Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 4/24/15: Night Of Knockouts

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(Aired 4/24/15)

Night Of Knockouts

– The opening video highlighted the advertised “TKO – Night of Knockouts” themed show, with a 4-way #1 Contender’s Match between Brooke, Angelina Love, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell defending against Awesome Kong and Eric Young facing Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship.

– The first segment with Young, Angle and Austin Aries first followed up on last week’s tease of Young going back to his “normal” state of mind – as he talked about being called crazy for many years and credited Angle for stopping things before they got worse, promising the “best” EY would fight for the Title later. The story of the show occurred once Aries’ music hit and basically decided that the match was his because of the briefcase he owned since he was cashing in. Who needs booked matches nowadays? Why wouldn’t Angle vow to just face both of them? Sure, we understand this was all to make EY go crazy again, but this also looked like it made him a sympathetic figure. There’s a difference between seeing a heel lying and accusing of having chances stolen and flat-out witnessing it happen to them. This was the latter.

– Terrell’s promo was understandably short as she vowed to take Kong down. Little would we know just how she would go about doing that…

– The 4-way Knockouts #1 Contender’s match between Love, Kim, Rayne and Brooke was a good, chaotically-paced match, as Brooke came out victorious. The way the night was setting up, it almost looked like a Kong-Kim Title feud was on the horizon, but TNA chose to give the big spotlight to somebody underrated like Brooke. She may not give the best promo or have the most slick in-ring arsenal of maneuvers, but the fans definitely get behind her.

– The Rising vignette promo described how they were changing the world and being stopped on the street because they are changing lives or something lame like that. Cheesy, but could be worse. Mika said he would represent them against the Beat Down Clan. We still barely know about The Rising to care much for who they are and what they do.

– Young’s promo had him talk about having something taken away from him again. The crazy guy is back, but are we supposed to feel bad? This ties into the issue that followed the first segment. Aries looked like the bad guy, though he claimed to do the “honorable” thing.

– The Kenny King-Mika match was preceded by an alright MVP promo that urged a “one-on-one” contest that was ultimately a bait-and-switch between BDC members. The match itself was okay, nothing great. Mika got the pinfall but it wasn’t even treated like a big moment, as it just went back to the brawl format. The BDC got the upper hand here with the lead pipe attack. Good for them.

– The backstage comments from The Rising had Galloway say that he’d challenge Low-Ki to a Steel Pipe on a Pole match for Hardcore Justice. Wonder who might’ve had a say in that… Anything on a pole these days is a joke.

– The Jade-Laura “Cherry Bomb” Dennis match gave a glimpse into Doll House as they debuted their entrance. They’re strange and intimidating enough to be different, between the creepy smiling and random circle-spinning. Think Beautiful People in a horror house. They were sick, sadistic, ruthless and downright awesome as Marti Bell took out the referee causing a DQ for Dennis’ favor and then took out Christy Hemme by shoving her into the steps. The thing with the jawbreaker also adds to it strangely enough.

– The Angle-Young backstage segment set the tease for Young walking out on the show, feeling emotionally detached. Could’ve seen this swerve a mile away.

– The in-ring segment with Magnus, Mickie James and James Storm initially served as Mickie’s retirement angle until Storm came out as the old-fashioned, crowd-pandering cowboy, pleading with Mickie to have one more match, which she finally agreed to. It really made you wonder just where it was all going. It almost looked like Storm was trying to get Mickie all to himself – saying she was his female equivalent. Is he crushing on her majorly? The subtle looks of disapproval from Magnus told a little of this confusion, while Josh Matthews really sold it on commentary that Storm was manipulating everyone and selfishly made Mickie change an already-made decision.

– The Mickie-Magnus backstage segment had Mickie talk about the idea of one last match. Davey Richards mentioning to Magnus that Storm was the devil made sense from his perspective, as Magnus probably saw it for himself, not to mention Richard’s history with Storm.

– The Manik-Richards match gave Richards a win in a match that had no real reason for happening, except maybe pushing a case of Richards for the X-Division Title hunt. Khoya and Abyss attacking Richards afterwards showed that Storm sic’d them on him. The Hardys making the save made sense and we can expect a big blow-off match at Hardcore Justice perhaps?

– The Ethan Carter III-Tyrus-Mr. Anderson in-ring segment hyped the #EC32015 campaign as a creative way for EC3 to announce his claim that he’d be next World Heavyweight Champion. Mr. Anderson interrupting and giving a passionate promo tearing down EC3 before things got physical was intensely good. EC3 escaping away kept him strong.

– The Knockouts Championship match between Kong and Terrell initially told the story of Terrell desperate to finally beat Kong, making it a no DQ match, which Matthews pointed out would make it harder for her to retain. By the ending though, which saw The Doll House assist Terrell in powerbombing Kong through a table, cementing a heel turn for Terrell – made the Doll House front and center. Really excited to see where else it leads.

– Backstage, Aries said he was the measuring stick and would take Angle down man-to-man. Young waking by with a luggage bag told us he was leaving even as Aries promised him the first shot. Keep feeding that swerve.

– The segment with Young taking out Aries was a perfect “swerve” as this was much necessary, even getting to attack Angle afterwards. The deranged EY is a winner in so many ways. Great to see TNA stick with him. Awesome visual to end the show with EY locking in the Figure Four on a bloody Angle as officials tried to take him off it.





Quick Results

– Knockouts Championship #1 Contender’s Match – 4-Way Match – Brooke def. Angelina Love, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne via pinfall

– Mika (w/Drew Galloway, Eli Drake) def. Kenny King (w/MVP, Low-Ki) via pinfall

– Laura Dennis def. Jade (w/Marti Bell) via DQ

– Davey Richards def. Manik via pinfall

– Knockouts Championship – No Disqualification Match – Taryn Terrell (Champion) def. Awesome Kong via pinfall to retain

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