Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 4/8/15: Wild Partners

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(Aired 4/8/15)

Wild Partners

– The opening video did a solid job of wrapping up current storylines, like Pentagon Jr. probably seeking revenge after being thwarted by Sexy Star on last week’s show as he attacked Super Fly, the unlikely “trios” of Son Of Havoc/Ivelisse/Angelico and Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Champion Prince Puma beating Cage with the appreciated yet forced help of Konnan and Hernandez.

– The segment with Dario Cueto, Puma and Konnan in Cueto’s office set the tone for the episode with Puma being told to find two tag partners for next week’s Trios Tag Tournament match he’d be a part of, as Cueto also revealed that on the opposing team would be King Cuerno and that Puma’s Title was on the line later in the show. This made Cueto come across the ruthless, sleazy promoter he is. Things only got more ruthless later.

– The Trios Tag Team Tournament match between Ivelisse/Son Of Havoc/Angelico and Drago/Aerostar/Fenix already sounded interesting on paper. Liked the interaction of Drago/Aerostar wanting to be the one to get the pin – their tension spilling over from their unfinished best-of-five series. The problems with all the competitors bled into the match’s finish and Ivelisse’s walk-off was good and it was intriguing to see that Angelico/Havoc/Ivelisse will advance. Only problem here was Fenix getting lost in the shuffle, considering he had a career match recently and Catrina wasn’t even out there at his side. An eventual confrontation between her and Ivelisse down the road would be fun to see.

– They continued on with the story of Konnan making choices for Puma, like forcing him and Hernandez to team up, saying it’s for the best, while disapproving Johnny Mundo as Puma’s other partner once he volunteered to join in. It’s good in making Konnan look like he still has heel tendencies as Puma’s manager, but then why all the effort to build Konnan as a hero? Pick one road and stick with it.

– There was an obvious goal to get as much heat on Cueto as possible as the evil mastermind, which we got a taste of when he booked the Sexy Star-Super Fly Mask Vs. Mask match, obviously intending to break up the Sexy Star/Super Fly alliance. Despite average ring work, both competitors carried on with a sense of urgency and there was a slight pace of emotion in their maneuvers. Matt Striker and Vampiro discussing the “lack of buildup” to  a match this magnitude was good in getting Cueto heat for TV viewers, but things just felt incredibly uneventful, despite following through with the stipulation, as Sexy Star pinned Super Fly, forcing him to unmask. They did a good job of teasing this as a turning point for Super Fly’s career, questioning if this was the start of something great or the end of his career. The moment came across as emotional as it could get, allowing the perfect opportunity to have Pentagon Jr. make his move, attacking both of them, breaking Super Fly’s arm, sending him to indefinite bedrest. This also felt like the company’s first real attempt to get Pentagon Jr. heat, though they sort of failed on that front. The crowd just likes Pentagon Jr. too much.

– The Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship match between Puma and Cuerno had the reveal of Cage and Texano as Cuerno’s trios partners next week. We can see where Cage fits in, but what’s Texano’s beef? Not to mention Texano looks like a pushover after his feud with Alberto El Patron. He doesn’t resemble the top heel he is in AAA, but rather just another guy here in Lucha Underground. The match itself was okay, not fantastic. A little too much interaction between those on the outside -while hyping next week’s match pretty well, took away from the in-ring action on this show. The interaction between Hernandez and Puma was at least good, but you never felt that Puma’s chances of retaining were ever in danger, making it feel somewhat predictable.





Quick Results

– Trios Tournament Match – Son Of Havoc/Angelico/Ivelisse def. Drago/Aerostar/Fenix via pinfall to advance 

– Mask Vs. Mask Match – Sexy Star def. Super Fly via pinfall

– Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship – Prince Puma (Champion) (w/Hernandez, Johnny Mundo) def. King Cuerno (w/Cage, Texano) via pinfall to retain

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