Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 5/1/15: Extremely Basic

TNA Impact Wrestling“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 5/1/15)

Extremely Basic

– The Hardys/Davey Richards-Abyss/Khoya/Manik Tag Team Hardcore match was a decent opener for the weapons-friendly two-hour Hardcore Justice show, but if you’ve seen one of these matches, then you’ve seen them all. Despite the entertainment, there was nothing innovative here, as the Hardys got their 67,900th revenge on The Revolution.

– At this point, James Storm being angry at his followers/disciple people shouldn’t make him look bad.Wouldn’t you be mad if your team lost every match against the Hardys? Perhaps the only intrigue to come out of this was the follow-up between Storm and Abyss, and that’s generous at that.

– The idea of a Mr. Anderson-Ethan Carter III feud is a good one. The idea of an Anderson-EC3 feud wrapped around in the ridiculousness of a “Presidential Campaign” storyline is horribly cheesy and to this point, horrendously executed. Granted – Anderson is the only face on the roster who could halfway pull off a politician gimmick (there’s a little Mike Huckabee in him just waiting to break out) but the issue remains all of the hoopla around the feud. Why can’t they just fight for the sake of it? Their “Fans Choice Stipulation” match hyped for next week of Falls Count Anywhere or Arm Wrestling Match was decently pushed via the segment, but it’s insanely obvious what we’ll see next week. Will it even be all that good? This segment was like watching the lackluster host for a lackluster party try to sell it as the best party ever. So not the case.

– The X-Division Championship ladder match between Mandrews, Rockstar Spud (Champion), Tigre Uno and Kenny King was a good way to showcase the current X-Division, though it felt oddly strung together last-minute. Mandrews impressed with his offense (Shooting Star Press from the top rope was particularly impressive) but it was too soon for him to be Champion. Tigre Uno we barely knew anything about him for him to convincingly win the belt, leaving the only believable winners down to Spud and the Beat Down Clan’s representation, King. Homicide knocking Spud off the ladder to help King become new Champion was predictable, but good. It brings the gold back to them.

– Eric Young’s stage promo with the stretcher provided some good hype for the main event, giving the reasoning behind his recent actions, with the stretcher as his visual aid of destruction. Sold gold from the deranged fellow.

– BDC celebrating King’s win led to MVP pushing the other matches decently, like the Pipe On A Pole match, as Low-Ki hit stuff with a pipe and water bottles flew. In mid-air, mind you.

– Spud’s promo sold the impact of how he lost the belt to a bunch of thieves. He talked of the belt’s legacy listing champions to have it and believably sold that he was determined to get it back. Great promo.

– The production style of the Dollhouse Vignettes and piano music in the background sets them apart from a lot of acts out there. It’s all strange and scary, but it’s a solid gimmick. Taryn Terrell strangely fits in with them as their leader, putting them on top with her as the Knockouts Champion, not scared of Brooke.

– The Knockouts Championship match between Terrell and Brooke was a decent match as it told the story of the Champion dominating with subtle help from her Dollhouse mates. Terrell’s in-ring style is actually enhanced by her heel work and Brooke had enough fire to make a believable enough comeback to rally behind. You still had to know Terrell would win with the help of her friends, since that was the main story here – as this is bound to become a regular thing probably. The interaction between Gail Kim and Terrell postmatch was a good way to hype next week’s show by showing that Kim and Awesome Kong had joined forces to help Brooke against the Dollhouse. The intrigue obviously lied in seeing former rivals team up, but it still feels too soon to take the Dollhouse as a serious threat. Feel like they need to do more to come across threateningly, besides adding Terrell.

– The Rising promo/vignette was okay for what it was, though Galloway’s “Braveheart”-like speech (it’s impossible not to make the reference) sounded incredibly cliche.

– The Pipe On A Pole match between Galloway-Low-Ki didn’t wear out its welcome, but utilized the stipulation as much as possible, but was nothing too memorable besides Galloway getting the win. Needless to say, there was a brawl with everybody afterwards. This was just another meh chapter to a meh storyline.

– It seemed as if the crowd didn’t know how to react to the James Storm-Magnus in-ring segment. Showing Storm miraculously “running into” Mickie James in a parking lot made him out to be a decent guy, though it was known by the hype video played beforehand that Storm was being a manipulator here. Magnus fed into the “manipulator” talk for about a minute and showed good fire in his promo defending his wife. That would’ve been good had the segment in the ring made it look like Storm made Magnus out to be the insecure one – pointing out that Magnus hired a cameraman to keep tabs on Mickie and that his wife didn’t tell him about running into Storm. The chant was chanting for Magnus, but by the end, were given reasons to doubt him.

– Angle’s backstage promo was a solid final sell for the Stretcher match, promoting the guarantee of violence and breaking EY in half. You can’t ask for more than that.

– The Angle-Young non-Title Stretcher match was an okay one that showed the tides turning from Angle controlling the match to Young brutally getting on top, doing two piledrivers on Angle, beating the TNA World Champion. This probably meant a Title match next week, given by the program guide for the show. This was all good though, as the idea presented was that Young looked quite strong. Really loved the extra sell on those Piledrivers, though the move itself is still debatable n this day and age of pro wrestling.





Quick Results

– Hardcore Rules – The Hardys/Davey Richards def. Manik/Abyss/Khoya via pinfall

– X-Division Championship – Ladder Match – Kenny King def. Rockstar Spud (Champion), Mandrews and Tigre Uno to become new Champion

– Knockouts Championship – Taryn Terrell (Champion) (w/Marti Bell, Jade) def. Brooke via pinfall to retain

– Pipe On A Pole Match – Drew Galloway def. Low-Ki via pinfall

– Stretcher Match – Non-Title – Eric Young def. Kurt Angle 

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