Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 4/1/15: Trios Company

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(Aired 4/1/15)

Trios Company

– The opening video was a good review/blend of the latest storylines: The Crew on the rise and their interactions with Sexy Star and Big Ryck and the latest developments in the Drago-Aerostar Best-Of-Five series for a “unique prize,” emphasizing Aerostar needing one more win.

– There was a lot of Dario Cueto in this episode, but that’s far from a compliant. He’s charming, mysterious, well-spoken, devious, a whole package, basically. Quite compelling authority figure, the best in wrestling right now. This was a good time to bring Ryck into the mix, being that he heard Cueto was behind having a “hit” put on him with help from The Crew. He entered with two new big, burly guys – Killshot and The Mack, his cousin. They had an ominous presence and while their intentions appeared to be right, their actions said different, as they pretty much cornered Cueto into giving them big money. Granted, Cueto used this opportunity to introduce the Trios Tag Team Tournament to crown the first Trios Tag Team Champions, slithering out of the tense situation like a snake, but something felt off about it. Do we root for Ryck and his men or against them? Either way, the news of new tag belts is great for the promotion.

– The Angelico-Johnny Mundo match was everything like it sounded on paper – a Red Bull-inspired aerial affair. We knew this had potential when this was announced and thankfully. it lived up to it. Striker and Vampire were solid on commentary, though Vampiro commented that there was something large at stake, though never explained further what it was. Despite that, Mundo going over clean was okay – but they need to be careful in inadvertently burying Angelico, who has loads of potential, but has more losses than wins as of late.

– The Black Lotus (Angela Fong) hype video explained her history, being trained by El Dragon Azteca after he stopped her from killing the caged mystery figure, instead making her wait to deliver the long-awaited final blow to her parents’ killer when the time is right. Sure – it’s a lot to digest, but the sleek production tactics (aka Quentin Tarintino/Robert Rodriguez) made this quite fun to watch. Knowing their fingerprints were all over it, who knows exactly where it will lead?

– The interaction backstage between Mundo and Alberto El Patron was solid yet tense, keeping in mind their past relations. It was essentially them saying to each other, “Hey – don’t forget that I’m here to get the same thing you want.” It was a nice nod to the past, present and near future.

– Cueto is portrayed as a manipulator mastermind who’s in it for the dinero. On the surface, he wants big things for Sexy Star (entering her in the Trios Tag Tournament) but is making her jump through unnecessary hoops to get there – like forcing her to team with Pentagon Jr. and Super Fly, strange bedfellows themselves – and making them face Ryck/Killshot/The Mack in said tournament? The intrigue was definitely there.

– We’ve reached that portion of the Drago-Aerostar Best-Of-Five series where the pressure grows with every move, every pinfall and submission attempt. It’s beautiful storytelling of two individuals whom respect each other turning it up a notch and vying for a prize. Striker/Vampiro were great in reminding us of the “technico” relationship the two have. The story here was told in less time than their other matches, but the main interest was seeing if Drago could tie the series and that’s what happened. With the tension rising for the “unique prize,” it made sense to showcase that with the two combatants in the form of a hesitant, yet powerful handshake. May the best man win the last match.

– The trio of Ivelisse, Son Of Havoc and Angelico have been inseparable on this series this year. They’ve faced each other in a variety of matches and last we saw, Son Of Havoc was a newly single man, dumping Ivelisse to the curb. This should’ve meant big things for his character and keeping him away from Ivelisse – at least for a little while – would’ve helped him out. Cueto did his thing again – forcing the three to team up next week. At the same time, in the midst of the Trios era, we can’t think of a more entertaining dysfunctional team than these guys. Son Of Havoc’s turn is sealed, so their dynamic should be interesting to see now. They could even become a top team in the tournament.

– The Sexy Star/Pentagon Jr./Super Fly-Big Ryck/Killshot/The Mack Trios Tag match main event was as perfect a blend of intrigue and dysfunction you could churn. One on hand, you had Ryck and his new peeps needing to look strong and dominant and we got that, while on the other, you had the dysfunctional team of Star, Pentagon and Super Fly – Pentagon who broke Super Fly’s arm in the past and ripped his own partners in a pre-match promo – before it all went down. Overall, strong performance from all involved. Sexy Star saving Super Fly was a good hook for next week, as we can assume she is next on Pentagon’s hit list, never where you want to be.





Quick Results

– Johnny Mundo def. Angelico via pinfall

– Best-Of-Five-Series – Fourth Match – Drago def. Aerostar via pinfall

– Trios Championship Tournament Match – Big Ryck/Killshot/The Mack def. Sexy Star/Pentagon Jr./Super Fly via pinfall to advance 

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