Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 1/26/15: A Snowball’s Chance In Hell

WWE Raw“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. With last night’s episode of WWE Raw shown live from WWE Headquarters due to a travel ban in Connecticut due to a Blizzard, no matches took place.




(Aired 1/26/15)

A Snowball’s Chance In Hell

– The choice to show the entire Triple Threat WWE World Heavyweight Championship match and the “controversial” Rumble match on free television may had been a way for WWE to “stick it” to PPV buyers, but either way, it had to piss some people off. Nothing was controversial at all about the match. No faulty finishes – just a crowd that didn’t like what they saw.

– JBL on the roof in the blizzard with a sarcastic tone was kind of hilarious.

– The advertised Kane-Daniel Bryan casket match will take place on a live Smackdown. Interesting.

– The Seth Rollins interview was strong in establishing his performance and putting the match overall in perspective and how he wouldn’t get out of his spot with Lesnar coming. They should incorporate these kinds of one-on-one sit-down interviews the night after a PPV.

– The Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman interview furthered the tension between Rollins and Lesnar, while Heyman called their relationship with The Authority as that of “mutual exploitation.” Lesnar spoke for himself a good amount and appeared quite confident and Heyman as usual, spoke of his client well.

– The Roman Reigns interview did what it had to do in terms of addressing the crowd reaction in Philly and making Reigns somewhat relatable from a family history perspective. He denounced any success from being “hand-picked by the higher-ups” (kind of confusing from a storyline perspective if The Authority is against Reigns – Rollins is that “hand-picked” guy technically) and just tried to play it cool. It’s going to take a lot more than that to turn fans around to want to see him face Lesnar.

– The new apparent Rusev-Cena feud doesn’t exactly sound exciting, but with the match now at Fastlane ahead of original WrestleMania plans, you have to know this won’t have an official finish in it. This will likely still happen at Mania where either Cena will be the first to decisively beat Rusev by pinfall or submission or put Rusev over by keeping him undefeated.

– Why can’t the WWE make its own announcements of its Hall Of Fame Inductees? Why does TMZ have to beat them at it? And how shocking that Arnold Schwarzenegger – a former muscled bodybuilder and actor- is the celebrity inductee? This followed with horrible impersonations by various WWE talent. Is this going to happen for every inductee now? Ugh.

– It only made sense for Dean Ambrose to journey his way to Headquarters in a blizzard. He compared it to the Road To WrestleMania and mumbled something about posters. What will happen with him?

– The Daniel Bryan interview looked back at times of triumph and his WrestleMania moment. He mentioned the crowd “booing specific people” to get him opportunities. Interesting. This put over his disappointment about his early Rumble elimination and brought up a good point that he was never pinned to lose his Title. Perhaps Bryan will find his way back to the Title picture once Rollins cashes in, maybe around Post-WrestleMania or SummerSlam. Are they willing to sacrifice a WrestleMania moment for that?

– The interview segment with Heyman, Lesnar and Reigns progressed their eventual WrestleMania match about as good as you could do it in a studio. Heyman was a clear leader here and advocated the family history angle on things and Lesnar provided the tension, telling Reigns he didn’t respect him, with Reigns saying he would. If this went down in front of a crowd, who knows how this would have went? This still doesn’t scream “ticket-seller,” but WWE has a chance to spice this match up at Fastlane. You have to believe plans are going down to try to satisfy those let down by the Rumble, somehow.

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