WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Preview/Predictions

(Courtesy of Wikipedia)

(Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Ladies and gents, it’s that time again.

There’s no doubt that the Royal Rumble ensures that WWE kicks things off with a bang every year and gives us a glimpse into what WrestleMania season could bring.

From the last few weeks of WWE TV, we’ve seen the revival of The Authority, the recycled angle of their power abuse, the firings and rehiring of Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan, lukewarm Divas conflicts, The Big Show knocking people out and not much cooking in the tag team department other than the rising popularity of Damien Mizdow.

Spearheading this all is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match with John Cena against Brock Lesnar, with Seth Rollins added in not long after.

Below, you’ll find a run-through of the card as it is currently and a brief prediction of that match.






Kickoff Match – 7 PM – YouTube – Six-Man Elimination Tag Match – The New Day vs. Tyson Kidd/Cesaro/Adam Rose: Kidd/Cesaro have been solid lately, showing off brains (disguising as Exotic Express members to attack the New Day on Raw) and great in-ring skills (Have you seen the Toss/Dropkick combo? Deadly.) Adam Rose has also benefited somewhat from hanging with them, but his character still remains in a holding position. For whatever reason, WWE sees money in The New Day. Yes, a team of three positive Black men who mainly just shout, “New Day!” and as we see with crowd reactions, they haven’t been a hot act despite how much WWE pushes them. To this point, they’ve only had one impressive showing on a Main Event episode and what they can really do to the tag division remains to be seen. However, with The New Day still on a push, expect them to come out with a hard-fought win.

Prediction: The New Day


The New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension: So far, The Ascension has looked like a joke. Perhaps that was by design, but this team shows no heart or compassion in anything they do, as they are limited to being overconfident “poser” heels. Their only victorious moments came over numerous squash matches against local jobbers. It hasn’t proved much and even the broadcast team – namely JBL – has torn them down. This all culminated in a Raw angle where The Ascension got their asses kicked by The New Age Outlaws, The APA and the nWo. The New Age Outlaws can still go at their age and deliver a good match, if you remember their run a couple years back. This should be the key in finally giving The Ascension their moment to shine. It would be a wrong turn if The New Age Outlaws go over here. Look to the future.

Prediction: The Ascension


Paige/Natalya vs. The Bella Twins: The main storyline here has been focused on the recent pairing of the emotional Paige and snarky Natalya. They were painted as “besties,” though now it’s not the case, as they just have a common enemy. Natalya’s character has taken a face turn, with her and her husband Tyson Kidd going through some rough relationship patches. Natalya smiled when Paige slapped Kidd, but most recently stood by him, defending him on commentary. Their breakup is imminent, though it won’t happen here. The Bella Twins remain the top WWE Divas and for whatever reason instead of a Divas Title match, we get a tag team match. This probably won’t be pretty, but look to Paige/Natalya going over here to keep their strange friendship going.

Prediction: Paige/Natalya


WWE Tag Team Championship – The Usos (Champions) vs. The Miz/Damien Mizdow:¬†Recently, Mizdow’s character has spiked in popularity. Okay – he’s not getting Daniel Bryan reactions, but it’s still noteworthy. It’s obvious that this will be what breaks him and Miz apart, but the moment should come when Mizdow gets the best of Miz, but not in a heel-ish way. WWE could make things interesting if they break up Miz/Mizdow and have them win the Tag Titles, but we’ve seen the “Enemies As Tag Team Champions” angle done to death and The Usos have been good Champions, so it’s hard to not see them go over here. However, don’t write out the breakup of Miz/Mizdow, though it’s more likely to happen in the Rumble. More on that below.

Prediction: The Usos


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Brock Lesnar (Champion) vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins: Now, who has had a better month than Rollins? The only lone spot in The Authority return angle has been that Rollins has been built up tremendously a top company heel and is arguably the best current act to watch right now. Ignore all that other Authority nonsense – Rollins is the star of it. He managed to help bring back The Authority, found himself put into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match and even has a second chance at things with a Money In The Bank briefcase. Lesnar has made a few appearances this month, but when he has showed up, he’s been a thorn in The Authority’s side. His attacks on them have somewhat turned him face, though he’s more likely a tweener with Cena currently in the picture. Also, rumors of him going back to MMA makes it hard to think he’ll retain here. Cena has been painted as having a rough month – getting his friends fired and losing several chances to bring them back. It’s the same “Can Cena Live Up To The Hype?” angle again. Keep in mind that the stipulation to bring back the fired men happened on Raw and wasn’t added to this match, which would’ve made Cena the sure victor. Now that he had his moment of glory, the chance is up for Rollins to go over the first time with help from The Authority, or more likely – Cena wins pinning Lesnar, then Rollins cashes in and with The Authority’s help, pins Cena and becomes new Champion. The time to push that button is now.

Prediction: John Cena, Followed By A Rollins Cash-In, Who Beats Cena To Become New Champion


The Royal Rumble Match: There’ve been many chances to guys to shine here, as they all claim to be the one who will win. Notorious names have been The Big Show – who knocked out almost anyone, Roman Reigns – just because he’s Roman Reigns, Kane – the man with the second-most Rumble eliminations who turns it up a notch this time of year, Daniel Bryan – who fought so hard to get his spot to get the chance to again be on his way to being WWE Champion, and others. It seems that Bryan’s the favorite, but Reigns will likely get the push this year to WrestleMania. Reigns has been too much of a joker on the mic and hasn’t connected well with fans. What saves him however, is his fierce in-ring demeanor and aggressiveness. That’ll be the key to get him over if Creative just focuses on that. WWE made a mistake last year shoving a tight jeans-wearing Batista to the top with a Rumble win, even with apparent fan backlash beforehand. If Reigns wins, that could be a mistake, but WWE never usually goes against set WrestleMania plans and as they are right now, they likely involve Reigns. Look for Reigns to come out victorious here, probably eliminating Kane or The Big Show to win the match, with Bryan being eliminated by one of them beforehand. Look for some fun Rumble moments, like surprise entrants – Randy Orton is a likely possibility – and this is where Mizdow will probably eliminate Miz. At the end of it though, Reigns will stand victorious.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

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