WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Reaction

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Most of “Extreme Rules” went according to plan – and that’s best for business.

The matches that didn’t sound so hot headed in actually turned out to be the most memorable and vice versa. It’s crazy how it works sometimes.

That being said – the night provided a decent way to advance feuds, nothing really feeling like a “payoff.”


(Aired 4/26/15)

The Breakdown

– The Bad News Barrett-Neville Pre-Show match was a pleasant surprise given that Daniel Bryan wasn’t medically cleared to compete. Barrett’s promo to start things off was expected – taking credit for Bryan’s disappearance and looked like a tough bully by calling out Neville and insulting the Chicago crowd simultaneously – super heel points. Once the match went underway, it was all about Neville again. The guy just continues to impress with his aerial assault. Every time you think you got him figured out, he pulls something new out. Barrett didn’t lose anything in defeat – staying strong, playing up the frustration that he couldn’t put Neville away. The constant teases of The Red Arrow transitioning into a Bull Hammer Elbow was excellently done and bled right into the finish, which made the Red Arrow pay off in all its high-flying glory. You had to believe the crowd was going to go nuts for that if it happened and sure enough, it did. Neville has begun to catch a hot streak. It’ll be telling where he goes next, with a win over the former Intercontinental Champion under this belt.

– The first installment of the Chicago Street Fight between Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose marked an appropriate open to the show given the context of the theme and where they were. The brawling here was slick, tough and downright nitty-gritty. Kudos to the inventive uses of a chair to hurt your opponent here. Still would’ve loved some storyline reasoning, but you can’t say these two aren’t entertaining in the ring together. The match was leaning on the glory days of the Hardcore Title matches from the Attitude Era as things went backstage and ended up in a car where both guys literally took it to the street, reminding us of WrestleMania XII all over again. The only downside to this was that it left a gap in the audience reaction, as they were left disappointed and confused, hence the loud “CM Punk!” chant. That won’t ever stop, will it?

– The Triple H-Seth Rollins-Kane backstage segment emphasized Trip’s mission to get Kane and Rollins on the same page, prompting Kane to want to do “the right thing,” teasing a turn later on. The intrigue was there, but the fan interest wasn’t, as the “boring” chants told us.

– The Sheamus-Dolph Ziggler “Kiss Me Arse” match was good, numerous booty references from the broadcast team aside. The story told here of Sheamus’ domination at times with Ziggler battling through to overcome was a great one. You figured Sheamus would go over here to retain his mega-heat, but he managed to hold on to it by losing. The surprise package finish was good for shock value and Sheamus looked like a badass in weaseling out of his own stipulation, using it to stroke his enlarging ego by getting one over on Ziggler. With Payback only three weeks from this show and Ziggler bound to get some revenge, we can assume there will be more from these two.

– Ironic that the Tag Team Championship match scheduled for the Pre-Show ended up one of the best of the night? There were a lot of elements headed in that made this work – the smart crowd’s love for all things TySaro, hate for all things New Day and both teams’ general athletic abilities. This was a winning combination that culminated in an entertaining affair, especially as it neared the end. The action was constant. You weren’t sure just how it’d all end. Cesaro particularly put in an impressive performance, and Big E’s spear through the ropes was brilliant and brutal. New Day winning the gold with dirty ways was the smart way to book this, as it lets Kidd/Cesaro be in chase mode as newly turned faces and the heel champs get to brag away. Xavier Woods played the role of annoying outside cheerleader great, as JBL alluded to many times.

– The second installment of the Chicago Street Fight lacked a punch the first one had, as the crowd was lost here after the initial moment of the car coming back to the arena, with Ambrose jumping off the roof of the car to take out the New Day. The in-ring “chair-off” was decent, but not spectacular. At the least, Ambrose hit the Dirty Deeds to secure a win in a match different from the rest, yet sort of originally booked.

– John Cena and Rusev can churn out some good-to-great matches, as we all know. The Russian Chain Match for the United States Championship ended up on the weaker side of things. You can only invest so much in the tacky four corners angle. It was easy to put Cena over considering Rusev wouldn’t need to be pinned to lose. Give both guys credit – they had the crowd into it by the end. The most noteworthy moment came when Lana acknowledged the crowd’s chants for her, which upset Rusev, ejecting her, possibly planting something for a breakup angle whenever they seek to go that route.

– The Roman Reigns’ promo talked about his resilience against Big Show. Seen it before.

– The Divas Championship match between Nikki Bella and Naomi was okay, nothing spectacular despite the time given. Naomi finally had her own true “entrance” complete with new music, thank the lord. She delivered here in the way she needed to and gained genuine heel heat. We’re excited to see what else she can bring in the future. This wasn’t the right time for her to go over, as the Bellas – new top faces, won with interference like true honorable ladies. Sigh.

– Rusev sending Lana into the Authority’s office to do his bidding sounded interesting in concept, but we’d know where that led.

– The Last Man Standing match between The Big Show and Roman Reigns surely sounded like a snooze fest on paper, but with the help of chairs, tables, barricades and announce tables, Reigns was able to win the crowd over with his brutality – spearing Show through the barricade and the next announce table, upon other moves. Only complaint about this was that this wasn’t the first time Show lost a Last Man Standing match under an announce table. There’s only so many times you can do that spot before it gets tiresome. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say Reigns had a true singles breakout moment here, weird as that sounds to say. Reigns seems most in his element in a “hardcore” match for some reason. It allows him to get outside the box a little bit.

– The backstage segment with Kane-Orton had Orton plant seeds into Kane saying he knew the real Kane and stuff like that. Good set up to the main event, but nothing memorable in the end.

– Bo Dallas did a decent job of riling the crowd up with his promo which just set up a Ryback feeding. The “feed me more” chants were still over as ever, but there wasn’t that much reaction for the Shellshocked. This came off as mainly time filler anyway.

– Yay, another match between Cena and Rusev, because the feud just can’t end until an “I Quit” match at Payback, right? At least it’s only in three weeks.

– The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage match with the RKO Banned/Kane as Gatekeeper between Orton and Rollins was decent as we got exactly what was expected. Rollins using the RKO himself was a cool way to finish the match, leading to his wormy escape. JBL did a good job of bringing up the point that Orton used the finisher on J & J Security, giving Rollins the right to do what he did.






– Pre-Show – Neville def. Bad News Barrett via pinfall

– Chicago Street Fight – Dean Ambrose def. Luke Harper via pinfall

– Kiss Me Arse Match – Dolph Ziggler def. Sheamus via pinfall

– Tag Team Championships – Big E/Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) def. Tyson Kidd/Cesaro (Champions) (w/Natalya) to become new Champions

– United States Championship – Russian Chain Match – John Cena (Champion) def. Rusev (w/Lana) to retain

– Divas Championship – Nikki Bella (Champion) (w/Brie Bella) def. Naomi via pinfall to retain

– Last Man Standing – Roman Reigns def. The Big Show

РWWE World Heavyweight Championship РSteel Cage Match With The RKO Banned РSeth Rollins (Champion) def. Randy Orton via escape to retain 



Original Predictions Correct: 6/7

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