Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 3/25/15: Battle Without A Demon

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(Aired 3/25/15)

Battle Without A Demon

– The opening video solidly put over the success of NXT’s first-ever road trip to Ohio, with highlights from all the matches and happenings, setting up what we’d see here on this show.

– The NXT Divas Championship match between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks was a fair follow-up to last week’s match. It’s hard to get behind somebody like Bliss. While she has the look of a wrestler and the blue/blonde hair color combo is unique, her skills are still muddy and need improvement, as the difference between her and Banks in the ring is almost scary. Bliss did pull off a cool flip powerbomb spot for a decent near fall and we’ll give her an honorable mention for that, but we knew going in that Banks was likely going to win this. The story was getting Bliss to the Championship match and now that she lost decisively, who’s next for Banks? Nobody else has really risen up to a Championship shot recently.

– There was excellent hype for the Kevin Owens-Finn Balor NXT World Heavyweight Championship match. Having Owens and Balor cut backstage promos on each other followed by hype videos for each guy throughout the show was smart. It showed the stark difference between the two men: Balor was hungry for a chance and sought to solidify his rise in NXT, even claiming he didn’t need to dress like a demon to do so, while Owens was confident in that he’d destroy Balor like everyone else he had barreled through, as nobody would get in the way of him, his championship or his family. Brilliant, simple storytelling time and time again, which makes NXT a wrestling highlight of the week.

– The Bayley-Emma backstage segment did one simple thing: it made further enemies out of Bayley and Emma, with the story of Emma trying to guide Bayley to her more aggressive side. As for who they’ll push out of this remains to be seen, but we might guess it could be Bayley, as she’ll likely pull off her “aggressive” side on Emma to get to a shot at Banks in the near future.

– We already know next week’s show looks decent with a two-out-of-three-falls match between Tyler Breeze and Hideo Itami, as their backstage segment set up. Itami didn’t exactly deliver his lines with passion, but it was understandable and he made the best of it. Breeze on the other hand – holds enough charisma to fill for both himself and Itami.

– Dana Brooke continues to look like an interesting character. The question is when will she debut and what kind of role will she play? She sort of comes off as an overconfident bodybuilder.

– So it seems that Carmella may soon dump her SAWFT-mates in Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady to get with Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy. It could make for an interesting switch and the Amore/Cassady team wouldn’t lose any of their popularity, so why not go for it? Having Blake/Murphy do something like buy Carmella jewelry was a good place to start.

– The NXT World Title match between Balor and Owens was an excellent bout, with the continued story of Owens being obsessed with the Championship and doing anything to keep it. It was the equivalent of Balor taking on a freight train and he still put up his best fight, with it coming pretty close to a win on his end, but it was only a matter of time until Owens’ powerbomb ended it all. Owens targeting Balor’s knee was excellent technical work and while he broke him down, he didn’t do enough where he could be sidelined, but nevertheless, Owens has been built up extremely well in this time and you have to wonder just who’ll take him down.





Quick Results

– NXT Divas Championship – Sasha Banks (Champion) def. Alexa Bliss via submission to retain

– NXT World Heavyweight Championship – Kevin Owens (Champion) def. Finn Balor to retain

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