Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 4/19/15: Don’t Wear Trench Coats Around Kevin Matthews

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(Aired 4/19/15)

Don’t Wear Trench Coats Around Kevin Matthews

– Highlights were shown last week of Fallah Bahh retaining the PWS World Heavyweight Championship against Kevin Matthews thanks to Super Motorcycle Helmet Man. Matthews’ promo brought the right amount of ferociousness, necessary for someone who just got robbed of a Championship victory. They did a good job of following this up – making Matthews’ rage get him into trouble, which would happen later on. It’s like he needs the Championship to think rationally. It’s perfect.

– The Delroy (w/New Jack)-El Toto Loco match followed a New Jack promo that didn’t really do much, but he was never a man of words anyway. That aside, he actually does enhance Delroy with a mentor/protege relationship. The win here wasn’t shocking, as they continue to make Delroy look strong. New Jack’s postmatch promo was actually good as Jack called out Starman, deeming him the next victim.

– The TV Title Tournament Round 2 Shynron-Devon Moore match was probably the “sleeper” of this card, turning out to be something bordering on insanely good by the end. Shynron pulled out his most memorable performance to date here and lost nothing in defeat, putting on some jaw-dropping antics around and through the ropes. Moore could be a long runner.

– Dan Maff’s promo – was that a heel turn? It’s hard to decipher if it was, but it was his usual rage-driven banter, more directed at “having to playing the nice guy.” Where that could lead in the future could be something to look out for. It might take a little more work to break down the “Dan Maff the Lifesaver” act, but if that’s the road being taken, this was a good start.

– Sandy Mann has a unique entrance, from his own lighting to a microphone attached to a cane. If you had to compare it to someone else, he probably would be the black version of Ric Flair. You’d believe this guy rides limos and jets. Unfortunately, Mann mainly did most of his talking before he got to the ring, squashed by Chris Payne in his TV debut match. Little bit of a letdown.

– The Suicidal Six-Way Title match between Bobby Wayward, Brian XL, Darewolf PJ Black, The Scranton Strangler, The Lifeguard Mike Del (w/Ashley Massaro) and Johnny Howl was described best by the broadcast team as eclectic, as you had a werewolf basketball player, a strangler and a lifeguard as three of the competitors in the match. Wayward has turned into one of the top heels in the company, getting a lot of rub from that belt and it was great to see him retain it. He’s got mega heat too – just the sight of his pearly whites causes fans to release toilet paper from their hands into his general direction. Who else can do that?

– Next week hyped Johnny Howl vs Lifeguard and a Chairs Match for the PWS World Heavyweight Championship with Fallah Bahh vs Mario Bokara. Already sounds good.

– Nikos Rikos owned the last 15 minutes of the show, hilariously selling the “Greek hustler” gimmick perfectly. His video package showed off his great mic skills and credibility in the ring, as he won a Battle Royale and sold the trophy he earned to a fan.

– The “wrap-up” video package continued its smorgasbord of promos, as it featured Lifeguard backing up the concept of Six-Way matches and vowed to finally win one, Bonesaw talked about being disillusioned with the company and threatened going elsewhere (Fantastic storyline BTW), Reynolds Brothers discussed their losing streak and considered changing things up – well from one side of the Brotherhood anyway, Eddie Kingston having a trench coat pissed Matthews off to the point of being attacked – though Matthews looked like the heel there, but you could sell that his rage made him think irrationally, Payne looked forward to facing Anthony Bowens and talked about Tessa Blanchard’s condition and Team Espana bought the number 10 ranking spot from Rikos and Big Deal Craig Steele bragged about his gear even with an injury, because he’s cool like that.





Quick Results

– Delroy (w/New Jack) def. El Toto Loco via pinfall

– TV Title Tournament – Round 2 – Devon Moore def. Shynron via pinfall to advance 

– Chris Payne def. Sandy Mann via pinfall

– Suicidal Six-Way Title – Bobby Wayward (Champion) def. The Scranton Strangler, The Lifeguard Mike Del (w/Ashley Massaro), Brian XL, Johnny Howl and Darewolf PJ Black via pinfall to retain


PWS Rankings (As of 4/19/15): 6) Chris Payne, 5) Brian Myers, 4) Colt Cabana, 3) Kevin Matthews, 2) Dan Maff, 1) Mario Bokara

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