Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 4/27/15: One Less Lonely Champ

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(Aired 4/27/15)

One Less Lonely Champ 

– The opening video focused on the sudden return of the King of the Ring tournament. This was good for the show because it promised quality wrestling as a way to fill gaps of time, even leading to a special on the WWE Network the following night.

– The in-ring segment with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, J & J Security, Kane, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns was all about setting the main event stage for Payback, having Kane stand boldly with The Authority but still catering to the fans to make Rollins’ reign as Champion tough as possible by letting them vote on the Payback main event. Kane’s confused facial expressions while Rollins bragged about “single handedly” winning at Payback was gold and he showed fire (no pun intended) by arguing back to Rollins. Though the Justin Bieber reference seemed a tad outdated, it quickly caught on with the audience. Reigns coming out to throw his name in the Title hunt made sense, since he was coming off a win against Big Show. Kane continued his tweener booker role as he made the main event for the show, teaming with Rollins against Orton/Reigns later, to Rollins’ dismay.

– The First Round KOTR match between Dolph Ziggler and Bad News Barrett was a welcome start to the tourney. Ziggler’s boxed promo sold Sheamus’ attack the previous night and he referenced he would get “payback.” Hmm… guess we know another match, huh? Barrett’s boxed promo put himself over as someone King-worthy. He could actually use this tournament to be a threat. The match was somewhat competitive, but you could see Sheamus distracting Ziggler coming from a mile away. It gave Ziggler an out to lose at least.

– The glimpse of The New Day backstage showed Kofi Kingston forcing the backstage hand to drop his paperwork and start clapping – a subtle heel move. Their in-ring promo tried a new chant which failed. The former Tag champs got little reaction when they came out, which was scary. The match between Big E and Tyson Kidd was too short to be anything memorable, mainly noteworthy for Woods holding down Kidd’s ankle, preventing him from kicking out, helping Big E win.

– The Ryback-Bo Dallas match was preceded by another scathing Dallas promo where he threatened Ryback to walk away. The action was short-lived, with Dallas getting in a surprising amount of offense, but it ended with the Shellshocked anyways. Bray Wyatt coming out of nowhere confirmed our suspicions about a feud with the Big Guy. Sister Abigail pretty much confirmed it. Simple, yet does the job.

– The segment with John Cena, Heath Slater, Rusev and Lana was a good way to throw off the usual pace of the United States Championship open challenge, as Rusev attacked Slater, who was the latest to accept the challenge, but never made it to the ring. It makes perfect sense for Rusev to want to attack anyone going for his old Championship. Slater didn’t really matter in this segment anyway, as he mainly cut a heel promo insulting the town. What was interesting here was that Lana continued to be portrayed as a sympathetic figure, playing to the fans’ cheers and getting ejected by Rusev, causing big heat on him. Russell’s promo was to the point and decently hyped the Payback match with Cena.

– The Rollins-Kane backstage segment had the Champion tear down the new Payback vote stipulation and threatened to tell Triple H and Stephanie McMahon all about it, as usual. It was only obvious the new path was being led to a triple threat at Payback. Rollins’ complaining was perfect though.

– The First Round KOTR match between R-Truth and Stardust had Truth deliver a “Truth” boxed promo going back to his spider phobia. Stardust’s boxed promo involved him saying big words. That was about it. The action left a lot to be desired and the crowd wasn’t much into it besides the “Cody” chants. The finish was cool though with the Lie Detector being administered in mid-air.

– The Fandango-Adam Rose match carried on this little “rivalry” (awfully one-sided until this match) and wasn’t much of anything besides Mendes posing as a Rosebud dancing to distract Fandango to cost him the match. That’s “Rosa on the Rebound” for you. Sigh. Her promo was decent as she denounced Fandango and made out with Rose, not very convincingly.

– The interview with Brie Bella mentioned her marital ties to Daniel Bryan to put her over as more of a face, as she sold the emotional impact of everything. Naomi shoving Bella down to the ground after that was perfect heel heat. No one saw that coming since she was talking about something legitimate.

– The Brie Bella-Naomi match had a lot of focus on Naomi’s aggressiveness in style – from her light-up kicks and neon green leopard print attire to her cocky pins and spunky attitude. Creative is lucky that the Bellas have settled so smoothly into faces, but it’s still lazy booking. At least they had Naomi get the win and keep her momentum and broadcast team gave Brie the excuse of her husband being out of action.

– The First Round KOTR match between Dean Ambrose and Sheamus was good while it lasted. Ambrose’s boxed promo fit his gimmick. Sheamus’ boxed promo also was straight-forward for him and his “Trash The Underdogs” gimmick. This was probably the most competitive KOTR match of the night. Both guys got in plenty of offense and either guy could’ve won it. Dolph Ziggler getting revenge furthered their feud, but at the same time it let Sheamus win by disqualification. Shouldn’t Ambrose have been mad at Ziggler for that?

– The Damien Sandow in-ring “shoot-style” promo also stood out on the show, as he discussed the history of his character. Promos like this actually get guys over, shockingly enough. Curtis Axel coming into things gave Sandow more “imitation ammunition” which initially appeared shaky but ended up with cheers. Sandow busting out his old move set was also a nice shade of the transition to “classic Sandow.”

– It’s so much better to enjoy Wyatt’s promos when you know what and who he is talking to. Case in point: this one.

– The First Round KOTR match between Neville and Luke Harper provided a great moment for the man gravity forgot. Neville’s boxed promo showed confidence and he seemed more calm on the mic than he was in NXT. Harper’s boxed promo was downright brutal and sadistic sounding, which also fit him. The match itself was pretty decent, as Neville did his flying thing while Harper worked to ground him. What took the sting out of the match was the fact that we knew the winner would fight Sheamus and how boring does a Harper-Sheamus match sound compared to Neville-Sheamus? Neville owned the last minute of the match and had the crowd very much on his side. The Red Arrow continues to be sold as a move of both pain and majestic beauty.

– The tag team main event between Reigns/Orton and Kane/Rollins was actually really good towards the end, with the crowd much hyper against seeing Rollins get what he deserved. Kane was conflicted for much of the match, but finally ended up taking out Rollins and fed him to Reigns/Orton. Kane’s announcement that it was voted a triple threat at Payback was the icing on the cake. Reigns’  spear on Rollins sold the moment that gave the impression that maybe Rollins’ Champion days were numbered, though we know that’s not the truth.





Quick Results

– King Of The Ring – First Round – Bad News Barrett def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall to advance

– Big E (w/Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods) def. Tyson Kidd (w/Cesaro, Natalya) via pinfall

– Ryback def. Bo Dallas via pinfall

– King Of The Ring – First Round – R-Truth def. Stardust via pinfall to advance 

– Adam Rose (w/Rosa Mendes, The Exotic Express) def. Fandango via pinfall

– Naomi def. Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella) via pinfall

– King Of The Ring – First Round – Sheamus def. Dean Ambrose via DQ to advance 

– King Of The Ring – First Round – Neville def. Luke Harper to advance 

– Tag Match – Roman Reigns/Randy Orton def. Kane/Seth Rollins (w/J & J Security) via pinfall

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