so close to winning only to lose was emphasized with extra effort.

– Maff’s promo sitting on the Rahway Rec Center steps provided a reflective glimpse into his failures in asking for a fair fight and repeated that he wouldn’t “pack it in.” It was very solid promo work from the Boricua Beast, leaving us wondering where he is headed next in terms of being heel or face. This appeared he was more on the “never give up” face side of things. Also loved that you could see only his silhouette from the one shining light in the shot.

– Nice to see a somewhat updated Monster’s Island vignette, showing all the members’ names. It was a decent lead-in to their match against The Aesthetic Enterprise/Anthony Bowens/Mr. Gamble, which was a good back-and-forth match, showcasing the frightful quartet’s early domination until the fireball backfired, letting the heels take hold of the control for all they could grasp. It was a great tie-in to Monster’s Island’s past attacks on both teams separately. Disappointing to see it end on a DQ, albeit by a shovel of all weapons brought in by Bowens. The heels may had gotten the cheap win by DQ, but it couldn’t be denied that Doomsday, Sprinkles, Leather and Hell Billy had a memorable showing.

– Eddie Kingston’s promo was all sleazy, anything but easy. He vowed he wasn’t the one who attacked Kevin Matthews and didn’t need to dress up to start a fight but would lay him out anyways. Solid stuff.

– The segment with the Abominable CPA-The Strangler “CPA Tax Tip of the Week” was a chuckle-worth glimpse into PWS’ wacky humor only a phone conversation between an awkward tax accountant and a strangler can give you.

– It was excellent to see a big chunk of show time dedicated to highlighting the entire first round of the TV Title Tournament looking forward to the second round, with promo work to hype all those matches. For those keeping score, it’s The Drunken Swashbuckler-Brian Myers, Starman-Delroy, The Lifeguard Mike Del-Devon Moore and Chris Payne-Anthony Bowens for the next round. A lot of the promos were already recycled from past shows but of the newest ones, the most memorable were from Starman, who dropped his knowledge of general wrestling rules, a helpful tool against the likes of New Jack and Bowens – who played up on his past history with Payne to hype the match. Also let the record show some form of a TDS promo, as he knew his opponent’s name, but that was about it. Knowing your opponent is half the battle when you’re drunk.

– The Ladder Match for the Suicidal Six-Way Title between Bobby Wayward, Matt Macintosh, Craven Varro, TDS, Starman and Habib From The Car Wash rightfully started things off with Habib’s return, going straight for Macintosh, who had him departed. The concept of a Suicidal Six-Way ladder match with all former champions was a genius concept. A few cool spots surely – Macintosh’s German suplex on TDS that made him throw the ladder onto other competitors was flawlessly done. There was a whole bunch of brutality here and the finish was clever – as Macintosh inadvertently boosted Habib up the ladder so he could climb it up, leading to a big reaction.





Quick Results

– The Aesthetic Enterprise (w/Jay Enterprise)/Anthony Bowens/Mr. Gamble def. Monster’s Island via DQ

– Suicidal Six-Way Title – Ladder Match – Habib From The Car Wash def. Bobby Wayward (Champion), The Drunken Swashbuckler, Craven Varro, Starman and Matt Macintosh to become new Champion 

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