Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 3/27/15: Back To The Danger Zone

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(Aired 3/27/15)

Back To The Danger Zone

– The opening video did a good job of reminding us how Jeff Hardy got “taken out” by James Storm and The Revolution. On a side note, the revamped Impact Zone set came off good on TV, but the praises stop there. Read further on.

– For a show called “Hardy’s Revenge,” it was hard to really believe the obstacles The Revolution stacked on Hardy, although Storm did a decent job with his promo work, having Revolution members ambush Hardy from behind. Hardy’s return promo was far from his best – that “Hardy’s Revenge” chant attempt was cringe-worthy. It set up their match later on in the show in an okay way – even though it looked as if it’d happen right then and there.

– The Beat Down Clan backstage segment had them talk about losing Samoa Joe (no storyline explanation offered), Low-Ki losing his belt and MVP and Kenny King eager to make a statement. That was good because they needed to pick up momentum. Also, good to see Rockstar Spud’s successful cash-in moment highlighted, as it was treated like a “blink and you missed it” moment last week.

– The Storm-Khoya segment had Storm demand Khoya to take out Hardy; basically do his dirty work for him. We have faith in Khoya, of course and Lethal Lockdown will obviously be canceled. They’re totally not building to that at all.

– The X-Division Championship match between Low-Ki and Spud had a decent story headed in. Low-Ki continues to show an impressive amount of intensity as a BDC member and it translates well to his ring work too. The match result was influenced by Drew Galloway stopping BDC stablemates to help Low Ki, and that was expected, though not as memorable as you’d think.

– The in-ring segment that followed with a pissed-off BDC, Drew Galloway and “The Rising” was just another way for two more generically named stables to go at it… Just another rehashed storyline of Front Line-Main Event Mafia, Fortune-Immortal, Aces and Eights-TNA and now The Rising-BDC. Still don’t think Galloway is the guy to lead this “Stand Up For Pro Wrestling Movement” and it all kind of feels more ridiculous in the Impact Zone – where all past TNA faction warfare has occurred. Also, the random introduction of Galloway’s Rising stablemates in helping him clear the ring from the BDC was a horrible way to introduce them. It was kind of like, “Oh okay, these guys are helping him, we guess. What’s going on again?” Beyond cheesy.

– The Awesome Kong hype video with her voiceover was actually unique and well-done.

– Oh, The BDC is angry again backstage because they don’t know the people with Galloway. Neither do we. MVP teased making a call and saying “He’s ready.” Thank goodness, a new member perhaps?

– The Brooke-Awesome Kong match was the pick-me-up win that Kong needed and while Brooke tried to pull off some offense, it just wasn’t anything convincing to get behind. Kong delivering two Implant Busters was a nice touch, setting up Taryn Terrell to make the save, the first time showing Terrell in a way that progressed her character. She put up a good fight, but having her go through the table was the right result. She sold it very well and Kong looked like a beast. Can’t help but mention that Gail Kim never came out and that seemed to be what everyone was waiting for. Perhaps they draw on this for next week.

– The Austin Aries backstage promo put over the Championship match and Angle winning the belt – as well as teasing a cash-in.

– Hardy’s promo was over-the-top, as usual. “TNA will never be the same again!” Really? This only set up Khoya’s attempted assault, which didn’t work out too well and telling by the commercial for this week’s show, the match would happen anyway. Gosh – this was bad. Khoya continuing to get back up, Hardy telling him to stay down and hitting him with glass bottles was supposed to look cool but came across more like a horrendous action movie scene. What’s going on? This show is so lackluster.

– The segment with Kurt Angle, Ethan Carter III, Tyrus, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Aries and Bobby Lashley had everybody talking about getting their chance at the World Title, with most of them being past Champions. Now, it did feel like everyone who was out there deserved a shot at the Title. Aries and Young shined in this segment. Who knew Young would end up being one of TNA’s top highlights as a heel in 2015? The segment looked to end without a whimper – no declaration of any match, but just the idea that Angle would fight anyone and everyone – which drew out Lashley. These two guys were seemingly on good terms last week. Why is it this week they are nearly coming to blows? Of course, all those guys in the ring couldn’t just stand, so we obviously needed a brawl with Mr. Anderson added in too. Sigh. TNA hurts our brain sometimes.

– The subsequent Anderson/Aries/Roode-EC3/Young/Tyrus match had some decent action while it lasted and the finish wasn’t overbooked, as Young won with the Figure Four lock. Young has been booked really great lately.

– Really, Young and Roode “finally face off”? They had a match three weeks ago. Not going to complain since they work well together, but their feud literally never ends. Ugh.

– The segment with Bram, Magnus and Mickie James hyped next week’s match well with a tease of physical action, but we’ve technically seen it all before. All of it.

– Angle’s promo concerning the Lashley rematch was straight-forward and what we’d usually expect.

– The “Lethal Lockdown-esque” main event match with Hardy-Storm was what you’d expect, with Hardy getting his revenge. Hardy har har. Your usual crowd-pleasing hardcore match; a two-man Lethal Lockdown. Does the match get any more credibility when the announce team doesn’t even know what to call it? The Frankensteiner spot off the cage was a cool spot – better than the finish, but it was what it was. You got the feeling The Revolution wasn’t done here.





Quick Results

– X-Division Championship – Rockstar Spud def. Low-Ki to retain

– Awesome Kong def. Brooke via pinfall

– Ethan Carter III/Tyrus/Eric Young def. Mr. Anderson/Austin Aries/Bobby Roode via pinfall

– Lethal Lockdown-Esque Match – Jeff Hardy def. James Storm via pinfall

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