Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 4/1/15: (Selfie) Stick It Out

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(Aired 4/1/15)

(Selfie) Stick It Out

– What perfect timing to bring Sami Zayn back into the mix – “fresh” in mind and eager to get back to competition. The former NXT World Heavyweight Champion addressed in his promo exactly what he needed to and vowed to get back from Kevin Owens what once was his. The crowd was firmly behind him, so the time off hasn’t affected his “overness.” The question is when will the rematch clause take place? Next TakeOver event?

– Rhyno – after a few weeks off the show – also re-emerged with a huge presence on this episode. He squashed a jobber and made a necessary claim to call out the rest of the NXT roster – Finn Balor, Zayn and Owens particularly – promising to become the next NXT World Heavyweight Champion. Two segments in and Owens has some more competition lined up, huh?

– Yet another Dana Brooke vignette that had her talking about her “perfect figure.” Cocky bodybuilder gimmick, for sure. Let’s see what she’s got.

– Showing highlights of the Owens-Balor NXT World Title match last week was a good way to set up Owens’ postmatch comments, which had him panting through deep breaths that he was better than everyone and the Title was still his and nobody else’s. Par for the course of what we’ve seen from him, but it works so well for him.

– The Bayley-Emma match had a decent backstory to it, but if we’re going to take Emma seriously as a heel, why is she still doing the ridiculous dancing? And what the hell is commentary saying she’s “making fun of herself” to progress her character? What the hell does that even mean? The “Bayley’s gonna hug you” chant was funny from the crowd. It’s just a little confusing though. Does Emma hate Bayley or is she rooting for her? It’s like she’s two different people. She should just stick with her newfound cocky heel side. Bayley getting the surprise pin was a decent finish, but where does this lead? The postmatch interaction needed an attack by Emma, but it never happened and left viewers likely disappointed.

– The Becky Lynch backstage promo was her complaining about not getting a title shot, which was all well and good, as it helped established that she was all on her own now. Her “N-Becks-T” comment was an okay, though corny way to put it.

– The Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy-Lucha Dragons match was good in the way the two teams’ styles meshed together well, and Lucha Dragons sort of had an out with losing by dirty tactics from the Tag gold-sporting heels, but did we need to see the team that just had a successful Raw debut lose here on NXT? It was tricky here, being that Blake/Murphy are on a push too, but with their conflicts with Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady, why not have them interfere and cause them to lose the match? Would’ve been a better outcome, quite frankly.

– Perhaps a possible number one contender’s match between Rhyno and Zayn is certain down the road, telling by their backstage interaction. Rhyno in NXT is no pushover and needs to be presented that way.

– The Solomon Crowe hype video was short, to-the-point and the broadcast team actually acknowledged it. Who knew?

– The Tye Dillinger-Jason Jordan match was a squash in Jordan’s favor, who emphasized his amateur background with some tough takedowns, but it’s hard to see any depth to Jordan’s character at the moment. He came off as a cocky heel from his yelling, but he didn’t play the crowd too much. Dillinger mounted some offense, but this was mostly Jordan. A step in the right direction for him if anything.

– The hype video for the Hideo Itami-Tyler Breeze feud was quite solid in explaining their progress and showcasing their athletic affairs and ambush-style beatdowns.

– The 2-out-of-3 falls match between Itami and Breeze had a decent quick first fall with Itami getting the nod, and Breeze’s second fall victory had him outsmart Itami by playing possum. Can’t help but feel this match was being rushed in a sense. The third and final fall was the usual sleek exchange of near-falls, kicks and flips that we’re used to from the two. Very good action that appeared to set up a win by Itami perhaps using the TKO, but Breeze went over here and that shows a good sign for the New Age Narcissist with a main roster call-up supposedly in Itami’s future. Breeze could use this rub to move on to bigger opponents. We know he’s got the look and the gimmick – let’s see him take it up a notch with someone else.





Quick Results

– Rhyno def. Unnamed Jobber via pinfall

– Bayley def. Emma via pinfall

– Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy def. The Lucha Dragons via pinfall

– Jason Jordan def. Tye Dillinger via pinfall

– Two-Out-Of-Three Falls – Tyler Breeze def. Hideo Itami two falls to one 

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