Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 2/25/15: Respect Goes Far

Lucha Underground“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 2/25/15)

Respect Goes Far

– The Aerostar-Drago rematch out of “respect” provided an easy dynamic that followed the same route as last week. Vampiro and Matt Striker sold this point extremely well. This match was even better than last week, with some impressive maneuvers thrown both in and out of the ring. Aerostar won and the respect angle was kept up. Dario Cueto coming out and saying that they’d match each other again two more times and the winner would get an opportunity could only be good. This would give that winner a definite push. Both guys are establishing themselves here through these matches, so this gives a good payoff, more or less.

– The hype video that showed King Cuerno flying in slow-motion was visually awe-inspiring. Slick production.

– The Cage-Prince Puma match definitely had logical storyline background, but given that this was Puma’s return and he is Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Champion, why wouldn’t this have been the main event on the card? Either way, this was a good match with believable offense from both sides contrasting Cage’s brute strength with Puma’s opportunistic athleticism. Konnan’s return was predictable from the many times he was mentioned by the broadcast team. The towel throw-in will be interesting to follow up on, as it keeps Konnan a hated figure by the fans.

– The Konnan-Puma backstage interaction told us that Konnan had bigger plans behind his words by throwing the towel in. Too soon to say he could also even potentially be Pentagon’s master, setting something up down the road. Lucha Underground does an excellent job of providing an open road of intrigue with storylines, anything could happen.

– The Cueto-Sexy Star interaction in his office did two things: it made Sexy Star look tough wanting revenge on Big Ryck and hyped her match with him as a way to make us want to see who’ll get to face The Crew eventually.

– The Pentagon Jr.-Vinnie Massaro match continued to highlight Pentagon’s dark side while showing his allegiance to his master. Squash match as usual with a nice table spot and arm pop.

– The Cuerno-Johnny Mundo match was on a great pace and evenly matched as possible, until the disappointing double countout finish. We suppose it put over their “fighting” to a degree, but it could’ve been handled better. The brawl that followed was a bit more well-done once the match went out the window. The moment also felt unique with Vampiro mentioning the fans right on him watching on the monitors. We’ll see where it leads next week evidently.





Quick Results

– Aerostar def. Drago via pinfall

– Cage Receives Lucha Underground World Championship Match With Victory – Cage def. Prince Puma via Thrown-In Towel By Konnan to receive future Title shot

– Pentagon Jr. def. Vinnie Massaro via pinfall

– Johnny Mundo and King Cuerno to a No-Contest via Double Countout 


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