Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 3/18/15: Grave Consequences

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(Aired 3/18/15)

Grave Consequences

– The opening video did a good job of putting into retrospective the stories surrounding the feuds of Big Ryck-The Crew and Fenix-Mil Muertes, with Catrina mixed in. The idea of this show was one of “payoff,” and that was indeed what happened.

– With every match they have, it seems Aerostar and Drago tighten up their in-ring chemistry – scouting each other’s moves and taking it up a notch, as we saw in the third match of their best-of-five series, with Aerostar getting the nod here in another evenly contested bout. Also like that they’re dragging this series out, not having them fight every single week for the repetition. You have to know this will likely go to a fifth match, but we have to wonder just what the winner of the series will get and if the respect between the two remains intact.

– The latest Konnan hype video compared his struggle to chess and combat. Well-shot in terms of camera work as usual, but sort of random. The insertion of Prince Puma as his chess opponent was a great metaphor of him as Puma’s mentor and possibly making a message of wanting to chasing for the Title, which his protege holds. Either way, it makes Konnan’s return feel more anticipated. Seems like he will be the next big heel, even though Cage took him out, so he could even go the face route.

– So, Big Ryck essentially won a chance to fight in a 3-on-1 elimination handicap match (who wants that?), but the story here was Ryck vowing for revenge, which has been handled well so far, even making Sexy Star look good in the process. The only problem with The Crew is that while they make a strong unit together, since Ryck left, no one has stepped up as a “new leader,” so they come off as a pack of three followers. Mr. Cisco would make a good leader, if they let him step up more. Ryck eliminated Bael first after good use of the kendo stick, which broke upon impact. He eliminated Cortez Castro next. If you’re going to tell this story right, it would come down to Ryck and Cisco and that’s what happened. Sexy Star coming out to send Cisco back to the ring upon an escape attempt was a great way to tie her into the match. The finish with the chair was brutal-looking and was appropriate as Ryck got his revenge. What happens from here, as this seemed like the big payoff?

– The announcement of the AAA Championship bullrope match between Alberto El Patron-Texano and a Boyle Heights Street Fight between Cage-Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship already makes next week sound like a huge show, on top of an already newsworthy show here.

– It was cool seeing the nod to Mexican death culture (Dia De Los Muertos) with the “Grave Consequences” match between Fenix-Muertes which turned out to be one of the best Lucha Underground matches in its short history. Seriously. Check it out. Fenix gave in probably his most memorable performance and both guys literally took it all over the arena, even using the coffin in the ring as a weapon. Brilliant. Even the brutal touch of Muertes biting Fenix in the face and spitting out his blood fit the brutality, as he tried to rip Fenix’s mask off. The finish was excellent with Catrina helping Fenix bury Muertes, so perhaps this is a way of writing off Muertes, though his character was great. Can’t say enough good about the match. Fenix got his big moment here and we hope the followup is as satisfying as the payoff.





Quick Results

– Best-Out-Of-Five Series – Aerostar def. Drago via pinfall to gain 2-1 series advantage

– 3-0n-1 Handicap Elimination Match – Big Ryck def. Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco, Bael via pinfall

– Grave Consequences Match – Fenix (w/Catrina) def. Mil Muertes

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