Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 3/25/15: Hola, Hernandez

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(Aired 3/25/15)

Hola, Hernandez

– The opening video did a good job of hyping all three matches on the show, highlighting how all three feuds had progressed to where they currently were. This had the feeling of a payoff show with the big marquee matches, but at least two of these feuds would seem to continue past this show.

– So, Son Of Havoc is now a single man on the market. Good for him. The match between him and Angelico was billed as the end of their feud, and with extra emphasis from Matt Striker and Vampiro on Ivelisse’s demanding managerial tactics, furthering the tension and setting up the eventual public dumping nicely. Fans have showed they want to root for Son Of Havoc and this solidified his face turn and revitalized his character, even though he had nicely settled in as a “bad luck heel.” The match itself was more of what we’d seen in the past from the two. Angelico is an interesting character – he comes off as a mix of Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin in terms of his look and in-ring style – but he seems to lack a special “it factor” to progress his character further. He also tends to come off as sleazy at times.

– Glad to see Hernandez in the swing of things in Lucha Underground. You’d think his presence would be perfect as the new leader of The Crew or something along those lines, but because of his past ties to Konnan in TNA’s LAX, it made more sense to go in this route. This also made the viewer eager to see just how Konnan, Prince Puma and Hernandez would all interact and we’d get that later.

– It’s fair to say no Bullrope match has ever stolen a wrestling show. In fact, it’s probably a safer bet to say sometimes these matches tend to stop a feud’s momentum and feel more like an unnecessary obstacle course more than real wrestling. Fortunately, the Alberto El Patron-Texano Bullrope match for the AAA Mega Championship stepped the match concept up a notch and brought the entertainment factor. While not exactly overstaying its welcome, five more minutes wouldn’t have hurt here. Kudos to also eliminating the ridiculous “four corners” stipulation. You had the feeling that Alberto and Texano hated each other, from Texano biting Alberto and each man choking the other with the rope and using the cowbell for all its wealth. This didn’t feel like a payoff, but rather the next chapter in the feud. Alberto didn’t even have his submission locked in for more than three seconds before Texano gave up, which was slightly disappointing.

– The initial hesitation for Puma to accept Hernandez’s handshake offer was telling, as it almost teased a possible eventual turn of Konnan on Puma for Hernandez, but if anything, they tried hard to make Konnan appear as much as a face as possible, taking away the “heel manager with top face” dynamic, but enhancing the act in a way.

– The Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship Boyle Heights Street Fight match between Cage and Puma was nicely preceded by the debut of the newly designed Championship. The match itself was another great entertaining match as Cage looked downright tough and ruthless, even putting his hands on Konnan and calling out Hernandez, while Puma pulled off some slick maneuvers inside the ring and out. A Konnan turn might’ve been teased, but they took the more satisfying route and it seems that Konnan, Hernandez and Puma will be a solid unit for now.





Quick Results

– Son Of Havoc (w/Ivelisse) def. Angelico via pinfall

– AAA Mega Championship – Bullrope Match – Alberto El Patron (Champion) def. Texano via submission to retain 

– Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship – Boyle Heights Street Fight – Prince Puma (w/Konnan) def. Cage via pinfall to retain

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