Notes In Observance – WWE Monday Night Raw 1/5/15: New Era, Same Agenda (And An Ambulance)

WWE Raw“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis of recent television shows. You can find quick results at the bottom of the post.

This episode was all about The Authority getting revenge… again.

(Aired 1/5/15)






New Era, Same Agenda (And An Ambulance)

– To no surprise, the opening video showed how The Authority came back in power, because John Cena practically waited a long time to come to the ring and Edge was in bad shape. Woo hoo.

– Lots of Roman Reigns in the montage theme. That says a lot.

– Adam Rose actually ate a lollipop during the opening segment. Looked like he was enjoying it too.

– The opening segment was enough to draw people in with the entire roster already in the ring. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are great heels though, like evil parents/bosses. You had to know it would revolve around “how the new year should kick off.” It was right to business at least. Seth Rollins also came off well here, with everything seemingly falling in his lap, like now being included in the World Championship match with Cena and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. One has to wonder though if he brought back The Authority so he could use them to get more opportunities. Stephanie is so condescending, it’s great. “John Cena Appreciation Night”? The line about “A New Era with no agendas” should also have been a red flag.

– Unfortunately, Booker T never said, “Shucky Ducky Quack Quack!”

– The Intercontinental Championship (made into a two-out-of-three falls) match between Bad News Barrett and Dolph Ziggler “made by The Authority” had its moments. It was smart of the broadcast team to show that Ziggler was a fighting Champion like past IC titleholders and Barrett was eager to get back the belt he never lost. The first fall with Ziggler winning ended before anything tangible developed, which then saw Barrett get heat with the beatdown. Corporate Kane coming down and making it a two-out-of-three falls match told us The Authority wanted Barrett Champion and we assumed that Ziggler would give up the second fall and fight to get the final one. Almost right. This did make the last fall more interesting, but Kane played into the finish when Ziggler Superkicked him off the apron and Barrett hit the Bull Hammer Elbow to regain the IC Title. Back to basics again…

– The Authority highlighting Cena’s career highlights throughout the night was a nice touch.

– The Roman Reigns promo, like others, just lacked that “It Factor.” He tries to be charismatic and it just doesn’t work. He was always good when he just said “Believe In The Shield.”

– The Bray Wyatt promo wasn’t anything new. Devils were beside him, blah blah blah.

– Time for The Ascension, generic as ever. Here we go again with the comparisons to Demolition and Road Warriors. They did claim to be better than them, so they are heels. Maybe they are generic on purpose? If so, then it makes sense. Easy squash match didn’t show much though and even the announcers picked on them. Their finisher also looks too similar to Total Elimination.

– Rusev and Lana delivered another Anti-American promo… Maybe they could get a different photo of Vladimir Putin sometime? The promo didn’t say much else.

– How could you not laugh at the “Purple Reigns” sign?

– The Reigns-Big Show match was hyped well, but its delivery? It was okay. Show targeted Reign’s mid-section and Reigns showed some fight, though it tried to be like Hogan vs Andre, but not quite there. Reigns did get a negative reaction from the crowd, which is telling. The pointless DQ with Show hitting Reigns with the steel steps did little, though the spear with the steel steps was a cool spot, though it seems that Reigns is the “New Batista” this year; the good guy who fans won’t buy into.

– The Nikki Bella-Natalya match served more of the Diva drama… Paige (emo girl?) joined the mix. Natalya picked up the win thanks to a Paige distraction, pinning the Divas Champion.

– The Dean Ambrose promo was straight-forward and badass. Very believable. He always brings something new to the table with a promo.

– Maybe Erick Rowan would be more over if he kept the sheep mask on? And the match between him and Luke Harper was once again another match between former Wyatt Family members with no prior hype. Why? Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury- J & J Security were two special guest referees, for some reason. That was just awkward. Their purpose was to help Harper, fast counting for him. It turned into a three-on-one beat down on Rowan. Shocker.

– The Naomi-Alicia Fox segment just showed that Fox wanted to hurt Naomi. Most Diva conflicts stem from Total Divas, don’t they?

– The Ambrose-Wyatt ambulance match was kickstarted by a great hype video, and started off strong as the two went all over the place and were truly out to hurt each other. To that point, this was the highlight of the show. Both men looked strong, but it’s safe to bet nobody expected for Wyatt to come out on top. Ambrose can bounce back, but Wyatt probably needed it more. What’s next for both men?

– MizTV with Seth Rollins on Smackdown this week sounds intriguing.

– The Usos/Naomi-The Miz/Damien Sandow/Alicia Fox match was good in a short dose. Mizdow was much over. He manages to make this gimmick work somehow and you can see the eventual tension growing between him and Miz. Miz grabbed the tights to secure the victory.

– The Ryback-Seth Rollins match which became the Ryback-Seth Rollins/Kane handicap match was okay at best. Ryback had a few moments to shine but the theme of the night was that you can’t overcome the Authority, albeit taking two Curb Stomps to pin Ryback.

– The Adam Rose (w/Rosebuds)-Big E (w/Kofi Kingston/Xavier Woods) match was throwaway until the two masked Rosebuds members attacked The New Day and unveiled themselves as Tyson Kidd/Cesaro. That was cool. You had to crack up at Kidd/Cesaro dancing with the Rosebuds.

– The “Cena Appreciation” segment was entertaining and pretty much had The Authority send down to the ring the people who were “screwed” earlier: Rowan, Ryback and Ziggler, probably also unhappy with Cena. This was Trips and Steph abusing their power, firing Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback, blaming Cena. The music and confetti was a nice sarcastic touch… Steph dancing too. You have to assume we haven’t seen the last of those three men and that Cena will propose some match in the future where he fights for their reinstatement.






Quick Results

– Intercontinental Championship Match – Two Out Of Three Falls – Wade Barrett def. Dolph Ziggler to regain Title

– The Ascension def. Two Local Jobbers via pinfall

– Roman Reigns def. The Big Show via DQ

– Natalya def. Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella) via pinfall

– Luke Harper def. Erick Rowan via pinfall

– Ambulance Match – Bray Wyatt def. Dean Ambrose 

– The Miz/Damien Mizdow/Alicia Fox def. The Usos/Naomi via pinfall

– Seth Rollins/Kane def. Ryback via pinfall

– Big E (w/Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods) def. Adam Rose (w/Rosebuds) via DQ

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