Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 3/11/15: Caged Aggression

Lucha Underground“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 3/11/15)

Caged Aggression

– The opening video did a decent job of recapping the intense rivalry grown over time between Johnny Mundo and King Cuerno. Nothing new to add here about that.

– The Argenis-Pentagon Jr. match continued the trend of Pentagon’s delve for his darker side whilst going up against a tougher opponent in Argenis. Alas, the result remained the same; as Pentagon added Argenis to the broken arm list and called out to his master again. Good, simple progressive stuff.

– The Fenix-Catrina segment had her in his head to seek her revenge and bury Muertes. This has been one of the highlight feuds in the company for quite some time now and it’s mainly because of the slow, yet fluid storytelling of both sides with Catrina thrown in the mix, going from one guy to the other in convincing fashion. It still remains to be seen exactly where Catrina will end up in the end, but for the meantime, she seems firmly with Fenix. Being that Muertes has seemingly abandoned and grabbed her by the throat, we can assume she would stick with her newfound “savior.”

– The same video ad for Konnan aired, again making him look about as badass as you can in the rain.

– The little cutscene of King Cuerno driving in his car to the arena was sort of cool and unique for the camera shot itself, but for a guy who prides himself on being a “hunter,” what does him driving around exactly accomplish for his character’s image? Does he drag race in between all this supposed hunting he does?

– The Angelico-Ivelisse match with Son of Havoc as Special Guest Referee continued their ongoing storyline with a new twist. It’s sort of hard to root for Angelico when he comes off as a self-centered, pretentious jerk, but him purposely using Ivelisse in compromising body positions to get under Havoc’s skin at least made sense. Havoc was pretty favorable to Ivelisse, not surprisingly and it led interestingly into the finish, in that Angelico inadvertently kicked her, furthering tensions between her and Havoc.

– The Mil Muertes video segment with Catrina’s presence/voiceover was made to look like a figment of Muertes’ imagination and it was pretty cool to see it done in a way that didn’t make the viewer have to suspend much disbelief. Lucha Underground has WWE beat here in terms of production detail. If WWE tried this on Raw, you know it’d look so campy.

– The hype video for next week’s casket match between Muertes-Fenix was well-done, in a way without spoiling the current episode. Take notes, TNA and Destination America.

– The Cuerno-Mundo cage match already sounded like a marquee match beforehand, though promos from either guy putting over the ferocity of the cage itself would’ve been appropriate, except all we got was Cuerno “coming to the kill.” Either way, this turned out to be an excellent match especially towards the end, and this was a cage match in every aspect; with it not being just senseless four walls but actually being used in the match as a weapon. Mundo getting the win clearly paves the way for a push towards the World Heavyweight Championship and if it’s against Prince Puma, that’ll be a treat and a must-watch for everyone.





Quick Results

– Pentagon Jr. def. Argenis via submission

– Son Of Havoc as Special Guest Referee – Angelico def. Ivelisse via pinfall

– Steel Cage Match – Johnny Mundo def. King Cuerno via pinfall

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