Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 3/18/15: Ohio Is For Wrestlers

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(Aired 3/18/15)

Ohio Is For Wrestlers

– If we picked anything up from this episode, it’s that NXT is transitioning from “developmental territory” to “legitimate brand” and live touring helps to ease that. We’re used to the warmth and intimacy of Full Sail University for NXT shows, but taking it out of that setting and seeing it on the road provides a whole new experience for both talent and fans alike. If the reaction on this show revealed anything, it’s that Ohio couldn’t get enough of NXT. The opening video more or less highlighted this moment, as NXT came to the Arnold Sports Festival, and also hyped Alex Riley finally getting to face Kevin Owens and Ohio’s own Alexa Bliss taking on NXT Divas Champion Sasha Banks one-on-one.

– Already see Brock Lesnar guy in the crowd. Oh boy.

– The Kalisto-Tyler Breeze match first seemed like a throwaway in Breeze’s favor, but was given a lot of time, which changed the dynamic completely. Kalisto showed some great athleticism, flipping and flopping all over the place and making this an evenly matched affair. This also allowed the Ohio environment to set in, as the crowd was very much into things. Breeze was the right guy to go over. It still remains to be seen what his character will do next, as he seems to be in a holding pattern, but his in-ring skills sharpen with every week.

– The Owens-Riley feud hype video more or less did its job; showing how Owens’ got under Riley’s skin and antagonized him to his breaking point. Riley showed some fire last week, but had his work cut out for him here. Either way, the story here was a simple, yet good one.

– Bliss’ promo had her excited to be in her hometown and she set up her match well, calling out Banks.

– The Finn Balor-Riley backstage interaction was interesting, as Riley was set to destroy Owens, and Balor warned not to overlook Owens, which made sense on his part.

– The Colin Cassady-Wesley Blake match started with the much over mic work with Amore and Big Cass, bringing a rise out of the Ohio crowd. The match was okay while it lasted, nothing special, but the finish was well-done, both letting Carmella be involved in the finish and having Blake beat Cassady by pulling on the tights, letting the feud progress further.

– Dana Brooke comes off as a muscle-bound, blonde bombshell who is honored to be in NXT. What will she bring? Guess we’ll have to see.

– The Bliss-Banks match was decent, but didn’t have enough time to develop into anything worthwhile. A countout win was the best they can give Bliss? Sort of weak, but hopefully a second match would be better. Guess we’ll also find out next week.

– Owens’ promo showed off his confident, straight-forward attitude as a Champion, selfish family man. He’s eager to eliminate everyone. His mic skills have even somewhat improved as he’s settled more into this character, which doesn’t stray far from his “classic” indie persona.

– The Banks-Bliss-Regal backstage interaction was necessary in setting up next week’s Divas Title match, though pretty predictable. You get a sense that the two ladies don’t like each other, but yet, it still feels as if something is missing between them.

– The Riley-Owens match was a good main event match that had strong crowd reaction throughout, very pro-Owens with some funny chants like “Rest Owens Rest” while he put on a rest hold. Riley brought the intensity from the get-go, but going up against Owens so soon, falling victim to his powerbomb sort of squashed whatever he gained in his brief buildup. There’s still room to improve though, and the interaction between Balor and Owens was solid – Balor saves the day and gets physical when Owens refuses to quit and Owens has just enough in him to run away, easily making their match next week something to watch.





Quick Results

– Tyler Breeze def. Kalisto via pinfall

– Wesley Blake (w/Buddy Murphy) def. Colin Cassady (w/Enzo Amore, Carmella) via pinfall

– Alexa Bliss def. Sasha Banks via countout

– Kevin Owens def. Alex Riley via pinfall

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