Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 4/15/15: Best-Of-Five Series Finale

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(Aired 4/15/15)

Best-Of-Five Series Finale 

– The opening video looked at last week’s Prince Puma/Hernandez/Konnan triangle and hyped the last match of the Drago/Aerostar series as good as it could.

– The Dario Cueto-Aerostar segment on the roof set the stage pretty good for the bout, telling Aerostar to be careful what he wishes for in a shooting star. This was the first of several segments showcased throughout the hour to make Cueto come off as a ruthless promoter out for blood in a world he regards as his own.

His employees are essentially his “action figures” in a dollhouse of horrors. He likes to make uncomfortable situations and enticing matches. That pretty much summed up the hour here. It was good to see him try to get both Drago and Aerostar amped up for the series finale, telling one about how hard the other was training.

– The Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament match between Cage/King Cuerno/Texano and Johnny Mundo/Hernandez/Puma was a really hot opener, with the action almost non-stop at one point, reminiscent of Lucha Libre-styled trios. Everybody showed off their assets throughout. Texano – somewhat of a pushover in Lucha Underground – at least had a hand in the finish using the bullrope to stop Puma, giving the latter an out for a clean loss. The heel trios team is a great one on paper. Cueto’s postmatch promo continued to stir things up, making one of the three winning team members go to battle – Cage (voluntarily) fighting The Mack and Son Of Havoc.

– The Cage-Son Of Havoc-Mack match was good, giving a glimpse particularly into Mack’s unorthodox “big flying man” style, which went over well here. Cage getting the win continued to make him and his team look strongest. The continued cuts to the “Special Guest” former Shawn Daivari/Sheik Abdul-Bashir were interesting as he was treated as a “celebrity” and we have to wonder just what his role with the company will be, since all the attempts to get him on camera just has to lead somewhere.

– The Cueto-Drago segment was another way to hype the match, getting under Drago’s skin like he did to Aerostar. See above.

– What worked about the Pentagon Jr.-Sexy Star segment was how sudden and shocking it was. Continuing to try to get Pentagon Jr. a hated individual amongst the fans is a hard task, but choking and attacking the innocent female ring announcer – Melissa Santos – is a convincing way to help to get there. Vampiro getting up in a rage about to interfere on behalf of Santos also sold the moment. Sexy Star being the one to save Santos was the right move, as it helped furthered her little feud with Pentagon Jr.. What’s next should be a reveal of his “master,” but we have a feeling that will still take some time for us to find out. It’s been a good ride though.

– The Drago-Aerostar Best-Of-Five Series Finale match to earn one of Cueto’s “unique opportunities” was great – the best of the series. Drago put in a great performance on top of Aerostar, who nearly flew out of his body at some points. Even the table spot was great to show the sense of urgency in the match. As for Cueto’s opportunity, it’s intriguing to see him get a Title Shot while the risk of being forever banned in case of a loss. Just have to see where it all goes and who may play a part in it.





Quick Results

– Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament Match – Cage/King Cuerno/Texano def. Prince Puma/Johnny Mundo/Hernandez via pinfall to advance

– Cage def. The Mack and Son Of Havoc via pinfall

– Best-Of-Five Series – Match 5 – Drago def. Aerostar via pinfall to win series 3-2; gains World Title Shot Opportunity

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