Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 2/4/15: The Mundo Blues

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(Aired 2/4/15)

The Mundo Blues

– The opening video highlighted all of last week’s happenings pretty well, most notably Cage’s dominance on Prince Puma and Lucha Libre tradition by splitting the Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship in half. It did try to make last week’s main event look better than it actually was. Slow motion can only take you so far.

– Ivelisse’s promo skills are pretty good and eye-catching for a “Bitch”-like character. That led in to the Son Of Havoc-Angelico match, which kept the energy high and set the tone for the night. The talk by Matt Striker/Vampiro about Son Of Havoc needing that “one big win” was good backstory and teased a possible push for Havoc. Angelico looked good and scraped by with the win and Havoc accidentally knocking down Ivelisse off the apron that clearly pissed her off would set up drama to last for next week.

– The interaction between Dario Cueto and Johnny Mundo in Cueto’s office mainly set up the Cage-Mundo match, which already looked marquee upon first utterance. Of course, Mundo was revealed in the second half of the segment because Cueto is oh-so-mysterious.

– The hype video for Pentagon Jr. gave his character some decent backstory on his martial arts upbringings. They’re bringing personalities to the guys behind the masks, which is crucial to the product’s success.

– The Famous B-Pentagon Jr. Match seemed to be a set-up to show off Pentagon’s skills. It would’ve been nice to hear some backstory for Famous B too, as Striker/Vampiro mainly just glossed over him. Pentagon “busting” B’s arm after the submission victory seemed heel-like, but the fans still liked it. His promo about “being ready for the master” also provided a hook for next week.

– Does every segment with Cueto have to start with him talking to someone off-camera? There’s a point where it stops being mysterious and becomes annoying and old. Guess where it is now?

– The story behind the Drago-Aerostar match was that it was two guys with mutual respect battling it out to see who was the best. Is that the theme of this particular wrestling week? Itami and Balor much? The in-ring action was great and the DDT finish was killer stuff as Drago won and sportsmanship ensued. Simple but entertaining.

– The idea of Catrina coming up to Fenix and giving him a passionate kiss was a bit random, but we have to assume Mil Muertes will eventually find out and this will lead to a feud between him and Fenix over Catrina. Fenix didn’t seem too intrigued by Catrina though.

– Cage coming out wearing the broken title belt as a necklace added a good image to his bad-ass persona. He doesn’t need any fancy action-movie vignettes like we’ve seen in the past. The guy can just be a bad-ass in the ring. Keep it simple.

– The Cage-Johnny Mundo match had some pretty good action before King Cuerno eventually became part of the action. The original DQ finish was lame, so it was good to see the restart by Cueto, as it also set up the story of a battered Mundo with an injured knee trying to overcome the beastly Cage, but eventually coming up short. Mundo looked good in defeat and Cage remains the equivalent of a Lucha Underground Brock Lesnar. Mundy will also probably seek some kind of revenge against Cuerno down the road, so they set that up as well.

– Alberto El Patron’s appearance at the end in Cueto’s office was only a matter of time. This was a great hook into next week as seeing just how he would be involved.





Quick Results

– Angelico def. Son O Havoc (w/Ivelisse) via pinfall

– Pentagon Jr. def. Famous B via submission 

– Drago def. Aerostar via pinfall

– Cage def. Johnny Mundo via pinfall


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