Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 3/11/15: A-Ry Returns

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(Aired 3/11/15)

A-Ry Returns

– The tag team of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady remain one of NXT’s most over acts currently and they should be making strides towards the tag titles. The Lucha Dragons are the perfect team that can make them look good, as their importance in the division has greatly lessened since they lost the tag titles. The number one contender’s match itself was short and sweet, as Cass pretty much helped Enzo out, but the finish was cool.

– The video hype video for Alex Riley was well-done, mainly showcasing footage from his short time on the main roster in 2010-2011 and some stills of his NXT stint in its original inception with the “Varsity Villain” jacket. It was also smart to show a Kevin Owens hype video and how it is “a new era” and show viewers just what Riley is looking to go up against.

– The Carmella-Alexa Bliss match was made to make Bliss victorious in her comeback match, as she clearly had eyes set on the NXT Divas Champion Sasha Banks. Carmella did look good in defeat, despite this. The quality in these NXT divas matches – even in a glorified squash – is much higher than what you see on the main roster and thus, both acts were helped here. There was a lot of this on the episode. The matches weren’t bad, but they were all about painting the bigger picture at hand and progressed feuds to set up matches we really want to see.

– Riley’s promo was quite effective, with his comparison to being in a cage for two years rang somewhat true. Riley has always had good mic skills; it’s what made him standout on NXT Season 2 and as Miz’s sidekick. This hyped his match very well. Could we call it Riley’s best promo work to date? Perhaps.

– Tyler Breeze’s “selfie” promo fit his overconfident gimmick and hyped the main event match well. A Hideo Itami hype video would’ve also been nice, but that’s nitpicking, we guess.

– The Riley-CJ Parker match was a great way to bring Riley back to the squared circle fold. For one, his theme music kicks ass, and even the word “Rage” displayed on the screen was a nice touch for where his character currently is. His mannerisms and facial expressions in the match showed true passion and that’s exactly what we needed to see. Owens’ confident, unimpressed post-match promo was simple yet quite strong. It makes you want to see the two go at it and they will, soon. Just not yet.

– The Hideo Itami-Breeze main event match was another example of their solid chemistry, except this seemed more geared in Breeze’s favor, though they were very evenly-matched. It definitely says a lot that this rivalry went from a seemingly throwaway tournament match to an intense feud. It must be a good thing being that this was their third match together in 2015. This was definitely great for both guys, as their matches almost elevate the two of them, making them bring their A-game to the ring. With Breeze the victor though, where do both guys go from here?





Quick Results

– Tag Team Championship Number One Contender’s Match – Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady def. The Lucha Dragons via pinfall

– Alexa Bliss def. Carmella via pinfall

– Alex Riley def. CJ Parker via pinfall

– Tyler Breeze def. Hideo Itami via pinfall

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