Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 4/26/15: That’s Hard-Door

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(Aired 4/26/15)

That’s Hard-Door

– Cool to see some new additions to the theme montage. Keeps the show feeling fresh.

– The Lifeguard Mike Del (w/Ashley Massaro)-Johnny Howl match was a decent clash of the “howl and the whistle,” as cleverly coined by Sam Roberts. This didn’t seem like the kind of match that would approach the 10-minute mark, but it did so and exceeded expectations. Howl getting the victory was interesting considering he also showed off a new finisher to get the pin.

Is someone on the verge of a push? Del looked good in defeat as well, but you wonder just where his character is going. Massaro has no presence out at ringside. Has she even cut a promo of why she is with Del? She could add so much more to his gimmick besides just standing there looking pretty.

– The Monster’s Island vignette to hype their appearance next week was a good way to hook people in for then. The vignettes are always slick and cool to watch. Maybe not at 3 a.m. though. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though.

– Big Deal Craig Steele’s promo interrupted by Kevin Matthews, who was still short-sighted on Eddie Kingston being the one that screwed him over was a good way of introducing the new “Enraged” gimmick for Matthews. His intensity is golden and his character seems to serve more purpose. He’s got more of an edge. That said – the falls count anywhere match with Kingston should impress.

– The video package of the initial Bonesaw-Dan Maff match solidly wrapped up their feud to that point, yet adding new promos, as Maff showed his usual vocal fire and Bonesaw remained calm, cool and “under protest.” You can guess how that would play into the next match.

– The video package promo of Mario Bokara-Fallah Bahh (w/”Shining” Edward Jackson) was a good clash of the immigrants’  ideology of what a champion should be in hype for their upcoming Chairs match. Jackson revealed he requested the chairs stipulation in true heel manager fashion. The backdrop of the New York City skyline was appropriate. Bokara did his trademark “Scream at the camera while cutting a passionate promo and throw things,” which fit the moment considering it was a chair he threw.

– Maff’s in-ring promo was an awesome preview of what was to come, as the “hardcore” match with Bonesaw scheduled wouldn’t happen due to Bonesaw’s protest, setting up his cashing in of the On-The-Spot Title Shot Medallion. This meant he was thrown into the upcoming Bahh/Bokara PWS World Heavyweight Championship match with hardcore rules now implemented. What a treat PWS fans were in for, live or TV. This was easily the best PWS match to date in the series. This took high expectations and shattered them into tiny glass pieces. If the competitors could have found those glass shards, they would’ve used them in the damn match too. Also liked the added emphasis of Maff cashing in “with honor,” setting up debate of whether he should’ve waited for an inopportune time for the Champion to ensure his success. The added touch of the decorated chairs was also a nice touch. This was brutal from the get-go and showed no signs of stopping, with weapon use taking things to a new level: mouse traps, kendo sticks, barbed-wire-wrapped chairs, staple guns, teeth, tacks and even a few doors. No, really. The staple gun spots were especially cringe-inducing, but the good kind of cringing. This was a “Don’t let the match end” kind of cringing. Even Jackson wasn’t safe from the action, getting a few staples in his head. Everybody had a chance of winning this match and the crowd was into it every second, even chanting, “Better than ‘Mania!” Was it? Perhaps on the same level, but “Better” is still a bold statement. The action spoke for itself though. As for the finish, it made Bokara look like a clever opportunist – getting rid of Maff  before he could pin the Champion and taking his moment away from him. The brief showmanship displayed between Maff and Bokara was surprising, but you had to know Maff would attack him, just bent up in rage. That was a good continuance of his “No More Mr. Nice Guy” gimmick and makes you wonder just where it’ll go, though it showed no heel tendencies this week. That said – if you’re going to take the belt off Bahh, that was a believable way to do it. We almost want to see him get the belt back just to see what kind of match takes place to get the belt off him again if this is what we got the first time around.






Quick Results

– Johnny Howl def. The Lifeguard Mike Del (w/Ashley Massaro) via pinfall

– PWS World Heavyweight Championship – 3-Way Hardcore Match – Mario Bokara def. Fallah Bahh (Champion) (w/”Shining” Edward Jackson) and Dan Maff to regain Championship 

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