Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 3/4/15: Alberto Vs. Texano I

Lucha Underground“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 3/4/15)

Alberto Vs. Texano I 

– The opening video was solid in wrapping up the more noteworthy storylines, as it highlighted Mil Muertes, The Crew losing, and Alberto El Patron’s attack by Texano.

– The segment between Alberto and Dario Cueto in Cueto’s office had Alberto completely bent on getting his hands on Texano and the dramatic effect of pushing off objects on Cueto’s desk expressed that. Just in this scene alone, we could see their characters laid out: El patron was enraged to get what he wanted and Cueto was hesitant to give him it and still looked out for what was best for him at the same time. Perfect storytelling.

– The Mil Muertes-Fenix match was a good follow-up to last week’s happening with Catrina. Muertes getting the win was interesting development and set up Fenix making the save decently once Catrina was again held by the throat (again questionable) but this time, Muertes was given the lick of death and we have our next chapter in the feud.

– The Konnan hype video made him look utterly badass in the dark.

– The segment with Angelico, Ivelisse and Son Of Havoc in Cueto’s office provided the next chapter for their storyline, putting Havoc in an interesting position. Angelico didn’t say anything, but his gestures said enough for him. Ivelisse remains one of the top women on the show.

– The segment with El Patron telling Prince Puma to pay close attention to his match and said he’d come for the Title he had made sense for both characters. El Patron was clear in his quest for the Title and while he didn’t talk to Puma in a condescending way, you got the feeling of tension between the two.

– The Big Ryck-Sexy Star match had an obvious “David vs. Goliath” aspect to it, and put Ryck in a tough position where he had to win but not dominate. The Crew getting their revenge was expected and Ryck getting the better of the exchange was good. The winner of the match gets to fight in a three-on-one handicap match, so what do you really win? However, we can chalk this up to Cueto protecting The Crew for his best interest.

– The El Patron-Texano match was preceded by a solid hype video for El Patron, which wasn’t necessary, but gave new viewers a great glimpse into his family history. Something for Texano would’ve also been nice, as there’s not much American viewers know about him to want to root against him more than they already do. The match itself was lengthy and good while it lasted and the Blatant DQ finish explained the storyline well and will work out if there is another match. You have to wonder if El Patron got too much of Texano here. Texans hasn’t looked very threatening besides his initial attack on El Patron upon his arrival.

– The segment between King Cuerno-Cueto was straight-forward and kind of brutal sounding, with Cuerno determined to hang Johnny Mundo’s head on a wall after he beats him in a steel cage match. We already know that match will be good.




Quick Results

– Mil Muertes def. Fenix via pinfall

– Winner Faces The Crew – Big Ryck def. Sexy Star via pinfall

– Texano def. Alberto El Patron via DQ 


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