Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 4/17/15: Hunting For Hidden Gold

TNA Impact Wrestling“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 4/17/15)

Hunting For Hidden Gold

– The opening video put over how the Tag Team Championship tournament came to be with the relinquishing of the belts by The Wolves – with eight teams taking off, going to four in Ultimate X. The concept itself is actually pretty nifty to fill time for a two-hour show and was the perfect opportunity to make the Tag division somewhat relevant again.

It seemed as if TNA had put all their faith in The Wolves to carry the division as the top babyface team, but those plans were obviously derailed by the injury, but they took something negative and turned it into something positive. Despite the fleeting logic in some storylines, TNA has consistently pushed its product as something unique, by focusing on different gimmicks, dedicating whole episodes to it. The days of Pay-Per-View are over, but the quality can still be there, for sure.

– Taz on special assignment? Sure… Wink wink.

– The James Storm/Khoya-Hardys match carried on the last bit of the personal feud carried on between the two teams as the Hardys came away victorious, taking advantage of the unraveling of Storm/Khoya. Storm berated Khoya for his failure once again. Could that lead to a potential Revolution breakup angle? Khoya has the look of someone special, but besides wrestle decently, we haven’t him do much of anything else. The Hardys post match promo had them pumped and ready to win the gold.

– Eric Young’s promo backstage was short and to the point, right in line with his character – someone who refuses to wait. His in-ring promo carried the same melody, pleading for his own World Title shot. His exchange with Kurt Angle was good once he had come out. It hyped their Title match next week pretty well – even with the eh storyline of “mind games.” Whatever happens – don’t let the old Young came back. This new guy is going places. He’s been the dark house of TNA lately.

– The backstage Beat Down Clan-Rockstar Spud/Mr. Anderson segment had the hype in all the right places. As for how that match went – pretty well, as the BDC were aggressively ruthless and it paid off in the end. They needed to be cast as dominant heels and as a threat to the Tag Team Championships and this provided that in spades.

– The Ethan Carter III backstage promo had him start to brag until Bram stole the floor, eager to unmask Tigre Uno. EC3 even acknowledged he was using Bram’s unstableness for his benefit.

– Backstage, MVP congratulated his stablemates and ordered Homicide to take out Angle, which made sense.

– The Jay Rios/Uno-EC3/Bram (w/Tyrus) match was a decisive squash for the heels, though Bram made no attempts to unmask his opponents, making his promo from earlier sort of irrelevant. They captured the tension between Bram and EC3 well, as it made sense for EC3 to want to be the one to get the pin and all the credit and we know that Bram isn’t one to share the spotlight. The main story here was that they were moving on to Ultimate X despite all that.

– Angle put over Young backstage and warned Homicide for later on. Okay promo.

– The Knockouts segment was led by Angelina Love, as they all hyped the “TKO – Night of Knockouts” for next week. Gail Kim provided good response. Madison Rayne did pretty well for herself. Brooke was well… Yikes. Taryn Terrell was okay with her promo though it sounded a little heelish. The announcement of a four-way Number one contenders match between Love, Rayne, Brooke and Kim was good, with Terrell vs Kong leading the night for the Title, also hyping new Knockouts. Good stuff. Kong coming out only ending up with the rest of the Knockouts on the floor outdone by Terrell made her look good. That might’ve been the best Terrell has looked all her time as Champion.

– The backstage Bro-Mans/Austin Aries and Bobby Roode segment had them try to get in Robbie E’s head about being the better Bro-Man. It was sort of funny for TNA standards, as The Dirty Heels were never as hilarious as Bad Influence, but they could hold their own. Their match was okay with some decent action as Roode/Aries unsurprisingly advanced to Ultimate X and Bro-Mans sort of imploded.

– You mean a BDC member attacked someone from the TNA roster and you’re not surprised? Oh lord Jesus. The segment was good for what it was, with The BDC eventually attacking Angle, leading to The Rising making the save, with Young coming out to stop MVP from using the chair and teased using it himself, but held back. Let’s not call it the “old EY” just yet, but it’s good to at least see a little tease of it. His character is the true personification of “unstable.” Dean Ambrose could learn a few things from EY to enhance his own gimmick.

– The Tag Team Ultimate X match between EC3/Bram, Dirty Heels, Hardys and Low Ki/Kenny King was your general spot-filler with the happy ending, as the Hardys pulled it out for a good victory, now on top of the division. Every team sort of had their own moment throughout the match – short in length, but good in action. EC3 bringing the ladder into play painted him as some kind of genius and sure, maybe it did, but then it just made the concept of the structure itself feel downplayed. Ladders should be nowhere in play for these kinds of matches to make it feel more exciting and worse yet, the ladder was in the actual finish. Plus, could we really believe that Tyrus could knock everyone off the structure just by shaking it for four seconds? Those things aside, it was a decent match.





Quick Results

– Ultimate X Qualifier – The Hardys def. James Storm/Khoya via pinfall to advance

– Ultimate X Qualifier – Ethan Carter III/Bram (w/Tyrus) def. Tigre Uno/Jay Rios via pinfall to advance

– Ultimate X Qualifier – Low-Ki/Kenny King def. Rockstar Spud/Mr. Anderson via pinfall to advance 

– Ultimate X Qualifier – The Dirty Heels def. The Bro-Mans via pinfall to advance 

– Tag Team Championships – Ultimate X – The Hardys def. Ethan Carter III/Bram (w/Tyrus), The Dirty Heels and Low-Ki/Kenny King to become new Champions

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