Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 4/29/15: Kevin Owens Is Not Impressed

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(Aired 4/29/15)

Kevin Owens Is Not Impressed

– The opening video looked back at last week’s Kevin Owens-Alex Riley rematch, as Owens owned Riley yet again, doing everything except the Apron Powerbomb as Sami Zayn saved Riley, as the two rivals brawled, going back to interview sound bites from the two guys. This made Zayn-Owens feel like the big deal it is.

– The in-ring segment with Owens, William Regal and Zayn was all about setting up the future. Owens looked like an utter badass with how he spoke to Regal and called out Zayn. Regal booked the May 20th NXT TakeOver match for the NXT World Heavyweight Title. Owens had a point in not wanting to put the Title on the line, saying Zayn didn’t earn it. Zayn’s retort that all of Owens’ accomplishments had his own name with them was great. Even using Owens’ “I fight for a prize” line was a great way to show that Zayn was taking a page out of the Champ’s mental playbook, pissing Owens off to the point of wanting to put the Title on the line.

– Are Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy done with pursuing Carmella just like that, once she shooed them away when they approached her on the couch? She took offense to how they spoke of Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady for sure. The interaction between Carmella and Alexa Bliss was different, yet cool to watch. Bliss should’ve known Carmella would slap her for having her class questioned. Will we see a future match between the two? What was with Blake/Murphy approaching Bliss afterwards?

– The backstage segment with Zayn, Regal and Alex Riley set up the main event for later on between Zayn and Riley. Riley seemed downright out of his mind for wanting another match against Owens, but his fire shown towards Zayn when he told Riley about Owens’ brutality was interesting. Zayn viewed it as a warm-up match while Riley looked at it as an opportunity to get to Owens again. Nobody took him seriously at the end when he requested Owens for TakeOver if he beat Zayn.

– The Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy-Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady started with the usual SAWFT promo where Amore comes up with an outlandish nickname for his opponents, which the crowd loved. If Enzo/Cass are already number one contenders, why was this match against the Champions non-title? It was good in its short length, which saw Team SAWFT come out victorious. On another note – they managed to make Blake/Murphy come off super-annoying with their zoom-camera dubstep entrance schtick. Perhaps the plan here is to have Carmella turn on them in the match for the Championships? Just a hunch.

– The Becky Lynch hype video was a good way to show her background in experience in hard work and determination to be the best. Still not sure if she is painted as a face or heel as she seems tweener.

– Bayley’s backstage promo had her mention she couldn’t find her headbands or bracelets. Emma came behind a minute later with those things saying she’d give them to her. This would set up the upcoming match.

– The Baron Corbin hype video was solid and put him over, though he sounded more like a heel here. This mad us wonder what was next for the “lone wolf,” and we got our answer shortly after.

– The Bayley-Dana Brooke match was good while it lasted, with Brooke being put over for smart strategy while Bayley also owned at some points with her athleticism. Emma coming out to Bayley’s music and distracting her with her headbands to cost her the match was a good way to progress their feud. Emma high-fiving Brooke on the way out was also telling.

– Regal announced that everything was official for a triple threat Number One Contender’s match for the NXT Title with Hideo Itami, Tyler Breeze and Finn Balor. That sounds like a great match already.

– The Itami-Adam Rose (w/The Exotic Express) felt like a buffer match for Itami, though Rose was no pushover on the NXT grounds. Nevertheless, Itami won in quick decisive fashion, as he builded momentum for that three-way match.

– Backstage, Bayley looked for Emma and she was determined to get her stuff back from her. We never got to see if she got it back, so we’re going to assume she is still looking backstage as you read this.

– The Becky Lynch-Sarah Dobson match was obviously a squash for Lynch to build momentum for the number one contender. Lynch won by submission, as you’d expect.

– Rhyno addressed Corbin’s comments in the hype video and was determined to teach Corbin a lesson about the present and future. That’s a match that actually sort of has promise.

– The Zayn-Riley match was joined by Owens on commentary to a nice surprise. Owens’ comments about “Aren’t you excited to see Alex Riley wrestle? Come on people, let’s all rage!” was hilarious. Owens played it perfect at the table – putting himself over as a machine insulting the commentators and eventually physically got into the match, attacking Zayn on the ramp and Apron-Bombing Riley, as he hoped to do last week. Guess that’s the last “rage” we’ll get for a while, huh? This was a solid way to keep things fresh for Zayn-Owens, with the Champion continuing to have the advantage. The image of him walking up the ramp with bodies laid out on the floor is beginning to become routine, but that’s a good thing.





Quick Results

– Non-Title – Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady (w/Carmella) def. Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy via pinfall

– Dana Brooke def. Bayley via pinfall

– Hideo Itami def. Adam Rose (w/The Exotic Express) via pinfall

– Becky Lynch def. Sarah Dobson via submission

– Alex Riley def. Sami Zayn via DQ

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