Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 4/6/15: Triple Threat

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(Aired 4/6/15)

Triple Threat

– Another week of Raw, another rough night for Byron Saxton. Interesting, considering all the “heat” he had from Vince McMahon last week, that he was right out there with JBL and Booker T again. He was starting to settle in on Smackdown as the heel color commentator, but being thrust so quickly as the “makeshift new voice of Raw” is a tough role and you can see it through his work. The awkward pauses of dead air in the introduction had everyone rolling their eyes yet again.

– WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins had a downright great night. He had some mega heat, which helped the first segment along, as we started the show with him, J & J Security, The Big Show and Kane. Shocking, we know. Rollins’ comment about Kane “being at WrestleMania” drew some laughs – emphasizing that Kane’s role as a team player in The Authority was minimal at best. Here came Randy Orton to basically say the same thing. Oh no, Kane is so angry. He just booked himself in a match against Orton. Oy.

– WWE needs to be thankful they even have Show and Kane the way that they do. Without them, who on earth would be the main event heels? They’ve been in the spotlight for much too long, but given the circumstances, they’re making the most of what they’re being given. That said, the Orton-Kane match was below average action, just as it sounded on paper. Kane’s blatant DQ whimpered the crowd down, understandably. This was probably to sell his “anger.” Either that or they’re trying to build Kane as a possible contender for the World Title down the road. Dear God – don’t go there, WWE.

– The broadcast team bringing up AJ Lee’s retirement with a snapshot of her farewell tweet and picture of her famous Chuck Taylor boots was at least nice, but it wouldn’t had hurt to produce a video package of her career highlights. Would’ve been both cool and appropriate.

– Seeing Rollins and Kane argue backstage was interesting – as Kane argued Rollins’ success was owed directly to him, while Rollins felt Kane should step down as Director of Operations. It was a solid “clash” and what led to the next match – selling the viewer on a hook to see just who Rollins would face thanks to Kane.

– Good idea to recap Brock Lesnar’s chaotic rampage last week. Keeps things fresh to new viewers. Interesting to also see the WWE Network advertised for free for April. Is this going to be an every couple of months thing?

– Seeing Neville as the one who would face Rollins was a cool moment in the idea that viewers most likely said, “Oh, snap! There’s one of the top NXT guys and he’s taking on the World Champion! I have to see this!” and Neville’s entrance was very Chris Jericho-esque, but a bit more sharp and fancy. Anyways, Rollins sold the moment excellently, even getting on the mic to try to get out of the match. Neville did more than hold his own – flashing his crowd-pleasing aerial maneuvers, but this felt like a death mission for him the moment he came out. Creative pretty much relied on his NXT accolades to get him over in the match, but to casual WWE viewers, they just seen a guy who lost in his second match. Sometimes, a slow, protected build can do more wonders for a guy rather than a memorable performance in one particular match. Why send him out to a loss in his second Raw match? This was an instance a run-in, DQ or countout would’ve helped.

– John Cena’s promo was another instance of him making the United States Championship sound important and giving opportunities for other guys to come take the belt. Stardust answering the call wasn’t the biggest reaction-causing moment, but the match was very solid. At the least, there’s been some effort of just presenting quality wrestling on Raw, and that’s good. A couple of believable near-falls towards the end, although the result was never really in question, especially with the Cena-Rusev rematch announced for Extreme Rules. It’s a good gimmick though for a weekly show.

– The Bella Twins-Paige/Naomi match left a lot to be desired, especially on Naomi’s performance despite her latest push. Her ring work was so sloppy here, downright cringe-worthy stuff. Charlotte & Co. can’t come soon enough.

– So, the Prime Time Players are back… cutting horrendous campy “comedy” promos ripping on other teams like The New Day and The Ascension. We like the PTP, they just need to find some new material. Maybe Rufus “Pancake” Patterson should make his long-awaited return.

– The Ryback-Luke Harper match was okay, not much to rave over. Ryback got the win to look good for the triple threat main event later and Harper continues to be overlooked.

– The New Day promo talked about the negative crowd reactions – Big E particularly stole the moment here, but the cemented heel turn didn’t happen here, as they just mockingly started the clap again, which got the chant going again.

– The Lucha Dragons-Xavier Woods/Big E match pushed on the continued (almost encouraged) negative reaction for the New Day while Lucha Dragons continued their momentum. Short and sweet, fun match. Also good to see Tyson Kidd/Cesaro/Natalya keeping an eye on a backstage monitor, making it feel important.

– The Roman Reigns-Show match was pretty much what you’d expect – with Show dominating for Reigns to come out on top again. With the triple threat contenders all winning their matches, this was not the least bit shocking. That’s a problem for a three-hour wrestling show. Almost a nap-inducer.

– Nothing says “Give Divas A Chance” like a Battle Royale match next week with all six of the Divas, right?

– Reigns’ promo was on the short side and hyped the main event. They’ve kept him mostly silent to the company’s biggest audience. You have to wonder the logic in that.

– Sheamus’ promo was more of his recent obsession of picking on the underdogs, which brought out Mark Henry – someone his “size.” Their match was likely more of a glorified squash for Sheamus – who looked good in the push of his new attitude. He’s been the heel that’s provided the breath of fresh air WWE desperately needed on the “heel scene.”

– The Bray Wyatt fog promo was just needless rambling about nature and fear. He’s back in a holding pattern again.

– Ryback’s promo also hyped the match and he put over the other competitors. Pretty textbook stuff. It was like we could see they were obviously going to have all three competitors cut promos before the match.

– The Damien Mizdow-Miz match was okay, though it felt rushed with little to no hype. This was something you could’ve saved for Extreme Rules, as this is a PPV-worthy match. That said, Miz winning by grabbing the tights likely leads us down the road to an Extreme Rules match.

– Orton’s promo also hyped up the main event well and said he’d get to Rollins and beat him for the Title. He was arguably the favorite heading in, considering the competitors.

– The Reigns-Orton-Ryback triple threat main event match was ultimately lackluster as The Authority made their way down and got into the match, allowing Reigns to dive on to all of them and get knocked out, while Orton RKO’d Ryback for the pinfall. The finish was the only cool thing about the match. Rollins’ immediate Curb Stomp on Orton was cool to see. Rollins finished the episode like he started it – out on top. He’s sort of carrying the show at this point, a good thing for everybody.





Quick Results

– Randy Orton def. Kane via DQ

– Seth Rollins (w/J & J Security) def. Neville via pinfall

– United States Championship – Open Challenge – John Cena (Champion) def. Stardust via pinfall to retain

– Paige/Naomi def. The Bella Twins via pinfall

– Ryback def. Luke Harper via pinfall

– The Lucha Dragons def. Xavier Woods/Big E (w/Kofi Kingston) via pinfall

– Roman Reigns def. The Big Show via pinfall

– Sheamus def. Mark Henry via pinfall

– The Miz def. Damien Mizdow via pinfall

– Winner Gets WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at Extreme Rules – Triple Threat – Randy Orton def. Roman Reigns, Ryback 

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